Release 5.4.0 - 03.31.16

Release 5.4.0 is also known as the 2016 Annual Update. See the 2016 Annual Report for more details.

Release Date

Release No.5.4.0
Time6:00PM - 11:00PM PST
TypeMaintenance Window

Release Scope

ApplicationsCCCApply Standard Application
CCCApply International Application
OpenCCC Student Account System
BOG Fee Waiver Application
Changes to Download ClientYes
Changes to Residency LogicYes



About CCCApply Steering, Change Requests, Communication Policy




Traditionally, CCCApply has not supplied technical release notes to colleges with its releases and Annual Updates. Instead an annual report is published summarizing bug fixes and detailing any changes made to the residency logic and/or the Download file (new or revised data fields). However, each planned change, such as approved change requests, legislative mandates, and/or infrastructure enhancements, are captured in a Change Request form (CR) and submitted to the CCCApply Steering Committee for approval. If a change requests is approved, the CR document becomes a Change Order Specification itemizing the technical changes made.

Each Change Order Specification is hyperlinked in the Release Summary tables below.

For more information about the change requests, including how to submit a change request to the Steering Committee, see Change Requests on the CCCApply Project Site.


Release Summary

Technical notes and change specification details for the 5.4.0 release are summarized below.  For more information, expand the “Read More” link below each item (where applicable). 


OpenCCC Student Account System


Change Specification / Technical NotesSummaryNew Data Fields or Change to
Download Client
Change to
Add New Preferred Name Data Fields to OpenCCC Account

A new Preferred Name Y/N question, and four new Preferred Name downloadable data fields, were added to the OpenCCC Account: "Do you have a preferred name that is different than your legal and/or previous name?"

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This question will be required (student must answer Yes or No). If Yes, student will enter their preferred name(s) - similar to the Legal and Previous name fields. Existing students can add a preferred name by editing their OpenCCC Account from the My Applications page.
Add Non US Permanent Address Confirmation Validation to OpenCCC Account
Validation was added to the Non-US Permanent Address checkbox field <non_us_permanent_address> to display a pop-up confirmation message any time a student checks the box indicating, "My permanent address is outside the United States" in the Permanent Address section of the OpenCCC Account. This extra validation will help prevent students from entering a non-US address in error when they are US residents.  
Add New Download Field and Checkbox Question for SSN/TIN ExceptionsA new Y/N checkbox question and data field was added to the Social Security Number/Taxpayer Identification Number field (SSN/TIN) for international students and other exceptions to indicate that they do not have an SSN/TIN. IF the students checks the new SSN Exception checkbox, they will not be presented with the SSN Encouragement Language pop-up box.<ssn_exception> 
Display the CCCID in the My Applications Page HeaderThe user will now see their CCCID in the header of the My Applications page next to their name.  
Add Help Links to in the Administrator & Report CenterA link to the CCC College Support site can now be found in the header of the CCCApply Administrator and the CCC Report Center.  


CCCApply Standard & International Applications


Change Specification / Technical NotesSummaryNew Download Data Fields or Change to
Download Client
Change to
Implement Auto-Population in CCCApply Standard Application

Opt-in auto-population technology has been added to the CCCApply Standard Application. Using the student's CCCID, the system will search for a previously submitted application within two years of the current date and if found, will display the opt-in question at the top of the MyApplications page. Only non-residency questions will be auto-filled to ensure accurate data is submitted.

Add CalWORKS to TANF/SSI Financial Assistance Questions LabelThis is an onscreen label (text) change only.  
Add Two New Values to Award Type Field: AA-T and AS-TTwo additional values were added to the Award Type field in the Majors table. Colleges can now designate a Major as an AA-T or AS-T (configured in the CCCApply Administrator).Two values added to the <award_type> field:
No action required. 
Update Foster Youth Question & Data Fields Per AB12 (Extended Foster Care)

The Foster Youth Status data field specifications <residency: foster_youth_status> were updated with a new conditional question and additional text, validation, and response options / data field values, to better align with AB12 and MIS reporting requirements. See the technical change specification for all details.

