Release 6.0 Summary Notes - 03.31.17

Due to an unexpected issue encountered while deploying the International supplemental questions code, no changes were deployed to the International Application in this release. We believe the issue can be resolved quickly and the team is working on a low-impact, patch release plan for the week of April 3. Until that fix can be deployed the International Application will continue to run the 5.5.3 code (version running prior to Friday night's release (6.0). An announcement with the time and date of the patch release will be posted on the CCC Support Site.

Release Schedule



Release No.


Pilot Release Date & Time

03.01.17 - (10:00AM - 5:00PM PST)

Production Release Date & Time

03.31.17 - (6:00PM - 11:00PM PST)


Annual Update Release

Release 6.0 Scope


OpenCCC Student Account System
CCCApply Standard Application
2017-2018 BOG Fee Waiver Application 

Changes to Download ClientYes (See Release 6.0 Download Client jar file below)
Changes to Residency LogicYes
Revised Data DictionariesYes
Updated User GuidesYes


This following summary applies to Release 6.0, deployed March 31, 2017. Please direct all questions to the CCCApply category page on the CCC Support Site.

Release Notes Summary

Below is a summary of the approved change requests and other enhancements included in the 2017 CCCApply Annual Update on March 31, 2017.  

Download the new Data Dictionaries and User Guides.

OpenCCC Student Account 

The following feature enhancements were made to the OpenCCC Student Account system. Click on the Change Specification / Technical Notes hyperlinks in the table below to see detailed change specifications, where available. 

Change Specification / Technical NotesSummaryNew Data Fields /
Changes to the Download Client
Changes to Logic
No Permanent Address Checkbox and Data Field (AB 801)

New checkbox question, data field, and error validation added to the Permanent Address section of the OpenCCC Account and Edit OpenCCC module: "I have no permanent address because I am currently homeless."


Conditional validation logic change:
If checkbox is not empty (Yes/True), then set new "Homeless Youth" field on Residency page in CCCApply Standard application to default to "Yes".
Set Text Message Authorizations Default to YesSet default value to "Yes" for text message authorization in OpenCCC account.NoNo
Revise OpenCCC Account Confirmation Email Language and LogoUpdated OpenCCC logo and updated contact information for the Helpdesk in the OpenCCC Account confirmation email.NoNo
OpenCCC Account User Interface UpgradeNew look & feel changes have been made to the OpenCCC Account application; no functionality changes, no actions required by the college.N/AN/A
Implement Google Analytics across OpenCCC Account webpages.Analytics tracking has been added to the OpenCCC Account, including Account Creation, Welcome, IdP Sign-In page, Account Recovery, Password Reset, Username Verification, and Edit Account pages. Additional tracking elements were added to main navigational buttons and links, error message pop-up modals, session time-out modal, Help hyperlink pop-up text box modals, and Save/Continue buttons. N/AN/A

CCCApply Standard Application

Below is a summary of the approved change requests and feature enhancements deployed in the CCCApply Standard application in 6.0. Click on the Change Specification / Technical Notes hyperlinks in the table below to see detailed change specifications, where available. 

Change Specification / Technical NotesSummaryNew Data Fields /
Changes to the Download File
Change to
Revise CCCApply for AB 801 (Homeless Youth)

Required changes to the Standard Application to identify homeless youth applicants per recently passed state legislation (AB 801), including a new "Homeless Youth" question and data field on the Residency page; a new integrity flag (#40) trigger, and changes to the Area B residency logic to identify homeless youth under 25 years of age.

Other changes include:
New checkbox question, data field, and error validation added to the Current Mailing Address section to identify homeless students under age 25 without a current mailing address;

New Step 12 added to Area B Logic in Standard App only. See "Changes to Logic" section below for more details..

Develop Web Service Linking Statewide Student Identifier System (SSID) with CCCApply

API web service linking the California Department of Education's Statewide Student Identifier System (SSID) to CCCApply to facilitate legislative reporting requirements.Restricted. For CCCCO legislative reporting only. Not downloadable.N/A
Articulation with and CCCApply - Phased Approach

API web service allowing the California Colleges Guidance Initiative (CCGI) to push student data through to CCCApply in order to support multiple measures placement and create additional efficiencies for Admissions and Records staff.

