Download Client: End-of-Life Process

The purpose of this document is to provide colleges with everything they need to know about the phase-out process for the CCCApply Download Client. Click here to jump down to the FAQs.


Phase-Out Overview

In order to connect our colleges with newer, faster, and more secure data delivery, CCC Technology Center has begun the process to phase-out the legacy CCCApply Download Client and replace with the SuperGlue for Apply integrated framework. Beginning July 1, 2022, all new CCCApply student application data will be delivered via SuperGlue only. The Download Client will continue to deliver data through June 30, 2023; however new data (including legislated/mandated data) will not be added to the Download Client. The CCCTC is providing support for colleges to move onto the new system at no cost to the college.


September 2021

Announcement about the Download Client end-of-life process is made to the field. A consistent messaging campaign begins.

January 2022

New Student Success Suite v.1.0 fields delivered exclusively via SuperGlue for Apply.

February - June 30, 2022

Final DLC update deployed to support 2022-2023 CC Promise Grant application data. Any additional DLC updates restricted to high-priority and MIS-mandated data fields only.

July 1, 2022

No new data fields will be added to the DLC. Updates restricted to maintenance & bug fixes only.

July 2022 - June 30, 2023

Implementation support campaign begins; colleges are encouraged to transition off the DLC and migrate to SuperGlue for Apply.

July 1, 2023

Support for DLC endsAs of July 1, 2023, and the Download Client will no longer be maintained or supported.

Data will continue to be delivered so that colleges transitioning to SuperGlue will have additional time to develop their SuperGlue/SIS integration, but if the Download Client breaks it will not be fixed.

January 1, 2024

The target date to shut off data delivery via the Download Client is January 1, 2024. As of this date, the Download Client will be fully decommissioned.



Phase-Out Approach

Phase 1: College Awareness; Steps to Begin Discontinuance

In Fall 2021, the CCCTC formally announced its intention to retire the legacy CCCApply Download Client in favor of the new highly secure and robust SuperGlue integration framework. The phase-out process will begin by slowly no longer adding new data fields to the Download Client, with the exception of priority MIS and legislative-mandated fields as required. Starting July 1, 2022, any new, additional data fields that are not required by law will be available through SuperGlue only.

Examples of this type of optional/informational data can be found in the Student Success Suite Release Notes in the Changes to Data Fields & Delivery section.

The final update to the Download Client was made in May 2022 to support the 2022-2023 CA Promise Grant Online Application. The transfer-client jar for this update is available here.

The Download Client will continue to deliver data to colleges (sans new data fields) while they plan and implement the SuperGlue for Apply system through June 2023.


Phase 2: Focused Effort to Support Colleges Implementation of SuperGlue

Implementations of SuperGlue for Apply are managed by the CCCTC’s Enabling Services team at no cost to colleges. To get started, please contact the CCCTC Enabling Services team at to schedule a demo and kick-off meeting.


Phase 3: Download Client Reaches End-of-Life

CCCTC will continue supporting required maintenance and bug fixes to the Download Client, however no additional data fields will be added to the CCCApply download server or the Download Client interface.

Phase 4: Download Client Decommissioned

The target date to shut off data delivery via the Download Client is January 1, 2024. As of this date, the Download Client will be fully decommissioned.

Steps to Implement SuperGlue

Several colleges have already successfully phased out their download client, and have reported a reduction in the amount of time needed to process student applications as a result of deploying SuperGlue for Apply. 

Get Started Today

  1. Schedule a demo or pre-kickoff call: Contact the College Relationship Managers (

  2. Expedite your implementation: Let our experienced team of Implementation Engineers do most of the work!

  • Deployments typically completed in 2 - 4 weeks

  • Major and custom SIS systems are supported

See an Overview of the SuperGlue for Apply implementation project.

Frequently Asked Questions


Why is the CCCApply Download Client being retired?

Developed in 2011, the CCCApply Download Client was not designed for high-performance integrated data delivery and is not scalable. This legacy system is being retired in favor of the faster, more secure, and real-time data delivery over the SuperGlue integrations framework.


Do colleges have to stop using the Download Client for transactions delivery? What if we don’t?

Eventually, yes. The CCCTC has begun a phase-out process that will allow colleges up to 12 months to transition away from the download system. Our Implementation Engineers are standing by to support your move before June 2023.


What data delivery options are available for colleges?

SuperGlue for Apply can deliver your CCCApply application data in two ways: 1) to a secure staging table, accessible via a CSV file export; or 2) using the College Adaptor, data can be delivered to your SIS/ERP system.


What is SuperGlue for Apply?

SuperGlue is an integration framework developed by the CCC Technology Center for products and services of the California Community Colleges. SuperGlue provides a secure, robust framework for data exchange between these systemwide products and the colleges that use them. A key objective is to integrate all Chancellor's Office-sponsored technology initiatives without putting any additional burden on local college IT departments.

In 2018, SuperGlue for Apply was deployed to deliver CCCApply application data - in real-time - to a staging table in your college Student Information System (SIS) via the SuperGlue College Adaptor. Records include the entire CCCApply dataset, including the college's custom Supplemental Questions, and an unencrypted version of your AB620 data fields (Sexual Orientation and Transgender).


Why is SuperGlue for Apply better than the Download Client?

While the Download Client is limited in terms of the data and how it is delivered, SuperGlue for Apply provides much more security, performance, and scalability.


Is SuperGlue for Apply secure?

Yes. SuperGlue for Apply is able to deliver the unencrypted sensitive data that the Download Client cannot.

  • No public-facing access = no attack vector

  • Districts are able to restrict inbound traffic

  • Current College Adaptor does not insert or interact with SIS/ERP tables in any way


How does the college know when student application data has been delivered?

Application data is delivered within microseconds of submission. A flag confirms data delivery to staging tables.


What happens when the college’s SIS/ERP system is down?

Transaction delivery paused during routine maintenance of SIS/ERP, restarted automatically when connectivity restored


Is there a way to resend transactions (application records) similar to the Reset Downloads utility?

Yes. Individual or bulk application transactions can be re–delivered if necessary using a similar process in the Administrator. Typically, this process is not needed.


How should delivery errors and/or issues be reported?

Contact CCCTC Staff Support for assistance: