Release 5.5.2 Summary Notes - 10.21.16

Release Date

Release No.5.5.2
Production Release Date10.21.16
Pilot Preview DateN/A
Time6:00PM - 11:00PM PST
TypeShibboleth V3 Upgrade
Related IdP Development 
Changes to Download ClientNo
Changes to Residency LogicNo

Release Scope

ApplicationsCCCApply Standard Application
CCCApply International Application
OpenCCC Student Account System
Changes to Download ClientYes
Changes to Residency LogicYes

Release Plan

30-Day Pilot Site Preview

Moving forward, all new content will deploy to the Pilot environment 30 days prior to a product release. In order to allow colleges time to review and implement the changes and enhancements deployed in Release 5.5 on September 30, we released the code to the Pilot environment 30 days in advance, on September 1, 2016

A new "Pilot Environment" section has been added to the Public Documentation space to provide additional information about getting to, and using, the Pilot site. 

Release Notes Summary

Below is a summary of the changes and enhancements deployed as part of the 5.5.2 release.  

OpenCCC Account

The following enhancement was made to the OpenCCC Account system. There is no action required by colleges.

DescriptionUser StoryNew Data Fields / Changes to the Download ClientChanges to Residency Logic
OpenCCC Shibboleth V3 Upgrade

Create Gateway to MyPath from Account Creation


  • College will be given a link for CCC MyPath. They will put that link on their website. Link will include the MIS code for the college.
  • Student clicks the link and they are taken to the Apply gateway page.
  • The gateway page stores off the target URL that will include the MIS code
  • The gateway app will redirect the user to the IDP Login page
  • If the user just logs in they will be taken to the target URL.
  • If the user goes through the Recover account flow, they will go through the the Recover account flow. At the end, they will be taken into the login page. After logging in, will be redirected back to the gateway
  • If the user clicks Create Account, they will be taken to the Create Account flow. After their account has been created, they will be redirected back to the gateway.
  • Once the user is on the gateway, the gateway will look up the target URL from the cookie. If the cookie does not exist, they will log into apply. If the target URL cookie does exist, the user will be redirected to the target URL.

Special considerations:

  • Be sure that the cookie and the URLs all do URL encoding correctly so that additional parameters are handled correctly.
  • Special attention will be required for Recover account to ensure that you go through the gateway after logging in. That will ensure that you still hit the correct final endpoint.
  • The current entityId mappings will need to change to point to the gateway app.

Update: Shibboleth Version 3 Upgrade

The Shibboleth V3 upgrade was completed on October 28, 2016 to support the launch of the CCC MyPath Student Services Portal this month. The upgrade will not affect colleges and there is nothing that colleges need to do relative to this event.

Colleges that are still using Shibboleth v2.x should plan to move to version 3 as soon as possible. The CCC Technology Center can provide support for colleges or districts that need assistance in this effort. For more information about the OpenCCC Shibboleth V3 upgrade, please contact Patty Donohue,, or post a comment on

CCCApply Applications

The following changes and enhancements were deployed in the CCCApply applications. 

Change Specification / Technical NotesSummaryNew Data Fields /
Change to the Download File
Change to
Customization to Direct New Accounts Directly into Introduction Page of Application"As a new applicant to the California Community Colleges, after creating my OpenCCC Account for the first time, I want to be taken directly into the Standard/BOG/International application Introduction page without having to Login immediately after account creation."N/AN/A
Link from college, through Apply, to MyPath

Colleges want to be able to put a link to Apply on their website, but craft the URL in a way that after the user completes the application, they are taken to MyPath.

This can mostly be accomplished through existing code. The things we need to do:

  • Fix issue where if the user chooses to create an account instead of sign in, the "Sign Out" link is not getting replaced by the "Return to Student Portal" link.
  • Update wording on "Return to Student Portal" link. Change it to "Proceed to CCC MyPath"



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The PILOT Site

All items deployed in the 5.5 Release on September 30, 2016 to the Production environment will remain in the Pilot Site after the release. We encourage college Admissions staff to review the changes and alert your IT department staff to add the new data fields to your Download files. (See New Data Fields & Changes to the Download Client section for new fields added.) NOTE: All other changes, including the new step added to the Area B residency logic, require no action by the college. 

Preview in the Pilot Site
All 5.5.2 release changes and enhancements were deployed to the Pilot environment for colleges to preview and test. The latest versions of the CCCApply Data Dictionaries and User Guides now reflect both the production and pilot environment application code. Questions? Please post all questions on

Getting to the Pilot Applications

Please see "Pilot Environment" section in the CCCApply Public Documentation space for more information on getting to the Pilot Applications, staff tools, and download server.

Remember to include your college's MIS code to the end of each application URL

PILOT ApplicationNEW PILOT Application URL

PILOT CCCApply Standard Application URL

*Replace the XXX with your college MIS code.

PILOT BOG Application URL

*Replace the XXX with your college MIS code.

PILOT International Application URL

*Replace the XXX with your college MIS code. 

Pilot Application Downloads-URL Attributes

Include the following URL attributes in your PILOT Job XML files. For more information, refer to the Download Client User Guide for details.


PILOT CCCApply Standard Application
PILOT BOG Application
PILOT International Application 

NOTE:  Please see the Pilot Environment page in the CCCApply Public Documentation space for more details on the CCCApply Pilot Environment.

Pilot Administrator & Report Center URLs

The URLs below are "templates" - so the examples shown are not your URLs. These are here to give you an idea of what they look like. Please contact your IT department if you do not have access to your Pilot Site URLs for the Pilot Administrator and Pilot Report Center.

NOTE:  Please see the Pilot Environment page in the CCCApply Public Documentation space for more details on the CCCApply Pilot Environment.

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Data Dictionaries & Release Documentation

The following links pertain to latest documentation (as of September 30, 2016), including CCCApply Data Dictionaries and User Guides.

DescriptionVersionFormatReleaseDate Published
CCCApply Standard Application Data DictionaryV.2016.3PDFRelease
CCCApply International Application Data DictionaryV.2016.3PDFRelease
CCCApply Download Client User GuideV.2016.3PDFRelease
Download Client: transfer-client-V3.jarV3JARRelease
Pilot Environment

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