CCCApply International Application Discussion - 04.03.20

On Friday, April 3, a small group of college users of the CCCApply International Application met to discuss a change request to add a new “Authorized Agent Email” field to the Authorized Agent section. During the call we discussed several other areas in the application that could be enhanced, as well as some open questions from the product manager. This page includes the notes from the discussion and the Zoom recording from the session.


International Application Sub-Committee

Schedule - Friday, April 3, 10:00AM

International App Stats - Data

  • Colleges Live on IA: 17

  • Colleges Implementing Now: 11

  • Colleges using IA with MyPath

  • IA applications submitted YTD:

  • Colleges that have an IA Admissions Process: TBD

17 Colleges are currently live on the CCCApply International Application

Open Questions for Discussion

Below is a list of open questions about the International Application. Notes were added in purple.

  1. Are there specific admission requirements for international students? National? At your college?

    1. Federal requirements are foremost - SEVIS (VISAs, etc.) USCIS website (now known as ICE)

      1. They change them with updates all the time

      2. Online classes are limited - for example

      3. Consider having someone monitor all updates and news (from USCIS, Sevis, and ?) for compliance requirements

      4. DVC has a field agent come around to the colleges - to go through SEVIS account and make sure they comply

    2. J1 students do NOT have the same requirements as F1 students. They don’t have to go through SEVIS requirements.
      DVC says most are Au Pairs -

      If they want to change to F1 visa - they can apply but they have to leave the US and come back.

  2. Are you using the CCCApply Rules with your International application? If yes, which ones are most valuable?

    1. Santa Rosa: Change Request: Apply needs to implement an error rule process that is triggered upon page validation. This would allow the college to direct the applicant EARLY in the process and direct them as needed. For example, at SRJC, only F1 and J1 visa holders are allowed to submit an International Application.

      1. NEED: Run rules sooner in the app process - if you are blocking a student - run the Rules and display the error message

    2. LACCD: Looked at these

  3. Are you asking Supplemental Questions in your International application? Are these questions common/required for all college international admissions or on-boarding programs?

    1. LACCD - does ask 7-10 supplemental questions

  4. Do you use the reports in the Report Center for your international applications? Which ones? Which reports are most valuable? Are there reports that are needed?

  5. What other data/metrics do you track on your international student admissions? How do you track it? Google Analytics?

  6. Do you have an pre-application International student process/checklist? Can you share that with us?

  7. Do you have a post-submission on-boarding process/checklist? Can you share that with us?

  8. How many International students apply to your college each term?

  9. Is there a version of SAAM for International student admissions?

    1. No, see 1 above.

  10. English Proficiency section: what needs to change?

    1. Do we need to validate test scores at all?

    2. Did they take a test and what was the score. (this documentation needs to be submitted anyway)

Feedback & Discussion of Needed Changes

Emailing in documents (required docs)
Collecting Application fees associated with admission

DVC is creating an invoice to add the fee to their account

Three step process

  1. Complete App

  2. Send Docs

  3. When account is created in Colleague, pay fees (through colleague) - Nice to Have - if the fees were part of the application process

Santa Rosa College

In order for students to attend a CCC, they must have a guarantee of financial support - they are required to ensure that the student is financial able to attend the college - they want to collect that information at the time of application

Any forms that students uploads - they want some way to get that information in to their system (SIS) via Glue? via some API?

Every international student needs to have a Sponsor - a financial sponsor - someone who is financially responsible for them.

Students must have a certain amount of money in the bank - must cover all expenses per year (sponsor validates the student has the money in the bank)

Match the dollar amount to the college they are attending (each college has different expenses) - let the colleges determine what that threshhold is and require the student to provide documentation to prove they can meet this threshold.

Colleges need some way to upload forms. Patty informed them of the new Document Gathering tool being implemented into MyPath.

Allow student to establish a financial sponsor (student receives an email, they log in, they provide their piece of info and signature (electronic) - would support being able to collect info from a 3rd party

Explore incorporating this into the Authorized Agent portion
All financial security precautions would need to be included

Another suggestion from Mitch: Portal for Recruiters - where we can track progress. Give recruiters a short-form version of the application - they give out and invites the student to fill out the rest of the application. Then we can track the progress of the recruiter and the follow-up reminders would do the rest. (look into how the OpenCCC account would be incorporated). This would support recruitment.

Open Items & Change Requests

CR #


Steering Review Date

New Data Fields / New Logic

Proposed Release Date

Status - Release Notes Link

CR #


Steering Review Date

New Data Fields / New Logic

Proposed Release Date

Status - Release Notes Link


Authorized Agent Email


Yes - New field




2017-17: Various International Application Changes
2017-17A: International App Bugs & Other Change Requests



April 26, 2107

Review NEW 


2017-18: International Students




Questions submitted by colleges


Can there be a red asterisk to indicate which fields are mandatory in the International Application (only)?

CR Survey says: Defer to IA sub-committee



On the Personal Information page: Given this is a requirement for SEVIS, can we remove the value for "Decline to State" in the Gender question response options?

CR Survey says: Defer to IA sub-committee

Can we add a checkbox question and data field for International Phone Numbers: “I do not have a US phone number”

CR Survey says: Defer to IA sub-committee

Consider the new international phone number format implemented in Oct 2017. Is this enough?

On the Visa/Dependents page: Can we change the Visa Type list to only display “F-1” or “No Visa Yet”. Can we remove or hide all the other visas listed?

CR Survey says: Defer to IA sub-committee

Consider: Visa Types field values were revised in Oct 2017 to remove everything except: F1, M1, J1, or Other or None.  Should we remove these?

On the Visa/Dependents page: Can we remove or hide I-94 number questions?

CR Survey says: Defer to IA sub-committee

Consider: I-94 section was revised in Oct 2017. Sub-committee should review and see if this is enough.

On the SEVIS page:  Can we change “How many OPT/CPT do you have?” to “how many OPT/CPT have you had”?

CR Survey says: Defer to IA sub-committee

On the SEVIS page:  Can we add a checkbox for “I’m currently on OPT”?

CR Survey says: Defer to IA sub-committee


Add "Intended Major for Transfer" to Majors Section



January 2018