<hs_cds_full>No change to logic
System Generated Reminder Emails to Students about In-Progress Applications

Email nudges to help minimize/prevent abandoned applications.

Phase I: System-generated emails from CCCApply are sent to students if they start, but do not submit, an application after 1) 24 hours; and 2) 7 days, if the application is still not submitted after one week. Email templates contain a generic message but merge college's name and URL, and college Admissions Office contact, email, and phone.

No new data fieldsLogic added to In-Progress application database to send auto-generated emails to students after 24hrs and 7 days.
Publish a Paper-based Version of Standard Application for Special Populations

Now Available! The paper-based version of the CCCApply Standard Application, approved by the CCC Chancellor's Office. Contains all questions from the online application. Printable version only.NOTE: All new 2017 data fields have been incorporated into the paper-based version.Hyperlink will take you to File Repository on Project Site to download the paper application.
Develop New Post-Submission Workflow that Drops Student into MyPath for Links & Opps

Alternate OpenCCCApply workflow path for colleges adopting MyPath Student Services Portal.

Develop Mechanism to Pass Proxy-Created CCCID Back to CollegesSupports the CCC Single Sign-On Initiative (SSO). New EPPN to CCCID mapping table added to the CCC Report Center, allowing colleges to export new CCCIDs created by the SSO Proxy and map them back to their college/district Active Directory.NoNo
Implement Google Analytics to OpenCCC & CCCApply ApplicationsAnalytics tracking service added to all pages of the CCCApply Standard and International Applications, as well as the BOG Fee Waiver Application to analyze end-user behavior, patterns,NoNo
Add Google Analytics Special Activities to Track User Clicks

Additional tracking functionality added to main navigational buttons and links, all error message pop-up modals, session time-out modal, Help pop-up text box modals, and Save/Continue buttons to start gathering more meaningful data around CCCApply user behavior and trends.

Include Baccalaurate Degrees to Award Type FieldTwo new values were added to the Award Type field, configured by colleges in the CCC Administrator. 

Two values added to <award_type>

BA = Baccalaureate of Art
BS = Baccalaureate of Science 

Re-order HS Ed Level Responses in Dropdown Menu; List Graduates FirstChange the display order of the High School Education Level drop-down menu responses so that "Did not graduate" is last in the list and not first.NoNo
Revised the user instructions that are displayed on the "Search Results" screen in the High School & College FindersShort-term fix made to the hover help and "Search Results" display text that appears if more than 25 results match the partial name entered by the student.
If the "Search Results" list finds more than 25 results, the new onscreen help text says, "Displaying 25 of X matches. Keep typing to narrow down search results."

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BOG Fee Waiver Application

Below is a summary of the changes and feature enhancements deployed for the 2017-2018 BOG Application. Click here to download the new 2017-2018 BOG Fee Waiver Application Specification (Data Dictionary).

Click on the Change Specification / Technical Notes hyperlinks in the table below to see the detailed change specification. 

Change Specification / Technical NotesSummary

New Data Fields /
Changes to the Download File

Change to Logic
2017-2018 BOG Fee Waiver Application Change SpecificationApproved changes made to the online BOG Fee Waiver application to correspond to the 2017-2018 BOG Fee Waiver paper application released by the CCCCO. Paper application is attached to the Change Specification / Technical Spec for reference.


Yes. New "Method D" eligibility algorithm added to the 2017-2018 BOG per state legislation AB 801 (Homeless Youth).


  • New data field question added to the Residency section on the Application Year page for Homeless Youth
  • New Method D Eligibility algorithm added;
  • New Method D Only response option added to "BOGFW Eligibility field (eligible for BOG based on homeless determination)

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Changes to Downloads (New Data Fields)

The following data fields were added to the database in Release 6.0. See table below.

Adding New Data Fields to Downloads
To download the new data fields, your college IT staff must first add them to the Format Definitions XML file(s) and run the updated "transfer-client.jar" file corresponding to this Release (6.0).  Each application has its own unique Format Definition XML file, which specifies which data fields should be included each time your automated downloads job file is run.  do  for the application(s) they pertain to. This process is described in the CCCApply Download Client User Guide.

