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CCCApply is the "Online Gateway to the California Community Colleges"

Since 2001, CCCApply has served over 10 million students apply to one or more of 115 California Community Colleges; generating over one million submitted applications per year. In 2011, the CCCApply master development contract between the CCC Chancellor's Office and the Xap Corporation expired, allowing the CCC Technology Center to develop a new version of CCCApply and a statewide student account system called OpenCCC. 

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News & Information

NEW! CCCApply In-Progress Application Report

NEW! CCCApply Noncredit Application - Click here to get started

The new CCCApply Noncredit Application is a workflow path within your existing CCCApply Standard App, which means nearly all of the setup work is already done for your college. Learn more about getting started with the new Noncredit Application here.


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Noncredit Application Resources

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Release News


NEW: CCCApply Release 6.8.0 - December 2020

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Did you miss the CCCApply Update at the 2019 CACCRAO Conference? Click here to download the slide deck:
CCCApply Update - CACCRAO 2019.pdf

The CCCApply suite of online applications includes: 

  • CCCApply Standard Application

  • CCCApply International Application

  • CC Promise Grant (BOG) Application

  • CCCApply Administrator 2.0

  • CCC Report Center

  • CCC Title IX Survey Application

  • CCCApply Download Client Tool