2018 CCCApply Data Security Advisory Committee


CCCApply is the primary source of data and information about California Community College students coming in to the CCC system. This data is critical to understanding student demographics, behavior, needs & interests, and education goals for all colleges. The security of this data is paramount, yet it must be shared with key stakeholders (college admissions & researchers) in order to matriculate our students and provide services needed to meet the goals of the statewide Student Success & Support legislation.

This purpose of this committee is to provide support and guidance to the CCCApply product manager and executive leadership team on issues pertaining to data security and governance of OpenCCC and CCCApply data. For this advisory team to be successful it requires a mix of district admissions, research, and IT staff and administrators from the Steering Committee and the Chancellor's Office. 


  • Build an advisory team of admissions, research, and IT administrators and staff to provide data governance support
  • Review issues and change requests pertaining to data gathering, data security, data transfer and storage
  • Ensure the CCCApply download client is securely transferring data and safely storing restricted data
  • Support the CCCApply product manager and development teams gather requirements to deep freeze archive data, and develop process for colleges to access the data

2018 Meetings

DateDescriptionZoom Meeting URLLink to Minutes / NotesStatus


  • Introduction to committee objectives & priorities
    • Discuss recruiting required sub-committee members: who do we need?
      • Can Alex Jackl (DW), Lou Delzompo (CTO) and/or Jeff Holden (CISO) participate?
      • Can Gary Bird represent the CCCCO IT? Tim Calhoon (CEO)
    • Pick a co-chair for committee (discuss note-taker)
  • Review data security requirements in the CCCTC grant workplan for 2018-2020
    • CCCID to become an official MIS data element
    • Data Deep Freeze project 
    • Security updates
  • Review Data Warehouse and Master Data Management projects
  • Set agenda and date for next meeting (every three weeks)




Open Items & Change Requests

CR #DescriptionSteering Review DateNew Data Fields / New LogicScheduled Release DateStatus - Release Notes Link
2018-02Prevention of Security Breach or Encryption of CCCApply Historical Apps11.08.17
May 2018APPROVED - Sub-Committee


Implement SPAM Filter for Suspicious Incoming Applications

2018-10SPAM Filter Administrator UI Screens10.10.16
May 2018CCCTC Spam Filter - SOW 
04.23.172017-22: How best to share Google Analytics data with colleges?TBDAll AppsTBDReview NEW

Other Security Requirements per Grant workplan objectives for 2018-2020TBD