NEW Download Client Jar File for Release 6.0 - March 31, 2017

Download Client Jar File: transfer-client.jar


Data Field


DownloadReport Center?Admin Rules?Application(s)


No Permanent Address Homelessno_perm_address_homeless1YesYesYesAccount
Edit Account - Apply, IA & BOG 
Added to the Permanent Address section in Account & Edit Account
No Current Mailing Address Homelessno_mailing_address_homeless1YesYesYesApply, IA & BOGAdded to the Current Mailing Address section is Apply, BOG, IA
No Non-US Permanent Address Homeless


1YesYesNoInternational OnlyAddress Field
Homeless Youthhomeless_youthbooleanYesYesYesCCCApply OnlyResidency Page in Standard App Only

Integrity Flag 40


varchar 2

YesYesYesCCCApply Only

Integrity Flag Table
Standard App Only 

Pre-Determined Homeless by Financial Aid Officedetermined_homelessbooleanYesYesYesBOG Only2017-2018
Method D Eligibility Logicelig_method_dbooleanyes

BOG Only2017-2018
HS CDS Code - Full Lengthhs_cds_fullvarchar 14yesYesYesApply & International
Col{0} CDS Code - Full Lengthcol1_cds_full
varchar 14YesYesNoApply & InternationalThese fields will be added to the Downloads, it will not replace the existing 6-digit CDS code.
Term Start Dateterm_startdateYesYesYesCCCApply OnlyThis field is configured by the college in the Administrator
Term End Dateterm_enddateYesYesYesCCCApply OnlyThis field is configured by the college in the Administrator
Major Descriptionmajor_descriptionvarchar 100YesYesYesUpdate APPLY only from 65 to 100 character lengthThis field is configured by the college in the Administrator
Award Typeaward_type

Apply & InternationalAdd two new values to the data field:
BA - Baccalaureate of Arts Degree
BS - Baccalaureate Science Degree 

Changes to Logic

CCCApply Residency Logic Changes

Update Area B Residency Logic for AB 801 Homeless Youth

A new step (Step 12) was added to Area B residency logic to look at the response for the new "Homeless Youth" question added to the Residency page, and the student's birthdate. If the user is under 25 years of age and answers "Yes" to the new "Homeless Youth" question, then the Area B logic sets Class B2 and triggers new Integrity Flag 40, which alerts A&R staff about this status. If the student responds "No" to the new "Homeless Youth" question, OR if the student is 25 years old or older, no flag is triggered and the logic continues to Step 13.

Expand the link below to see the details of this change to the Area B residency algorithm. Refer to Appendix A of the CCCApply Data Dictionary-PILOT.V.2017.1 to see the full Area B logic table.

 Click here to expand...
  1. Add New Step 12 to Area B Logic


Evaluation Statement

Data Elements & Logic

If Yes

If No

Add NEW Step 12 

Is the applicant determined to be "Homeless" and under age 25?

<homeless_youth> = Yes AND 
current_date minus Birthdate < 25 years 

Set Class B2
(trigger flag 40)
go to step 14 
Go to Step 13

NEW Step 13

Has Class B0 been set?

Class B0 has been set

Class B0 
end logic

Go to step 14

NEW Step 14

Has Class B2 been set?

 Class B2 has been set

 Class B2

Class B1

2.  Add new Integrity Flag 40 to Area B and trigger the flag at new Step 12 IF the user is under 25 years of age at time of application and answers "Yes" to new <homeless_youth> residency question.

Flag #Description
40Applicant is homeless and under age 25.

Please see the Change Specification for detailed information and a Use Case Matrix to ensure all new Homeless Youth use cases are tested against the new logic.    

What action does the college need to take?
No action is required by the college (unless you have custom workflows built around the residency calculation that need to be updated with the new step 12). Admissions staff should note the addition of the new integrity flag 40 for "Homeless and under age 25", which will help identify these students and alert them to follow up with the student as needed.

Questions? Please add questions and comments in the support site:

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Bug Fixes

The following bugs were fixed in the 6.0 release. No action is required by the college at this time.

