Release 6.1.2 Summary Notes - 01.12.18

Release Schedule



Release No.

Pilot Release Date & Time

12.15.17 - 12:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Production Release Date & Time

01.12.18 - 6:00 PM 

Release DeploymentZero downtime to end users


Minor release | Technical Fixes

Release 6.1.2 Scope


CCCApply Standard Application
CC Promise Grant Application

Changes to Download ClientNo
Changes to Residency LogicNo
Revised Data DictionariesYes - 2018-2019 CC Promise Grant Specification


Release Notes Summary

Below is a summary of the content changes to the Production environment on January 12, 2018.   

  • Text Changes:  Re-brand BOG Fee Waiver name to California College Promise Grant Application
  • 2018-2019 California College Promise Grant Application
  • CCCApply Spam Filter Hot Fix: Temporary Configuration Change to CCCApply to Thwart Fraudulent Applications 

Due to an issue identified during pilot release testing, the international phone number format bug fix is being moved from this release 6.1.2 to the next available release. If you have any questions, please post them on the CCC College Support Site.

Re-Brand BOG to California College Promise Grant Application

In support of AB1741: California College Promise Innovation Grant Program, the CCCApply Online BOG Fee Waiver Application is changing its name to the California College Promise Grant Application (formerly known as the BOG Fee Waiver Application). 

This includes all onscreen instances of the name BOG Fee Waiver, including the Welcome page, My Applications page, the submission page, and the confirmation screen.

Out-of-Scope Changes for CC Promise Grant Re-Branding:

  • No change to the online application URL 
  • No change to the download server URL for BOG
  • No change to any of the data fields that may include "bog" in the data field name, including the BOG eligibility status fields (these are all hidden from students)
  • No change to the onscreen labels in the CCCApply Administrator
  • No change to the onscreen labels and folders in the CCC Report Center

2018-2019 California College Promise Grant Application

The new 2018-2019 CC Promise Grant application will be deployed to production and available to students on January 13, 2018. 

Other than the onscreen re-branding and label changes from the BOG Fee Waiver (BOGFW) to California College Promise Grant (CCPG), there are no additional changes made to the 2017-2018 BOG Application other than the standard annual "application year" database changes and new Method B Income Table. 

The new is now available.

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CCCApply Spam Filter Hot Fix

Spam Filter Utility & Algorithm Under-Development

Over the past 18 months, the CCCApply development team has been working with a machine learning data research and analysis team to better understand the increasing number of spam/fraudulent applications coming in through CCCApply and ultimately build a spam filter service that will identify, flag, and suspend bad applications before they get to the college's download file. The filter will include an admin user-interface, similar to an email application spam filter system, where college admins can specify and process the flagged bad applications from the legitimate ones, thus training the backend algorithm each time an application is processed.

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*The CCCApply Spam Filter utility is under-development now and scheduled to be released for the Standard Application in June 2018. The user admin interface will be built into the new CCCApply Administrator system, which is being rewritten and deployed as a central admin configuration platform servicing multiple CCC Tech Center applications, including CCCApply, the new CC Promise Grant, and the Canvas College Adapter (Glue) 2.5 web application. 

Spam/Fraudulent Application Configuration Change

While the larger effort of building the integrated spam filter is underway, the CCC Tech Center will continue to look for ways to prevent fraud applications from coming in through CCCApply.
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In this release we have implemented a small configuration change to the CCCApply Standard Application submission process that will look for, and temporarily block, any application that was completed - from start to finish  - in less than 90 seconds. We believe spammers will abandon the process on these applications. If we find that students are encountering this block, we can easily adjust the time or remove the block completely. If a legitimate applicant is able to complete the entire application with valid data that quickly, they will still be able to resume and submit their application after the suspension time freeze (47 mins).

The goal for this hot fix is to thwart spammers from submitting bad applications to our system and skewing our incoming application data. We believe legitimate applicants will not be affected by this change; however the OpenCCC Helpdesk is prepared to support any incoming calls from students in reference to this temporary change.

No action is required by the colleges; however if you would like to discuss the details of this implementation with the CCCApply product manager, please contact Patty Donohue at

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The Pilot Environment

The OpenCCCApply Pilot Environment is a preview and testing site used by colleges to implement the CCCApply applications and the OpenCCC Student Account System. The Pilot environment provides a copy of the production code during the year, except during the 30-Day Pilot Preview period - when it will contain pre-production code for an upcoming release. The Pilot Environment has separate /wiki/spaces/PD/pages/77562106, and different SLAs than the production versions of OpenCCC and CCCApply applications.

Getting to the Pilot Applications

Please see the Pilot Environment section in the CCCApply Public Documentation space for more information on getting to the Pilot Applications, pointing your download files to the Pilot download server, and identifying the Pilot Administrator & Report Center URLs.

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PILOT ApplicationNEW PILOT Application URL

PILOT CCCApply Standard Application URL

*Replace the XXX with your college MIS code.

PILOT Promise Grant (BOG) Application URL

*Replace the XXX with your college MIS code.

PILOT International Application URL

*Replace the XXX with your college MIS code. 

Pilot Download URL Attributes

Include the following URL attributes in your PILOT Job XML files. For more information, refer to the Download Client User Guide for details.
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PILOT CCCApply Standard Application
PILOT Promise Grant Application (formerly BOG)
PILOT International Application 

Pilot Administrator & Report Center URLs

The URLs below are "templates" - so the examples shown are not your URLs. These are provided to give you an example of what yours look like. Please contact your IT department if you do not have access to your Pilot Administrator and Pilot Report Center.

Data Dictionaries & Release Documentation

The following links point to the most current versions of the CCCApply Data Dictionaries and User Guides.

DescriptionVersion / FILEFormatReleaseDate Published
CCCApply Standard Application Data DictionaryPDFRelease 6.1.0No change for 6.1.2
CCCApply International Application Data DictionaryV2017.2PDFRelease 6.1.0No change for 6.1.2
CCCApply Download Client User GuideV.2017.2PDFRelease 6.1.0No change for 6.1.2
Download Client: transfer-client-V. 6.1.0No change to the download client jar file for Release 6.1.2
Pilot Environment