Release 6.0.1 Summary Notes - 04.07.17

Release Schedule



Release No.


Pilot Release Date & Time

04.05.17 - (9:00AM - 11:00AM PST)

Production Release Date & Time

04.07.17 - (6:00PM - 6:45PM PST)
ZDT Release (Zero Down-time Release) 


Fix Release

Release 6.0 Scope



Changes to Download ClientYes (Use Release 6.0 Download Client jar file below)
Changes to Residency LogicNo
Revised Data DictionariesYes


This following summary applies to Release 6.0.1, deployed April 7, 2017. Please direct all questions to the CCCApply category page on the CCC Support Site.

International Application

Expand Major_description Field Length to 100 CharsTask
Add Google Analytics to the IA Application pages

New Feature

Supplemental Question fields not available FOR CUSTOM RULESBug
Terms of Use Footer link causes General Error from Education page in Intl AppBug
SEVIS Information Not Saved When Clicking SaveBug
International submission Process does not complete with Email Templates and No Supp. questionsBug6.0.0 Rollout Bug

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Changes to International Application Downloads

The following data fields were added to the database in Release 6.0.1. 


Data Field


DownloadReport Center?Admin Rules?Application(s)


No Permanent Address Homelessno_perm_address_homeless1YesYesYesAccount
Edit Account - Apply, IA & BOG 
Added to the Permanent Address section in Account & Edit Account
No Current Mailing Address Homelessno_mailing_address_homeless1YesYesYesApply, IA & BOGAdded to the Current Mailing Address section is Apply, BOG, IA
No Non-US Permanent Address Homeless


1YesYesNoInternational OnlyAddress Field
HS CDS Code - Full Lengthhs_cds_fullvarchar 14yesYesYesApply & International
Col{0} CDS Code - Full Lengthcol1_cds_full
varchar 14YesYesNoApply & InternationalThese fields will be added to the Downloads, it will not replace the existing 6-digit CDS code.
Award Typeaward_type

Apply & InternationalAdd two new values to the data field:
BA - Baccalaureate of Arts Degree
BS - Baccalaureate Science Degree 

NEW Download Client Jar File for Release 6.0 - March 31, 2017

Download Client Jar File: transfer-client.jar

Adding New Data Fields to Downloads
To download the new data fields, your college IT staff must first add them to the Format Definitions XML file(s) and run the updated "transfer-client.jar" file corresponding to this Release (6.0).  Each application has its own unique Format Definition XML file, which specifies which data fields should be included each time your automated downloads job file is run.  do  for the application(s) they pertain to. This process is described in the CCCApply Download Client User Guide.

Accessibility Fixes

The items below were updated per accessibility standards WCAG 2.0 AA.


Re-render the Supplemental Questions Page in International Application for Screen Readers & Assisted Technologies

International App

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Data Dictionaries & Release Documentation

The following links pertain to Release 6.0.1 documentation.

DescriptionVersionFormatReleaseDate Published
CCCApply International Application Data DictionaryComing soonPDFRelease 6.0
Download Client: transfer-client-V4.jarRelease 6.0-V4JARRelease

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