College Support Services

Our mission is to facilitate and support the work of systemwide technology for faculty and staff across the California Community Colleges.

Student Support: The CCC Helpdesk and provide 24/7 online and call center support for OpenCCC, CCCApply, CC Promise Grant Fee Waiver application, and more.



College Support Services delivers high-quality support for California Community Colleges faculty and staff for systemwide technology solutions.

Our College Support representatives are available to help you, Monday - Friday 8:00am - 4:00pm.


To report that an application or service is unavailable, please contact College Staff Support immediately.

Product Information & Documentation

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CCCTC Products & Services Definitions

CCCTC Products System Requirements

  • OpenCCC Account

  • CCC MyPath

  • CCCApply

  • CCCApply Report Center

  • Data Warehouse Report Server

  • SSO Proxy

  • College Adaptor - Glue or Super Glue

  • Multiple Measures

  • COCI

  • C-ID


Online Support Community for Staff & Faculty

Get the information you need, when you need it! is the starting place for resolving technical issues with CCCTC systemwide technology solutions.

  • Get CCCTC system email alerts

  • Report an issue or request

  • Search for known issues and work-arounds

  • Access documentation and user guides

  • Share and discuss best practices

Join the Online Community is so easy to use, and you can be up and running in less than one minute. Or, even easier, sign in with your Google or Facebook account. Once you’ve signed in, you can start searching, discussing, commenting, and sharing with other college faculty and staff.

Getting started is easy!

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How To Request Support

Follow the steps below to report an issue or make a request:

  • Step 1: Visit and search to see if your issue has already been reported.

  • Step 2: Capture details about your issue and include a screenshot of the error page message or onscreen behavior with your request.

  • Step 3: Report the issue, along with your browser and operating system Information, to CCC College Support


For best results, see the Tips for Reporting Issues to ensure fast and efficient troubleshooting.

All issues and requests are triaged and escalated (if appropriate) during support hours of operation: Monday - Friday, 8:00am - 5:00pm.

CCCTC Support Services

Support for Systemwide Technology Initiatives

CCCTC Support Services is committed to delivering high-quality telephone and online support to students and parents, as well as CCC college faculty and staff.

Support Fulfillment & Escalation

The CCC Helpdesk (tier 1) provides 24/7 telephone support and monitors the online community to ensure any issues are identified and quickly resolved. Our professional team of support representatives will work with users to ensure every issue is quickly brought to closure.


Escalation Process

If an issue cannot be resolved immediately, our efficient escalation process is designed to keep users informed of the status of their issue throughout the resolution process. When required, issues are escalated using the process outlined below.

Support Escalation Flowchart

Support Escalation Process Breakdown

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Enabling Services


CCCTC Enabling Services offers dedicated sales and support to see colleges through to successful implementation, configuration, professional development, and adoption of systemwide technology solutions at all California Community Colleges.

Enabling Services endeavors to build strong relationships with colleges to ensure successful product adoption.
Contact Enabling Services at