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Products & Services

The Student Success Suite of products & services includes:

  • CCC MyPath

  • CCCApply Applications:

    • Standard Application

    • Noncredit Application

    • International Application

  • California College Promise Grant Application

  • New OpenCCC 2.0 Account System

  • SuperGlue for Apply

  • Student Success Suite User Group Membership Meeting Information (see below)

SSS Release: OpenCCC Release 2.2.0

  • Includes New CCC Student Account System Chatbot!

SSS Release: CCCApply 6.12.0

  • New Military Veterans Consent Question

  • 2023-2024 CC Promise Grant Online Application Release

Get started with SuperGlue for Apply for the SSS Joint Release 1.0.


What do colleges using SuperGlue for Apply have to do?

In order to receive the new data fields released in the new SSS V.1.0, colleges should contact the CCCTC Enabling Service team ( to:

  1. Add the new fields to their SIS staging tables

  2. Schedule update of the SuperGlue V.4.1 college adapter version that supports the new OpenCCC 2.0 and CCCApply 6.9.0.  

Now in Production! New OpenCCC Account System

College staff & faculty can explore the new system in the pilot environment today. Go to the New CCC Student Account Pilot Site to see firsthand how your students will create and recover their student accounts starting in October