IA Advisory Committee Meeting 08.17.15

Welcome & Roll Call



Member Name



Member Name


Butte-Glenn CCD

Rachel Wood


Los Angeles CCD

Olivia Alvarado


Cerritos CCD

Norma Rodriguez


Miracosta CCD

Jane Sparks


Chabot-Las Positas CCD

Dolly Balangitao


Mt. San Jacinto CCD

Jackie Alvarado-Padilla


Contra Costa CCD

Gloria Zarabozo


Peralta CCD

Thomas Torres-Gil


Contra Costa CCD

Susie Hansen


Santa Barbara CCD

Rosemary Santillan
Carola Smith (sitting in)


Contra Costa CCD

Diane Ahlborn


San Francisco CCD

Marylou Leyba


El Camino CCD

Lindsey Ludwig


San Mateo CCD

Diane Arguijo


Fullerton CCD

Pilar Ellis


San Mateo CCD

Henry Villareal



Wayne Branker


South Orange CCD

Christina Delgado



Mika Miller


South Orange CCD

Maria Lopez


Kern CCD

Michelle Pena


West Hills CCD

Daniel Tamayo


CCC Technology Center

Patty Donohue





Met Quorum:  8 unique districts attended this meeting.


Review Sub-Committee Objectives & Requirements

During the June 2015 meeting, the CCCApply Advisory Committee approved a request to organize a special sub-committee of current Advisory members and additional CCC administrators/staff with expertise in international student admissions, to review and pre-approve the remaining functional requirements and change requests. A group of experts dedicated to international admissions issues will greatly expedite the development and release of the application.  

Objectives of the sub-committee:  

  1. Guide the development of any remaining, high-priority, functional requirements to ensure the application is complete and accurate from a state/federal legal perspective; 
  2. Manage the pre-approval process for new change requests for the international application.  A committee of dedicated specialists will help expedite this process;
  3. Provide guidance in the development of the International Application Data Dictionary, including maintaining compliance with state and federal guidelines for the admissions of international students to the California Community Colleges.  


Advisory has approved the creation of an IA sub-committee with the following conditions:

  1. A maximum of two (2) seats/members will be allowed from the same District;
  2. A minimum caucus of 7 District votes (one per District) is required for all approvals:
  3. A status report on International change requests and development will be presented at each Advisory Committee meeting;  
  4. The CCCApply Steering Committee reserves final approval on all downloadable data field/database changes or removals (or any change that may affect downloads or logic);
  5. CCCApply Steering Committee will have final approval on all technical changes or new features to IA 1.0;
  6. The sub-committee will meet in August 2015 to expedite the review and prioritization of the remaining, undeveloped requirements and change requests pending. To clarify, this does not guarantee that all pending change requests will be approved, nor that approved changes will be developed outside of the Annual update cycle for release in March 2016.  


Development Update & Road Map Review

  • Development Update 
  • Accessibility Review Update
  • Testing > Release to Pilot Site (October 20)
  • Implementation Project

Road Map:

Key Dates:

Sep 4 - Sprint 85 begins; TPG Apply Accessibility Review

Sep 25 - Sprint 86 begins; Implementation on Pilot Environment Begins

Oct 8 - Apply Sprint Demo (TBD)
Oct 9 - Advisory Sprint Preview (TBD)

Oct 16 - IA Data Dictionary released

Oct 16 - Plan A)  Release to Pilot & Production;  Plan B)  Release to PILOT

Oct 17 - Sprint 87 begins - IA development work resumes for March 2016 Update

Feb 21 - Development ends - Prep for March Annual Update

Mar 15 - 2016-2017 CCCApply Annual Update (Apply, BOG, IA) 

Road Map (Monthly)

Aug2015SepOctNovDecJan2016FebMarAug 17Oct 16Mar 2016Sep 4Sep 25Feb 16
Accessibility Review
New Lane

Pilot Release

IA Production Release

TPG Review

Bugs & 508 Requirements

Remaining IA Requirements

IA Project: Set Up Downloads


Development Sprint Map

Breakdown of development work by sprint. Development work is completed in three week "sprints".

Pre-release development schedule: During the pre-release development process, all development will be reviewed internally.
Post-release development schedule: At the end of each post-release development sprint, the work will be reviewed and approved by stakeholders ( Steering Committee & sub-committee, eventually stakeholders will be all colleges using the International Application.)

17-Aug201524-Aug31-Aug07-Sep14-Sep21-Sep28-Sep05-Oct12-Oct19-Oct26-OctOct 16 ReleaseSep 4Sep 25Aug 17
Sprints & Releases
IA Development

Sprint 84

Sprint 85

Sprint 86

TPG Accessibility Review: International


Unicon: Bugs & 508 Issues

Steering: Supplemental Questions & Rules

CCCTC: Reports & Other Administrator Changes


Sprint 84

  • Finish Apply & Account Accessibility requirements;
  • Start TPG accessibility review ASAP


Sprint 85

  • Begin testing Apply & Account Accessibility requirements
  • Begin IA
  • Best case scenario: Finish Apply & Account TPG accessibility Review; begin IA TPG review

Sprint 86

  • Testing Sprint
  • Worst case: TPG IA accessibility Review



High Priority Issues

  1. SSN Re-design
    1. Approved by the CCCApply Steering Committee 
      1. New conditional checkbox question and downloadable data field (ssn_exception) to identify if the student who selects "ssn_no" is an international student or not. 
      2. If student selects "True - I am an international student and I do not have a Social Security Number or Taxpayer Identification Number." then the "SSN Encouragement" checkbox does not appear to students.
    2. Currently at top of the back-log for development.
      1. Dependent on TPG accessibility review completion
      2. Dependent on bugs completion

  2. Hover Help Issues - Onscreen Text / Label Revisions
    1. A consequence of the State 508 auditor's initial review was learning that Hover Help is not accessible. All English hover help is being removed from the standard/domestic application, and will be removed from the International app. 
      1. Spanish hover help will not be developed for the international application
    2. Opportunity to revise onscreen labels, question/prompt text, and additional display text.
  3. Phone Number Formats

  4. Gender & Race/Ethnicity Requirements
  5. Visa

Supplemental Questions, Rules & Flags

Work-around Solution to Undeveloped Requirements

  • Call for sub-group to work on supplemental questions
  • Call for sub-group to work on Rules examples

Data Dictionary & Form Specification

Action Item: Need Revision Review

CONFIDENTIAL (CCCApply Advisory Committee ONLY)

This document is In-Progress. This is not the final document; however, see the Change Log to see all changes made since the April 2015 International Application demo. 


Schedule Next Meeting - October 2, 11:00 AM

  • Application Review
  • Change Requests Pending:


Action Items:

  1. Set up access to the application for Advisory members
  2. Set up user accounts for each on Pilot
  3. Ensure there are a few test Terms and Majors open for test applications
  4. Send Olivia (everyone) the data fields and instructions on starting their data field mapping to SIS project.
  5. Set up demo for those Advisory members who haven't used the Administrator before - set up English Proficiency
  6. Write up all development changes made since the April 2015 International Demo
  7. Write up all pending change requests for prioritization
  8. Write up general requirements for review (phone number formats, etc.)
  9. Share a copy of the International App Data Dictionary to Advisory.
  10. NEW change request - Remove the Race/Ethnicity questions from the IA application. Gloria said she would take the lead and find out who mandates this field for International population. Take back to Advisory committee for approval.