CCCApply v.6.14.5 Release Notes

The Pilot environment refresh release is scheduled for April 25, 2024.

Release Schedule

CCCApply v.6.14.5 will be deployed:

  • To pilot environment: April 16, 2024

  • Pilot refresh: 4/25 & 4/30

  • To production: May 3, 2024

College Action Recommended. See Implementation Notes section below for more information.

Release Summary

  • New Enhancement: Education Goal/Majors Filter for Associate Degrees in CCCApply

Production Release Fix Made to the Term “Application Type” Issue

The previously reported issue regarding open Terms with an “application type” set to “Both” (Standard & Noncredit applications) has been resolved in the production release. The Ed Goal/Majors filter should now work correctly with all Terms table settings.

User Information

The Education Goal/Majors Filter for Associate Degrees enhancement streamlines the list of majors and major categories for applicants seeking to obtain an Associate degree and transfer to a 4-year university.

Implementation Notes

The new Education Goal/Majors Filter for Associate Degrees filter is optional. Colleges are not required to implement the filter; however, enabling the filter does require some review and possible additional configuration of your CCCApply majors (and categories, if implemented) to ensure the appropriate award type value is set for each major. To turn on the filter for your college, please contact CCCTC Staff Support at

Feature Enhancement

New Education Goal/Majors Filter for Associate Degrees

In support of AB-928: Student Transfer Achievement Reform Act of 2021, CCCApply has implemented a simple display filter in the CCCApply user interface that - if/when enabled by the college - will only show applicants your associate degrees and associate degrees for transfer programs based on their education goal selection. In Phase 1 of this implementation, the education goal option that will trigger the filter is the first one in the drop down, “Obtain an Associate degree and transfer to a 4-year institution”. By hiding the programs that do not lead to an associate degree and/or degree for transfer, the student will be able to focus on your available majors and categories that align with their goals.

The filter is designed for the CCCApply Standard application only at this time.

Example of the student’s view when the Ed Goal/Majors filter is enabled
and the student has selected the Education Goal to
“Obtain an associate degree and transfer to a 4-year institution”

How It Works for Colleges

Colleges can request to enable/disable the filter through the CCC Technology Center. By default the filter is disabled, allowing colleges as much time as necessary to prepare their majors and categories the filter is enabled on their behalf.

When enabled, the display filtering of the majors is based on the Award Type value set and the Education Goal option selected by the student. That’s really it.

If enabled - and if the applicant selects the ed goal option to “Obtain an Associate degree and transfer to a 4-year institution” - only the majors (and categories) that have one of the following award types* values set - to the applicant in the Intended Major or Program of Study drop down:

  • AA_T = Associate of Arts Degree for Transfer

  • AS_T = Associate of Science Degree for Transfer

  • AA_degree = Associate of Arts Degree

  • AS_degree = Associate of Science Degree


Note: Majors show listed in the application by its major description defined by the college. Major descriptions can be edited by the college at any time. If the filter is enabled and the applicant selects the Education Goal menu option to “Obtain an Associate degree and transfer to a 4-year institution”, only Associate degrees and Associate Degrees for Transfer (grouped together, listed alphabetically) will be included in the Intended Major or Program of Study drop down list.

Workflow Diagram

AB928 - Ed Goal Filter Flow - Page 1.png
Education Goal / Majors Filter for Associate Degrees Workflow



Enabling & Configuring the Ed Goal/Majors Filter

Implementing the Education Goal/Majors Filter for Associate Degrees is optional, and colleges have the ability to enable/disable the filter themselves in the CCCApply Administrator.

To get started, please review the following sections of the CCCApply Administrator User Guide:



Data Access & Delivery

Superglue for Apply

As new features and functionality are developed for CCCApply and other systemwide technology applications, it may be necessary for colleges to upgrade their existing Superglue College Adaptor schema to the latest version. For information about the Superglue College Adaptor and your current schema version, please contact your College Experience Manager at Enabling Services for assistance.

Data Warehouse Access

All CCCApply and Student Success Suite data fields are ultimately stored in the CCC Data Warehouse which can be accessed directly via the Data Warehouse Direct Access Connection service and/or, for authorized admins and staff, through the Data Warehouse Report Server.


Pilot Testing: Send Your Feedback

Pilot testing for CCCApply v.6.15 begins on April 13, 2024. After this date, colleges may continue to test the new features of this release in the Pilot environment and send feedback. Pilot and Production deployments are announced on See the pilot testing instructions below. Communicate your pilot test feedback or log any bugs with our Staff Support team:

Testing Instructions for CCCApply Standard Application

  1. Navigate to your college’s Pilot CCCApply Administrator and sign in with your authorized staff admin account.

  2. From the CCC Administrator homepage, select CCCApply Administrator from the Administrators drop down menu.

  3. From the CCCApply Administrator landing page, select CCCApply Application from the Applications menu.

  4. Select the Majors from the module toolbar to review and configure your majors and categories for the Ed Goal/Majors Filter.

  5. Once your Majors have been configured for the filter, check the Enable Major Transfer Filter toggle on the Majors summary page. After checking the box (enabling the filter) sign out of the CCCApply Administrator completely (both windows) and close both tabs.
    (Following sign out you may return to the Majors module by following the instructions above.)

  6. Test your configuration in your college’s Pilot CCCApply application. If necessary, return to the Administrator to make any modifications.

  7. As an alternative to using your college’s Pilot application, use our “Unicollege” test college today using the link in the blue highlight box below.

  8. Sign in with an existing Pilot OpenCCC student account or create a Pilot OpenCCC account for testing.

  9. From the Enrollment page, select “Obtain an Associate degree and transfer to a 4-year institution” from the Education Goal menu to see your Intended Major or Program of Study list filtered for Associate degrees and transfer degrees. To see ALL Majors, select any other Education Goal option.

Sending Feedback

Don’t forget to tell us of any issues you encountered during your testing. Send feedback or log any bugs with our Staff Support team:


Implementation & Support 

To get started with onboarding, implementation and deployment, or support for a service update for any Student Success Suite technology solution provided through the CCC Technology Center, please contact the CCCTC Enabling Services office for free consultation and/or support services. Please contact your College Experience Manager who can guide you every step of the way.  

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