Webinar Q&A - CCCApply Noncredit Application 06.27.19

Recorded session: CCCApply Noncredit Application Webinar - 06.27.19
Slides PPT: CCCApply Noncredit Application Webinar PPT

Below is the Q&A from the CCCApply Noncredit Application Webinar (June 27, 2019).

General Questions

Q: Is (the Noncredit) application available for use now?

Yes. The new CCCApply Noncredit Application is now officially live in production (released on Friday, June 28, 2019). 

Comment from attendee: "By the way, this new application looks great! I like that it's shorter and less intimidating for students."

Q: How do we access the Application for our specific college?

Each college has a unique URL for each CCCApply environment: Pilot (preview and testing) and Production (end-user version).  Application URLs are based on your college MIS code and branded with your college logo in the banner.  CCCApply recommends a full, end-to-end setups in both environments and conduct full testing of your downloads before going live to students. 

See CCCApply Noncredit Application URLS to obtain your college's custom URLs.

Q: How do (students) access the non-credit application from the college application? How do (students) pick the credit vs non-credit?

CCCApply does not distinguish noncredit students from credit students. We believe that colleges will want to decide how best to implement this application into your existing Admissions processes. Therefore, your college will be responsible for guiding students to your Noncredit Application URL. 

  • Colleges decide how and where to embed their Noncredit Application URL

  • Colleges decide what information and instructions should be included for their program(s)

  • Colleges decide if they want to make the URL public or not, depending on what's best for their program(s)

CCCApply is collaborating on a proof of concept to integrate the CCCApply Noncredit Application with the CCCMyPath application, which lends 

Q: What if we have our own in-house (noncredit) application? Shall we continue using that, or should we go with the CCCApply noncredit application?

The Noncredit Application is optional - colleges are not required to implement this workflow path. The application is designed to be an enhancement to the Standard Application, providing a residency-question-free, online alternative to your current Noncredit paper applications (or home-grown online applications). 

Benefits of Using the CCCApply Version:

  • Easy set up!The Noncredit App workflow is built into the CCCApply Standard Application; thus leveraging your existing end-to-end Standard Application implementation.

    • Uses the same admin configuration (terms, majors/programs, rules, messages, etc.)

    • Uses the same download client and XML files (or SuperGlue integration) already in place for your Standard Application

    • Uses the same report templates as the Standard Application in the Report Center.

    • Staff use their existing Admin & Report Center user accounts         

  • Short & Sweet! Students can complete the application is 5 minutes

    • All residency-specific questions have been removed

    • Optional Needs & Interests page/sections

    • Auto-population from any previously submitted applications

  • Easy Transition from Noncredit to Credit!

    • Students can submit a Standard Application for the same term at the same college if they find they need to take a credit course(s)

    • Auto-population streamlines the process on the second application (students only have to answer residency questions previously hidden in the Noncredit application)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

CCCApply recommends that colleges complete a full, end-to-end setup of the application in both environment: Pilot and Production, and test thoroughly all the way to your downloads. Implementation support is available from the CCCTC Enabling Services division. To schedule a kick-off call, please contact your Enabling Services CRM at crm@ccctechcenter.org.  Implementation documentation is available online in the Noncredit Application Implementation Home.


Questions about Administrator & Report Center Setup

Q: Is term setup (handled) the same as College Credit (the Standard Application)?

Yes. Terms for the Noncredit Application are set up in the CCCApply Administrator in the same Standard application module that you set up terms for your Standard Application.

NOTE:  All terms that get set up in the "CCCApply" application in the CCCApply Administrator will appear in the Term Applying For menu in both the Standard and Noncredit Applications. Setting up terms is documented in the CCCApply Administrator 2.0 User Guide.

Q: (Is the) Admin center and Report Center is same as College Credit (Standard Application)?

Yes. Admin settings (terms, majors/programs, rules, messages and supplemental questions) for the Noncredit Application are managed in the CCCApply Administrator using the same modules as the Standard Application. College users should use their existing authorized user accounts for the Administrator and Report Center.

Q: Is the CCCApply Download Client Utility (used the same for the Noncredit Application)?

