Add CalWorks to the TANF Financial Aid Question Label

Request No.2015-03
Requester:Olivia Alvarado, LACCD
Target release5.4.0 - March 2016 Update
Application(s)Standard Application Only
Environment(s)Pilot / Production

CCCApply Standard Data Dictionary v.2016.1

Change to Download FileNo
Change to Residency LogicNo



Problem Statement or Business Need

Colleges would like to add  ‘CalWORKs’ to the TANF question on the Needs and Interests page in the CCCApply application. Per CalWORKs representatives, students may not be aware that CalWORKs is the same as TANF and therefore fail to self-identify on the admission application. This information is also important for MIS purposes.


Proposed Solution

  • Update the onscreen label/prompt text for the TANF Financial Assistance question on the Needs & Interests page in the CCCApply application. All instances of TANF will be updated throughout the application for consistency.  This is a text change only.

Requirements Summary

#Description/User Story
  • On the Needs & Interests page in the CCCApply application, add the word "CalWORKs" to the onscreen label /question text for the tanfSSIAssist field within the Financial Assistance table. See visual below called CALWorks.png for visual requirement that needs to be implemented.
  • Add the following text change to the Review Application for CCCApply in the Needs and Interests section: Receive TANF/CalWORKs, SSI, or General Assistance.
    Ensure that after the application has been submitted, a user sees the updated text if they view their submitted application in the My Applications page.

Change Specifications

Add "CalWorks" to the onscreen label/prompt text for Tanf/SSIAssist question on Needs & Interests page in CCCApply

a) This is an onscreen label/prompt text change only and appears in the Financial Assistance table. There is no change to the Y/N data field. See the Screenshot below. 

Revise the language/text on the Review Application page for TANF/CalWORKS

a) Revise the language/text that appears on the CCCApply Review Application page, in the Needs & Interests table for the <tanfSSIAssist> field, to the following:  

Yes or No   "Receive TANF/CalWORKS, SSI, or General Assistance".


Screenshot: Financial Assistance Section Text Change


Changes to Data Download File

There are no changes required to the CCCApply Standard Application data download file as a result of this approved change request.

Changes to Logic

There are no field-level or residency-related logic changes as a result of this approved text change.