2018 CCCApply Residency Review

This mini-charter for the Residency Review sub-committee will be updated with the new 2018 sub-committee.  Experts in Admissions & Records across the CCC system are encouraged to participate. The next meeting will be scheduled for June 2018.  If you are interested in participating, please contact Patty Donohue, Product Manager, pdonohue@ccctechcenter.org.


The CCCApply Residency Review Committee is an ongoing advisory committee to support and advise the CCCApply product manager and steering committee on residency related issues and change requests that affect the CCCApply residency algorithm in the Standard Application.

With revisions underway to update the 2005 CCCApply Steering Bylaws & Constitution, the Steering Committee has determined that the CCCApply residency algorithm (Standard Application) should be reviewed to ensure it is up-to-date, accurate, and is compliant with the California Education Code, the CCCCO Student Admissions Accounting Manual (SAAM), and the CACCRAO standards for residency.

The Residency Review Committee is an ongoing advisory group that meets - at a minimum - twice per year, and as needed to review residency-related issues for CCCApply.    

2018 Objectives

The primary objectives for this advisory committee in 2018 are: 
  1. Meeting monthly (or as needed) to work on objectives for 2018.
  2. Short Term: Conduct comprehensive reviews of current algorithms for accuracy and compliance with corresponding laws and regulations:
    1. Review the current CCCApply residency algorithm for accuracy and compliance with Ed Code, Title V, and SAAM manual.
      1. Understand the four Areas of the Residency algorithm (A, B, C, and D) and criteria in the current (2017) CCCApply application;
      2. Ensure current algorithm is in compliance with local, state and federal residency rules and regulations;
      3. What are we doing? Can we do it better? Easier?
    2. Review the AB540 logic for  accuracy and compliance.
    3. Review existing logic in Promise Grant (BOG) - pre-determined CA residency; BOG eligibility, other?
      1. What are we doing? Can we do it better? Easier?
  3. 2018 Workshop: Residency Algorithm Session 
  4. Long Term: Advise and support the Steering Committee and the CCCApply product manager, as needed, as subject matter experts on residency and the residency algorithm 
  5. Long Term: Provide guidance interpreting new legislation that may affect or change onscreen questions, new or existing data fields, and logic as needed in the  the Standard Application. 

2018 Meetings

DateDescriptionZoom Meeting URLLink to Minutes / NotesStatus


  • Introduction to committee objectives & priorities
    • Discuss recruiting other volunteers
    • Pick a co-chair for committee (discuss note-taker)
  • Review current residency algorithm, discuss plan for internal / external reviewers
  • Quick review of documentation / feedback on documentation needed
  • Identify key issues with residency logic in CCCApply
  • Discuss plan for 2018 Workshop session on Residency Algorithm - need good presenter who knows the logic, understands nuances, and can offer something new beside the basic breakdown
  • Set agenda and date for next meeting (monthly or as needed



TBDNext meeting

Open Issues & Change Requests - Pending Items

CR #
Steering Review Date
New Data Fields / New Logic
Scheduled Release Date
Status - Release Notes Link
2018-R1Research Project #1: Conduct comprehensive review of current residency algorithm in CCCApply Standard Application.January 2018N/AN/AResearch Analysis Only
2018-R2Research Project #2: Review the AB540 algorithm currently used in CCCApply & CCPG applicationsJanuary 2018N/AN/AResearch Only
2018-R3Research Project #3: Review the residency determination questions on the Application Year page in the Promise Grant (BOG) Application.January 2018N/AN/AResearch Only
2017-08Revise Residency Logic for HS Freshmen

December 6, 2016

Review NEW

2017-12Display Residency Page Even if User is a Visa Holder4-23-17CCCApplyApril 26, 2017Review NEW

Additional Information

In 2016, CCCApply Steering Committee reviewed a request to have the CCCApply residency algorithm logic - and corresponding Table E: Integrity Flags - reviewed for accuracy, consistency, by an outside expert/consultant. After short discussion on the importance of having an outside source conduct an objective review, the committee voted to seek funding to cover the project. Bill Mulrooney, former Steering Chair, suggested we consult a former steering member (Tim Clow) to perform the review. 

Unfortunately funding for a review was not budgeted in the 2017/2018 fiscal year and the steering committee has undergone massive turnover (over a dozen members have retired and left the committee since September 2017).

  • Steering leadership suggested we resurrect the Residency Review Committee (inactive since 2015) and assign them this project.
  • This review will also benefit the CCCApply 3.0 product development team in gathering requirements and stories supporting innovations & upgrades to the existing residency algorithm. 
  • Based on the findings, consider a formal external review. 
The Residency Review Committee convened it's first meeting on July 14, 2016 to approve the CCCApply Residency Review Committee Objectives. The minutes from that meeting are posted in the CCCApply Project Site file repository > Steering Sub-Committees folder. To submit an issue to be reviewed by this committee, please post a question or issue on CCCTechnology.info > CCCApply.

Supporting Documentation

DescriptionFile or LinkNotes
CCCApply Standard Application Data Dictionary - Residency Algorithm

The residency algorithm is maintained in the Appendix A of the CCCApply Standard Application Data Dictionary (V.2017.2). 
For convenience, an online version is also accessible here:  

2017 Residency Workshop Session PPT

SAAM Chapter 2 (Student Account Admissions Manual)

Updated VACA Guidance Legislation 

2017 Enacted Bills - Legal Update

2017 CACCRAO New A&R Directors Training PPT
Created by Patty Donohue 
AB 637 Amendments

2017 CCCCO Residency for Tuition Purposes: General Overview
Official General Overview document updated and presented at the CACCRAO conference by Elias Regalado
Overview & Current Issues in Attendance Accounting and  Student Residency