Yes. The CCCApply Download Client is used for the Noncredit Application.  Since the Noncredit Application is just a workflow path within the Standard Application, the same download files are used for both the Standard and Noncredit applications. The only thing the college needs to do is be aware that all hidden questions and pages in the Noncredit Application will appear in "Null" values in your existing Standard Application downloads.  There are two new data fields added to the Standard Application data set for the Noncredit Application:  Noncredit Status <non_credit> and Integrity Flag 81 <integrity_fg_81> which is an integrity flag field traditionally used by Admissions & Records staff to understand residency status.  

For details on the data fields and downloads for the Noncredit Application, see the following links and documentation:

Q: Is the SSN (Social Security Number) required?

Currently, the Social Security Number (SSN) is a question asked in the OpenCCC Account system; it is not a question in the CCCApply application itself. However, the response is passed to, and can be edited in, each CCCApply application (Standard, Noncredit, Promise Grant, International) to the CCCApply Download Client and/or SuperGlue for Apply.

It is not required for applicants to provide their Social Security Number (SSN) or Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN), however, it is required - at this time - for the applicant to answer the question. If they do not have a SSN or TIN, they can respond with "I decline to provide an SSN or TIN at this time."

Q: Is there a way to take the SSN out of the CCC Apply application?

Currently, there is no way to remove the SSN question from the OpenCCC Account or the CCCApply applications. However, this may change in the near future. The CCC Technology Center is working on an OpenCCC Account redesign and they are investigating how to remove the SSN from the process but still maintain a high rate of matching to identify duplicate CCCID accounts, as well as account recovery verification.  Nevertheless, the OpenCCC product team is actively working on an alternative design to streamline the account creation process for students and colleges. 




See Answers above.


Q: Can't we use birthdate to verify?

Again, the OpenCCC product team is currently exploring alternative solutions to using the SSN to minimize account duplication (CCCID) and for account recovery (matching) in their current redesign effort.  The data of birth is already one of the factors used in authentication. Stay tuned for news and information on the new OpenCCC design underway by "following" the OpenCCC Student Account category page on the CCCTC college support site: CCCTechnology.info/openccc_student_account

Q: When the application feeds into our ERP system, will there be an application type if we create a field for it? Noncredit application vs. credit application?

Yes, a new field has been added to the database to help identify when a Noncredit is submitted versus a Standard application; but it's not the "Application Type" flag that is used in the Intended Major/Program of Study or Supplemental Questions admin modules. The new field that can be added to your ERP is:  Noncredit Status <non_credit> - a boolean field that is set to "true" if the student uses the Noncredit App URL to complete the application, otherwise it defaults to "false" for all Standard applications.

For details on the data fields and downloads for the Noncredit Application, see the following links and documentation:

Q: Has there been discussion about removing the education tab as well?

One of the objectives of the CCCApply Noncredit College Pilot Project was to develop a workflow within CCCApply for noncredit students that would serve the majority of our college stakeholders' needs. During development, we looked at a number of noncredit paper applications to ensure the majority of questions were represented in the CCCApply online version. On every application we reviewed, questions asking for enrollment status, high school education level, high school completion date, and college education level; therefore we felt it was necessary to include the Education page in the Noncredit Application intact and gauge reception by colleges and students.

Q: What if you didn't attend for 3 years in HS?

Please see Assembly Bill 3101 for legislative information driving the exemption of residency determination requirements for students planning to enroll exclusively in noncredit courses at a California Community College.

Q: How often is the list of CEEBs and (CDS) HS updated in the system?

CCCApply maintains a school “look-up” feature as part of CCCApply. This allows students to select a High School or previous College and automatically the CDS and CEEB code attach to the application record, thus the code(s) becomes part of the download file imported into a College’s SIS application. 

CCC Technology center receives updates every 4-6 weeks. These files are uploaded to the database quarterly, then accessed by students during the application process.

Read more about CCCApply Schools & Colleges Lists

Q: Is there a paper version available?

No. At this time there are no plans (or resources) to produce and maintain a paper version of the Noncredit Application.

Q: Will the Application be available in Spanish and other languages?

