International Application Update 1.28.16

International Application Release: March 31, 2016

The CCCApply International Application is scheduled to release on Thursday, March 31, 2016 at 5:00PM PST. Below is an update on the remaining development and a comprehensive timeline of the release activities for this deployment.

International Applicaton College Preview

Release Activities & Events

Implementation Project Overview

Getting to the Pilot Application 

Testing the International Application


Online College Preview - Friday, February 19 at 2:00PM PST

All California Community Colleges are invited to attend a pre-release college preview of the first version of the CCCApply International Application on Friday, February 19 at 2:00PM PST.  To attend, please register for this online event here.  The preview will be recorded for staff that cannot attend the event. Information and updates will be posted on the CCC College Support Site:  Please take a moment to visit the support site, create an account, and "follow" category pages to receive auto-notification emails.

*Click here for information on creating an account on the CCC College Support Site.  

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Release Activities & Events

Jan 14:  International Application 5.3.0 released onto the Pilot Site

Jan 20:  Tech Center announces International Application release date:  March 31, 2016

Jan 20:  College Preview is confirmed for February 19 at 2:00PM.  Register here to attend.  This event is free and will be recorded and archived.

Jan 25:  Advisory Committee can begin testing the application on the Pilot environment. See below for more details.

Jan 29:  IA & BOG Accessibility Review Deadline.

Jan 29:  Sprint 91 begins – This is the last sprint for development content for the Internatioal Application v1.0.

Feb 19:  Sprint 91 ends – Code Freeze.

Feb 19:  International Applicaton College Preview. Register today!

Mar 10:  IA Implementation Overview Webinar - All colleges are invited to attend; IT staff is encouraged to attend. Click here to register for this event.

Mar 10:  Final Code on Pilot Site. Colleges can view application and begin setting up download file. 

Mar 10:  Technical release notes are available. Visti Project Site for documentation

Mar 10:  Final International Application v1.0 Data Dictionary is available. 

Mar 22:  CCCApply 2016 Annual Workshop - Fullerton College. International Application Workshop Session 10:00AM. Click here to REGISTER for this event.

Mar 31:  International App LAUNCH

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Implementation Project Overview

There are several options for colleges that are interested in getting started now with the International Application implementation project:

  1. Visit the Get Started with the International Application page on the CCCApply Project Site. 
  2. Attend the IA Implementation Overview Webinar on March 10, 2016 for high level overview and Q&A.  This session is recommended for all colleges interested in implementing the International Application as soon as it is released.
  3. Schedule the Project Overview Meeting (required). This meeting is required; however, due to the large number of colleges who have expressed interest in getting started this Spring 2016, we ask that you wait until you have confirmed your deployment date and it is within three months of the scheduled overview meeting.
  4. Attend the CCCApply 2016 Annual Workshop at Fullerton College on March 22nd. Register today. There is an International Application demo and implementation session scheduled for 10:00AM, followed by an open computer lab session where support technicians will be available to answer additional questions about setting up the Administrator (terms, majors, rules, supplemental questions) and/or using the Report Center for looking up submitted applications or running reports.  
  5. Advisory Committee members are invited to get started early. A User account to access the Pilot Administrator has been set up for each International App Advisory Committee member. A User account is required to access the Administrator & Report Center, which means you may not be able to submit a test application in the Pilot Administrator if there are no open Terms and Majors, which are required to submit an application.  For more information about accessing your Pilot account, please see below.  

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Getting to the International Application on the Pilot (Beta) Environment

Colleges can view the application - and submit test applications - by clicking on the Application URL below (remember to replace the three XXX with your college MIS code first).  

NOTE:  Unless there is at least one Term and one Major set up in the Pilot Administrator, you will not be able to submit a test application. For information on setting up Terms and Majors, please download the CCCApply Administrator User Guide.


Application URL:

NOTE: Replace the "XXX" with your MIS code to access your college's branded application.

Instructions for Setting Up Terms & Majors (and Users) in the Pilot Administrator

  1. IMPORTANT: You must obtain your unique college Administrator and Report Center URLs from your IT team (or Admissions staff) to access these staff tools. The Tech Center does not have your URLs - these were set up by your IT staff when you first implemented the OpenCCCApply standard application. You will need both sets of URLS:  Pilot site Administrator & Report Center, AND the Production Administrator & Report Center.  You'll need the Pilot URLs for testing and implementation, but you'll need the Production URLs before you can go live to students (after March 31, 2016).
  2. Login to the Pilot Administrator using your Username and Password from your college system. 

    College staff user accounts are created based on your college  MIS code and the level of authorization privileges approved by your college.  

    U = Data Use Only.  Access to all tabs in the Administrator except the Users tab for your college or district. 
    A = Add User.  Access to all tabs in the Adminstrator, including the Users tab, for your college or district. 

    NOTE:  An "Add User" account was created for each of the Advisory Committee members back in October 2015. If you are not an Advisory Committee member and would like to access your college/district Pilot Administrator for the International Application, please contact Patty Donohue, for assistance.  Once the first "Add User" account is created for your college or district, that user can create other users for your college or district. For more information on setting up User accounts, please download the CCCApply Administrator User Guide for details. 
  3. Select "International Application" from the Application drop down menu on the home page of the Pilot Administrator. 
  4. Select your college from the "College" dropdown menu on the home page of the Pilot Administrator.
  5. Navigate to the Terms tab. Following the instructions for adding or editing Terms in the CCCApply Administrator User Guide, set the "Open, Close, Start and End dates for a Term so that it will appear in the Term Applying For section of the International application.
  6. Navigate to the Majors tab. Following the instructions for adding or editing Majors in the CCCApply Administrator User Guide, ensure one or more Majors are active by configuring the settings for one or more Majors.
  7. Navigate to the English Proficiency tab. Using the instructions for setting up the English Proficiency section of the application, determine if your college has an English Proficiency requirement and, if so, configure the English Proficiency Requirement <eng_proficiency_req> and English Proficiency Type <eng_proficiency_type> fields to display this section in the International Application.  Please read this section carefully in the CCCApply Administrator User Guide. If you have an English Proficiency requirement for admission, you must set this section up carefully otherwise your student will be blocked from completing this section and submitting an applicaton for admission.
  8. Optional Rules:  Ensure that any Rules you choose to implement are set up correctly or you risk blocking your student from submitting an application. See the CCCApply Administrator User Guide for details.
  9. Optional Supplemental Questions: Ensure that any supplemental questions that you choose to implement are set up correctly or risk blocking your student from submitting an application.  See the CCCApply Administrator User Guide for details.

NOTE:  If you need assistance setting up your Pilot Administrator settings, please visit the support site and post your question or request. CCC support technicians are monitoring the site Monday - Friday, 7:00AM - 4:00PM PST.  Your questions will be answered in the site so that other colleges may benefit from the responses. 

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Testing the International Application in the Pilot Environment

Testing of the International Application is now underway and will continue through February 18, 2016. Issues identified during testing can be forwarded to Patty Donohue,   

Testers (college staff) that participate in pre-release regression testing need a User account will be given a link to the application and accounts will be set up for an Administrative User in the Administrator and the Report Center.  


Issues discovered during testing will be compiled and submitted to the developers for validation.

Download the Test Script (Excel Sheet)

International Application - Test Script - IA Advisory Committee

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