MyPath International Application Integration Link

MyPath colleges that want to customize their onboarding workflow for their International Application should contact their College Relations Manager at Enabling Services to schedule a demo.

The MyPath CCCApply International Integration Link will be deployed in the CCCApply Release 6.8.0 in early December 2020.

Beginning December 2020 (v.6.8.0), colleges using MyPath and the CCCApply International Application have the ability to guide their international students seamlessly through custom-defined onboarding steps within MyPath. The necessary post-submission Confirmation page with the link to “Continue your journey to [your college]” will now appear to your applicants prompting them to either your existing MyPath landing page or a unique landing advisor card specifically for your international applicants.

Here’s how it works:

  • The post-submission workflow process between CCCApply and MyPath is the same in all of the CCCApply admission applications;

  • The interface features, including the “CCCMyPath” link in the CCCApply toolbar and the Confirmation page content (see screenshot below) have the same look & feel and functionality;

  • When an applicant submits an International Application, the Confirmation page content reads the same as the Standard Application except the Confirmation number will include the “INT” prefix.

  • Further, unless or until the college implements a custom rule in MyPath to customize the post-confirmation landing page/card, all applicants are presented with the same workflow in MyPath;

  • To implement a different workflow for their International applicants in MyPath, the college will need to work with an Implementation Configuration Engineer (ICE) through the Enabling Services division to implement a custom rule in MyPath (which could be as simple as a unique landing page or advisor card for each application);

Implementation Tips:

  • Colleges may want to update their current process to get to MyPath for international students now that the integration is in place.

  • To schedule a demo or to request assistance implementing your custom rule in MyPath, contact your College Relations Manager in the Enabling Services division at the CCC Tech Center.