If you have any questions or would like more information about any of these bug fixes, please post a request in the CCCApply category page on

Bug SummaryApplication
Apply uses incorrect property name for Email sender authentication propertyStandard App only
Status 404 error occurs when clicking on the "Proceed to CCC MyPath" link in ApplyAll Applications
Checking the box for "My mailing address is the same as the Permanent Address in my OpenCCC Account above" causes an errorStandard App only
Javascript causes error popup on military pageStandard App only
Supplemental Question fields not appearing in the Rules tab for CCCApplyStandard App only
Supplemental Question fields not appearing in the Rules tab, nor the CCC Report Center, for International ApplicationInternational App only
Problems with $ Dollar Sign and Other Characters in UsernamesOpenCCC Account
Error occurs when clicking on Edit link for Personal Information in Edit My OpenCCC AccountEdit My OpenCCC Account
Fix errors in the residency section of the 2016-2017 BOG applicationBOG App only
Add missing Current Mailing Address section to the BOG Review Application page and the BOG Submitted Application PDFBOG App only
Fixed some nesting issues on the Review Application page in CCCApplyStandard App only

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Accessibility Fixes

The items below were updated per accessibility standards WCAG 2.0 AA.


Re-render the Supplemental Questions Page in CCCApply Standard & International Applications for Screen Readers & Assisted Technologies

Standard & International Only

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The Pilot Environment

The OpenCCCApply Pilot Environment is a preview and testing site used by colleges to implement the CCCApply applications and the OpenCCC Student Account System. The Pilot environment provides a copy of the production code during the year, except during a pre-release, 30-Day Pilot Preview period - when it will contain pre-production changes and code for an upcoming release. The Pilot Environment has separate /wiki/spaces/PD/pages/77562106, and different SLAs than the production versions of OpenCCC and CCCApply applications.

Preview in the Pilot Environment
All Release 6.0 changes and enhancements were deployed to the Pilot environment on March 1, 2017 for colleges to preview and test. "Pilot" versions of the CCCApply Data Dictionaries and User Guides will reflect both the production and pilot environment application code. Questions? Please post all questions on

Getting to the Pilot Applications

Please see the Pilot Environment section in the CCCApply Public Documentation space for more information on getting to the Pilot Applications, pointing your download files to the Pilot download server, and identifying the Pilot Administrator & Report Center URLs.

PILOT ApplicationNEW PILOT Application URL

PILOT CCCApply Standard Application URL

*Replace the XXX with your college MIS code.

PILOT BOG Application URL

*Replace the XXX with your college MIS code.

PILOT International Application URL

*Replace the XXX with your college MIS code. 

Pilot Download URL Attributes

Include the following URL attributes in your PILOT Job XML files. For more information, refer to the Download Client User Guide for details.


PILOT CCCApply Standard Application
PILOT BOG Application
PILOT International Application 

Pilot Administrator & Report Center URLs

The URLs below are "templates" - so the examples shown are not your URLs. These are provided to give you an example of what yours look like. Please contact your IT department if you do not have access to your Pilot Administrator and Pilot Report Center.

30-Day Pilot Site Preview

In order to give colleges time to review, implement, and test all the new changes and feature enhancements being deployed in a CCCApply release, the code is first released to the Pilot environment (aka beta or QA environment) 30 days in advance of the production release. For this release (6.0), the code was rolled to the Pilot environment on March 1, 2017. This is the version of code that will now remain in the Pilot environment until the next pre-release, 30-day Pilot Preview, tentatively scheduled for August 29, 2017.   

For more information about the Pilot Environment or the 30-Day Pilot Preview policy, visit the Pilot Environment pages in the CCCApply Public Documentation space.

Data Dictionaries & Release Documentation

The following links pertain to Release 6.0 documentation, including CCCApply Data Dictionaries and User Guides.

DescriptionVersionFormatReleaseDate Published
CCCApply Standard Application Data DictionaryPDFRelease
2017-2018 BOG Fee Waiver Data DictionaryBOG-V2017.1PDF2017-20183.01.17
CCCApply International Application Data DictionaryComing soonPDFRelease 6.0
CCCApply Download Client User GuideV.2017.1PDFRelease
Download Client: transfer-client-V4.jarRelease 6.0-V4JARRelease
Pilot Environment

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