2016-2017 BOG Fee Waiver Application Release

Release No.5.3.1
Release DateJanuary 1, 2016
Application(s)BOG Fee Waiver Application
Environment(s)Pilot / Production

2016-2017 BOG Fee Waiver Specification

Change to Download FileNo
Change to BOG Income Table LogicYes





Release Summary

On October 6, 2016, the CCC Technology Center received the final, approved 2016-2017 BOG Fee Waiver Application from the CCC Chancellor's Office. All change requirements are specified below. 

Requirements Summary


Add BOG 2016-2017 Year table entry

2Update Method B Income Table for 2016-2017
4Update BOG Data Dictionary/Specification for 2016-2017

Change Specifications

Add BOG 2016-2017 Year Table Entry

  • The following will be implemented for the 2016/2017 BOG FW year.
  • Update dates throughout the 2015-2016 BOG application incrementally by one year (i.e., instances referring to 2014 will be updated to 2015 etc.)

year_code (generated with insert)
year_start = 2016
year_description_1 = Fall 2016 through Summer 2017
year_description_2 = Summer 2016 through Spring 2017
method_b_largest_household_size = 8
method_b_income_increment = $6,240
method_b_income_baseline = $17,655.00
begin_date = 2016-01-01
end_date = 2017-06-30
term_code = 2017


Update Method B Income Table for 2016-2017

This is the table that will be implemented for 2016/2017.



Update BOG Fee Waiver Data Dictionary/Specification


Changes to Data Download File

There are no new data fields for the 2016-2017 BOG Application; however the BOG Year field will now contain the value "2017" which represents the 2016-2017 BOG Year.
There are no actions required for the college download file. 

Changes to BOG Method B Income Table - 2016-2017

See Update Method B Income Table for BOG 2016-2017 requirement above. 

The official document received by the CCCCO is attached below.


Supporting Documentation 

Below is additional documentation (i.e., CCCCO legal opinions, residency and/or education code citations, legislation citations, supplemental information, etc.) to be referenced in support of this change request. 

DescriptionFile or Link
2016-2017 BOG Fee Waiver Final - CCCCO Approved2016_17BOGFWFormfinal (1).docx
2016-2017 Method B Income Standards2016-17 BOGFW-B Income Standards Corrected.docx
2016-2017 BOG Fee Waiver Application Specification2016-2017_BOG_Specifications.pdf