Yes. A Spanish version of the applications is now available.


Q: Who should we contact about making changes to our application?

Colleges are encouraged to report bugs and technical issues immediately to the CCCTC college support site under the most appropriate category: CCCTechnology.info.

All confirmed technical issues will be entered into the CCCTC Zendesk system and a support ticket will be emailed to you.

Questions, comments, and support requests will be forwarded directly to the CCCApply Product Manager, Patty Donohue, via the CCCTechnology.info support site.  

About Questions on the Noncredit Application

Q: Will they be adding an "other" race category? One of my students asked me this questions recently. m 

Regarding Latino ethnicity list, why countries are being considered ethnic groups instead of just country of origin?

The Student Equity Planning work of the past several years and the Chancellor’s Vision for Success has resulted in a system-wide focus on closing equity gaps. The new Race & Ethnicity question and layout changes was based on the work resulting from that research from 2018. At this time, the Chancellor's Office will oversee approval on all changes proposed to this section (in conjunction with federal requirements). 

Read more about the new Race & Ethnicity Implementation 2018 and the Ethnicity/Ancestry Expansion project.


Q: Is it possible to add a supplemental page for additional criteria we need to collect for AEBG?

Yes. Colleges can add questions to their Noncredit Application, just like the Standard Application.

Q: Where do I add supplemental questions?

Supplemental Questions are created using XML code and the file is uploaded in the CCCApply Administrator in the Supplemental Questions module for your college.

Implementation information can be found in the CCCApply Working with Supplemental Questions User Guide and the CCCApply Administrator 2.0 User Guide

Q: Rather than removing the Needs & Interests page, can the page be customized by college to meet the student needs? For instance, noncredit students may not be eligible for EOPS yet may be eligible for DSPS and require such services.

No, other than the Supplemental Questions page, none of the CCCApply application pages can be configured to each college's custom needs.  However, you can create custom rules and messages in the Administrator around any responses submitted to the Needs page (or any page, actually, even the Supplemental Questions page). Currently, any of the individual "Programs & Services" checkboxes listed on the Needs & Interests page can be used to trigger an email rule or error validation rule. 

For implementation information on creating Rules and Messages in the Administrator, see the CCCApply Administrator 2.0 User Guide

Q: Are the WIOA MIS elements included in the noncredit application?

MIS SG elements 14-21 specifically

Q: Can the user for NC only view NC Application?

CCCApply does not restrict anyone from completing the Noncredit Application. Whomever uses the Noncredit App URL for your college will see the Noncredit application. 

However, a user can only submit one Noncredit Application for the same term and the same college. 

Q: Does student require to complete the Non Credit App if they are already applied as a College Credit student?

No. If a student has completed a Standard Application for a specific term at your college, there is no reason for them to also complete a noncredit application at that point. All questions - all data - even residency-related information has already been submitted for that student (for that term at that college).

Q: If we limit 'one application per semester', is it possible to submit a credit and noncredit application in the same semester? (This would be desired).

Yes. When we developed this application we knew that a "noncredit" student - after applying to your college for a specific term, may need to take a credit course (transition to credit) and therefore it would need to be possible for that use case to submit first a Noncredit Application, and 2) then a Standard Application - in that order - for the same term at the same college. Therefore, we removed the restriction to block two applications from being submitted to the same term at the same college IF the first application is the Noncredit Application, followed by the Standard Application (with all the previously hidden questions from the Noncredit Application).  

Q: We would still want to screen students who are on a B1/B2 visa. Where would we do that in the application?

With the Citizenship Status question hidden in the Noncredit Application, there is no question that identifies a student's visa type or status. If capturing citizenship information for your noncredit is required, you will need to add it as a Supplemental Question. 

Implementation information can be found in the CCCApply Working with Supplemental Questions User Guide and the CCCApply Administrator 2.0 User Guide.


Q: Is spam filter work the same way as college credit?

Yes. Since the Noncredit Application workflow path is inside the Standard Application, all applications submitted within the Noncredit Application URL will be reviewed by the prediction service (model) and could be suspended in the spam filter if they data matches some