2018 International Application UX Advisory Committee


A dedicated group of CCC college administrators and staff experienced in the area of international student admissions to the California Community Colleges.  


The purpose of this committee is to provide support to the CCCApply product manager and development team in the design, development, and implementation of the CCCApply International Admissions Application, including review and approval of required data fields, onscreen language, and legal mandates. 

2018 Objectives

  • Support the CCCApply Product Manager and development team with ongoing change requests with the goal of reducing, reusing, and streamlining the International application;

  • Support the CCCApply product manager by serving as the subject matter experts (SME) for the International Application and international admissions requirements in general per state, federal and local laws and regulations;

    • Provide support to colleges when questions and issues are posted in the CCC College Support Site regarding the International Application 

  • Support the CCCApply product manager in the design and development of International Application end-user and college-user instructional materials and user guides

  • Attend and support the 2018 CCCApply Workshop session for the International Application

  • Provide support and outreach to colleges considering adoption of the International Application

2018 Meeting Schedule

DateDescription / AgendaZoom LinkNotesStatus


  • Introduction to committee objectives & priorities
    • Pick a co-chair for committee (discuss note-taker)
  • Review open issues & change requests pending for 2018 Annual Update
  • Set agenda and date for next meeting (every three weeks)



In order for any of the open change requests to be approved and implemented in the 2018 Annual Update (May 2018) ALL approval decisions must be documented in the CR docs & reviewed by full committee at the January 31, 2018 meeting.
TBDSet next meeting date

Open Items & Change Requests

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Steering Review Date

New Data Fields / New Logic

Proposed Release Date

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2017-17: Various International Application Changes
2017-17A: International App Bugs & Other Change Requests

CR-Survey-04.2017.pdfInternationalApril 26, 2107Review NEW 
3.01.172017-18: International Students03.06.17TBDTBDQuestions submitted by colleges

Can there be a red asterisk to indicate which fields are mandatory in the International Application (only)?

CR Survey says: Defer to IA sub-committeeTBDTBD

On the Personal Information page: Given this is a requirement for SEVIS, can we remove the value for "Decline to State" in the Gender question response options?

CR Survey says: Defer to IA sub-committee

Can we add a checkbox question and data field for International Phone Numbers: “I do not have a US phone number”

CR Survey says: Defer to IA sub-committee

Consider the new international phone number format implemented in Oct 2017. Is this enough?

On the Visa/Dependents page: Can we change the Visa Type list to only display “F-1” or “No Visa Yet”. Can we remove or hide all the other visas listed?

CR Survey says: Defer to IA sub-committee

Consider: Visa Types field values were revised in Oct 2017 to remove everything except: F1, M1, J1, or Other or None.  Should we remove these?

On the Visa/Dependents page: Can we remove or hide I-94 number questions?

CR Survey says: Defer to IA sub-committee

Consider: I-94 section was revised in Oct 2017. Sub-committee should review and see if this is enough.

On the SEVIS page:  Can we change “How many OPT/CPT do you have?” to “how many OPT/CPT have you had”?

CR Survey says: Defer to IA sub-committee

On the SEVIS page:  Can we add a checkbox for “I’m currently on OPT”?

CR Survey says: Defer to IA sub-committee

2017-28Add "Intended Major for Transfer" to Majors Section04.23.17CCCApply January 2018APPROVED