OBSOLETE - Committee Member and Non-Butte College Employee Travel

Retired 8/8/23.   Please use: https://ccctechcenter.org/services/operations/travel-reimbursement 

The forms below are used for all Committee members and other authorized travelers who are not employees of Butte-Glenn Community College District to request reimbursement for travel expenses.

Travel Reimbursement Procedure

For Committee Members and other authorized travelers who are NOT employees of Butte-Glenn Community College District, use this procedure to obtain reimbursement 
for allowable travel expenses related to CCC project travel, including committee or other project related meetings, trainings, or workshops.   

See Travel Reimbursement guide, hints, and tips, below for details on allowable expenses.

  1. Download the TRAVEL FORM NON EMPLOYEES (below) to your desktop
  2. Complete the travel form with your expenses
  3. Scan your receipts into PDF format
  4. Upload your completed worksheet in EXCEL FORMAT with your PDF-scanned receipts to CCC Technology Center

    Alternate link here: https://app.smartsheet.com/b/form/39fd116faf7840d4908a579af14b7112

  5. Monitor your email for a request to review and electronically sign your submission

VERY IMPORTANT: Please upload the travel form as an Excel file, all other documents should be PDF

See below for forms and frequently asked questions.  If you have additional questions please contact your CCCTC Project Manager.

Travel Reimbursement
Tips Guide
Travel Form
Travel Form
Non Employees

Hints and Tips:

  • Airfare:
    • Prior to your trip, include Full Flight Itinerary with Dates, Times and Departure/Return Airports
    • On return submit your itemized receipt showing final payment
  • Drive vs. Fly?  Can I be paid mileage instead of airfare if driving is more convenient for me? 
    • YES, you can be paid for mileage if it is less than the combination of flying+driving+parking
    • When calculating the cost of your flight, obtain a screen-capture or printed itinerary for a comparative 2-week advance purchase fare
    • When calculating your mileage, obtain a screen-capture of a GoogleMaps, MapQuest, or similar application to show your mileage if you drive vs. fly
    • When calculating parking, obtain a screen-capture of the parking rate from your local airport's parking lot
  • Mileage Documentation:
    • Provide MapQuest/Google Map showing total mileage Requested
    • District Reimbursement Rate @ $0.575/Mile
    • If mixed modes of transportation, please provide breakdown and beautiful notes to ensure prompt and accurate processing