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The current question prompt text "Have you ever been in court-ordered foster care?" does not change, but the Foster Youth Status response options/values DO CHANGE to align to the new conditional questioni/additional text responses that appear if the applicant answers "Yes" to the question. 

This change requires colleges to update their download file to capture the new data field values. See Changes to Download File in the Change Specification.

Changes were made to the Area B residency logic. See Changes to Residency Logic in the Change Specification.
New Integrity Flag 71 for Foster Youth Priority Registration

A new Integrity Flag 71 has been added to the CCCApply residency algorithm.

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This flag will trigger if the user meets the criteria for "Foster Youth Priority" data field: "Applicant is a current or former foster youth and is under the age of 25.  Applicant is possibly eligible for Priority Registration per AB12." See Table F (Integrity Flags) in Appendix A of the CCCApply Standard Application Data Dictionary v.2016.1.

New Integrity flag field added:


Update to Military Status Field, Integrity Flag, and Area C Logic Per AB13

A series of updates were made to the Military Status question and data fields to comply with AB13 VACA Bill, and to better align to the MIS reporting requirements for military and dependents. A new integrity flag was added . New data field values were added to the <military_status> field.
See the technical change specification for all details.

There are no new data fields related to this change; however the Military Status field <military_status> has NEW RESPONSE OPTIONS / DATA VALUES.

Please review the change specification document very closely to understand all changes.

Changes were made to the Area C residency logic. See Changes to Residency Logic in the Change Specification.
Recombine the CCCApply Standard Application Specification Parts into One DocumentColleges should refer to the new CCCApply Standard Application Data Dictionary v.2016.1 for the most accurate and up-to-date data specifications relative to the CCCApply Standard Application (as of 3.31.16).See Appendix E for all Downloadable Data Fields.See Appendix A for the Submission Calculation Service (Residency Algorithm).
Fix RDD Validation on HS Ed Level for Terms that Start Before HS Completion DateTo accommodate students with a high school completion date (or equivalent) in May or June of the RDDYear, the onscreen RDD (residency determination date) will display "July 1, RDDYear" and the error validation message for the HS Completion Date field <hs_comp_date> is now: "Date must be before "July 1, RDDYear' if RDDmonth is May or June> ; else error message "Your High School Completion Date cannot be after 6/30/<year of RDD>. Please correct the completion date and/or your High School Education Level.”  
Revise Gender / Transgender Section Layout for Non-Minors (AB620 Revision Part 1)A layout and label change was made to the Gender / AB620 section: the Transgender field was moved adjacent to the Gender field and the section sub-header was changed to "Gender/Transgender" in the Personal Information section. This change appears to non-minors only.  
Revise SSN Encouragement Language Text Per Accessibility Requirements

In order to comply with 508/WCAG 2.0 AA accessibility requirements for pop-up windows/modals, the text that appears in the SSN Encouragement Language box was reduced (shortened) to only display the required state and federal IRS regulatory information. All other extraneous language was removed.

Revise HS Ed Level Response Language to Include GED Alternative Equivalency TestsThe text that appears for value #4 of the High School Education Level data field <hs_edu_level> was changed from: 4 = "Passed the GED, or received a High School Certificate of Equivalency" to 4 = "Passed a high school equivalency test and received a certificate of high school equivalency", to accommodate for other high school completion tests beyond the GED. This was a text change only.   
Develop Secure Encrypted Supplemental Question Type DownloadableA new type of supplemental question type was created so that colleges can protect the data responses to sensitive questions. The data will be encrypted during transit and at rest.<supp_secret_01>




Changes to the Download Client

The following fields have been added to the Download Client. To add them to your download file, update your Download Format XML files, as indicated.



Data Field



Integrity Flag 71

<integrity_fg_71>VarChar 2Standard Application Residency

Preferred Name

<preferred_name> Account
Preferred First Name<preferred_firstname> Account
Preferred Middle Name<preferred_middlename> Account
Preferred Last Name<preferred_lastname>  Account
SSN Exception<ssn_exception>IntegerAccount
Secure Supplemental Question 1<supp_secret_01> Supplemental Question Type
Secure Supplemental Question 2<supp_secret_02> Supplemental Question Type
Secure Supplemental Question 2<supp_secret_03>  Supplemental Question Type

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