CCCApply Release 6.4.0 Announcement


Upcoming CCCApply Release 6.4.0
Pilot Release - February 19

Pilot Release - Feb 19 | Production Release Mar 15 

CCCApply is preparing to deploy its first production release of 2019 on Friday, March 15 (Version 6.4.0). 
The Pilot environment release is scheduled for Tuesday, February 19, beginning at 9:00 am PST. 
All changes will be available to preview and test by colleges starting at 4:00 pm on February 19, through the Production release on March 15.

Release Timeline

This is the third release in the CCCApply redesign project quarterly deployment schedule for FY18/19. 

  • Pilot Release:  Tuesday, February 19 - 9:00 am PST
  • Production Release: Friday, March 15 - 6:00 pm PST

What's In This Release?

  • CCCApply Redesign Project - User Interface Enhancements
    • Revision to the Education page 
    • Revisions to the Residency page
  • Non-Credit Application Path (Pilot Phase)
    • Non-Credit App User Interface
    • Non-Credit status flag & URL
    • Logic for auto-population & more
  • Maintenance & Support 
    • Add new data fields to the Administrator & Report Center
    • Add new data fields to the Download Client
    • Bug Fixes to the Standard & International Applications

Read more about these user interface changes in the feature article: "Shorten & Streamline CCCApply" below.
See the full details in the Release 6.4.0 Summary Notes.  
For more information, please contact CCCApply Product Manager, Patty Donohue, at

Shorten & Streamline CCCApply

More User Interface Changes to Simplify the CCCApply Standard Application

As part of the CCCApply Redesign effort, another set of streamlining changes are being made to the current version of the Standard Application, including:

  • Shorten the Education page with smarter skip logic
    Hide/show the College Education Level and Colleges/Universities Attended sections by default until the applicant selects their enrollment status;

  • Revise the layout of the Residency page and add skip logic
    Move the Special Residency section to the bottom of the Residency page and hide/show questions based on the applicant's out-of-state activities;

  • Reformat the Out-of-State Activities section for more efficiency
    Combine the four Out-of-State Activity questions into one optional checkbox question with validation to hide/show Special Residency questions.

These three changes are guaranteed to shave time off the student's application experience for up to 50% to 85% of applicants (without requiring any changes to college downloads). 

See the redesign project dashboard for the roadmap, timeline, and more information.

What do colleges need to do to prepare for these changes?

No required changes. These user interface changes do not affect any existing data fields. Users can preview the changes in the Pilot environment starting February 19 through the production release on March 15, 2019.  

More Information & Support

To read more about the CCCApply Redesign Project, please see:   CCCApply Redesign Project.

CCCApply Redesign Project

With an eye toward increasing access to the California Community Colleges and improving the student experience, a large-scale effort is underway to redesign the system's online college application, known as CCCApply. 

Read more about the project: Student-centered design in action.

Under the direction of the Chancellor's Office, the CCC Technology Center, and the Foundation for California Community Colleges, in collaboration with the community colleges, and in partnership with ideas42, the CCCApply Redesign Workgroup is reviewing the application with a student-centered approach in mind, applying behavioral science to inform design and practices to identify and remove barriers that hinder students' progress through the early phases of matriculation and educational path-choosing. 

Read more about the CCCApply Redesign Project Development Phases.
While the majority of students have a positive experience with CCCApply, all aspects of the online application process are being reviewed for potential improvements with a student-centric approach in mind. 

 See the project dashboard for the roadmap, timeline, and supporting information.

We encourage colleges to post feedback and other concerns on the  
CCCApply category page in the CCC Support Site ( so we can expedite bugs and other issues to the development team. 

New! Non-Credit Application Path in CCCApply 

Soft Launch Release Begins February 19

As part of the CCCApply Redesign Project's goal to address AB 3101, CCCApply has been working on an online application to support non-credit students as outlined in the bill.

Designed to provide colleges with an easy way to collect application data from their non-credit students, the CCCApply Non-Credit Application Path is a streamlined version of the Standard Application, free of residency questions and logic, with a unique, college MIS-code branded URL intended for students seeking to enroll exclusively in non-credit courses. 

Non-Credit Application Feature Functionality

More like a "workflow" than a completely separate application, the new non-credit path uses the same user interface and back-end infrastructure as the Standard Application. Implementation will require minimal effort, with no additional admin configuration required or separate download file.

Soft Launch Release to Pilot for User Acceptance Testing

Beginning with a soft launch release to the pilot environment on February 19, the CCCApply Redesign Workgroup and Advisory sub-committees will work with pilot colleges (IT and Admissions staff) for extended user acceptance testing over a 12-week period. Success criteria and project objectives include working with non-credit advisory groups and gathering feedback from student users for continuous improvement through April 30, 2019. The targeted production release is June 2019.

What do colleges need to do to prepare for these changes?

Nothing! The new Non-Credit Application Path is completely optional. Colleges that do not want to implement the new application need not do anything to their existing system. Colleges that do want to take advantage of the non-credit path will be given a custom Non-Credit URL to implement into their existing non-credit admission process.   

College Pilot Project

If your college would like to participate in the Non-Credit pilot project, please contact Patty Donohue, Product Manager,

More Information: Non-Credit Application

Complete information about the Non-Credit Path Application:

Phase 1: Development - Requirements

We encourage colleges to post feedback and other concerns on the CCCApply category page in the CCC Support Site ( so we can expedite bugs and other issues to the development team.

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