2019: New Change Requests

Open Change Requests

Approved & Deployed in 2018
Declined in 2018

Approved Changes

The change requests in the table below are pending upcoming release.

DateCR#Description (Hyperlink)ApplicationReview DateApproval Status
7-19-182018-29Add Alternate College SPAM Email Contact Notification FieldCCCApply SpamJuly 25IMPLEMENTED v.6.6.0  - October 2019
5.6.192019-24Revise Self-Reported Multiple Measures Section in CCCApplyCCCApply Only5.07.19IMPLEMENTED v.6.6.0  - October 2019
06.01.192019-00CCCApply Mobile Support Revision (for mobile phones, tablets)Apply, CCPG, IA06.06.19IMPLEMENTED v.6.6.0  - October 2019
3.02.182018-13Changes to Better Support California Homeless YouthApply / AccountMay 2018APPROVED for Q3 - Spring 2020
8.28.182018-34Revise Social Security Number Question in CCCApplyRedesign Workgroup8.1.19APPROVED for Q3 - Spring 2020
03.01.192019-09Internationalize CCCApply (Support for Multiple Languages)All Apps8.1219APPROVED for Q3 - Spring 2020
03.18.192019-14Dual Enrollment Students Need Ability to Report College Attendance & DegreeCCCApply Only3.18.19IMPLEMENTED Hotfix 6.6.1 - November 2019
10.19.192019-14BAdd Skip Logic for Dual Enrollment StudentsCCCApply / NC?12.10.19DEFERRED to 6.8.0 - 2020
06.25.192019-31Develop API for CCCApply Data Auto-Population (Generic)Apply (CCPG)8.12.19DEFERRED to 6.8.0 - 2020
7.19.192019-33Spam ML Filter Enhancements - Fix IP Address FieldApply TBDRequested by Cuesta College
7.01.192019-34Allow Colleges Access to In-Progress Application Data - Tools and IntegrationsAll AppsTBDDEFERRED to 6.8.0 - 2020
7.01.192019-35Revise Consent to Release Information Language & Implementation in CCCApplyAll AppsTBDDEFERRED to 6.8.0 - 2020
7.01.192019-36Revise Terms of Use & Privacy Policy for CCCApplyAll AppsTBDDEFERRED to 6.8.0 - 2020
5.31.192019-37Revisions Proposed for Undocumented Students from Immigrants RisingCombinationTBDAPPROVED for Q3
10.18.192019-38Revise the Submit Your Application Language in CCCApply to Support Mobile DesignApply & NCTBDDEFERRED to 6.8.0 - 2020
11.04.192019-40/wiki/spaces/PD/pages/962560724StandardTBDDEFERRED to 6.8.0 - 2020
11.18.192019-41Customize list of Education Goals for the Noncredit AppNoncreditTBDNOCE 
11.21.192019-42Add California Dream Act Application to Special Links & Opps PageStandardTBDAPPROVED 6.7.0 - March 2020
11.20.192019-43Add Authorized Agent Email Address to International App

DEFERRED to 6.8.0 - 2020
11.20.192019-44:Update the AB540 Eligibility Logic in CCCApplyStandardTBDDEFERRED to 6.8.0 - 2020
11.21.192019-45Update Legal Name & Preferred Name Labels in OpenCCC and ApplyAccountTBDDEFERRED to 6.8.0 - 2020 Gender Equity
11.21.192019-46Localize CCCApply in ChineseAll AppsTBDNEW Steven Chan, Peralta District

Reviewed with Updated Statuses

DateCR#Description (Hyperlink)ApplicationReview DateApproval Status

Revise High School Completion Date Format

01-07-192019-02Administrator Enhancements: Sorting Terms & Deleting UsersAdmin 2.0TBDNEW
01-23--192019-05Add Field to Race & Ethnicity Section for "Other: Write In"Apply & INTLTBDNEW (pending deferral)
03.15.192019-06International - College Enrollment Status for Non-First Time in College UsersInternational Only TBDNEW - Needs IA Steering review
03.15.192019-15Spike-Assembly Bill No. 3255TBDTBDNEW
03.18.192019-16Open Issues Around the Education Pages - Apply & InternationalCCCApply & INTLTBDConsolidated all open requests
03.18.192019-17Open Issues Around the Citizenship & Military Page - ApplyCCCApplyTBDConsolidated all open requests
03.29.192019-22Revise layout the Emancipate Minor (Parent/Guardian Information) Question FormatCCCApply TBDDEFERRED to 6.8.0 - 2020
03.26.192019-21Enhance the Education Goal Response Options for BA/BSCCCApplyTBDDEFERRED to 6.8.0 - 2020
03.29.192019-23Revise AB540 Algorithm to Include All T and U Visa TypesCCCApplyTBDCLOSED - Add to 2019-44

Enhance CCCApply to Comply with GE Requirements

CCCApply Spam June 1DEFERRED - September 2019
06.07.192019-26CCGI-CCCApply Auto-Population Expansion Project 2019CCCApply TBDDEFERRED to 6.8.0 - 2020
06.19.192019-27QUOTTLY Project - OEI Course Exchange CollaborationCCCApply OnlyTBDDECLINED. See 2019-40.
06.07.192019-30Redesign CCCApply.org Student-facing Web Pages in MyPathCCCApply / MyPathTBDDECLINED - MOVED TO CCCCO team
 2019 Parking Lot

The following changes are being reviewed by Product Manager.

DateCR #DescriptionRequesterApplicationStatus
Update Language for Undocumented StudentsChancellor's OfficeCCCApply StandardPending
(Review with ^^) Add DACA Information to Citizenship Status question*Advisory Committee DiscussionCCCApplyPending
1.10.192019-07Move fields from OpenCCC Account to CCCApply (placeholder)Redesign WorkgroupAll ApplicationsPending
7.01.152016-00Requirements: CCCApply MyPath Integration Design & FeaturesAll AppsSept 2016PENDING (FY2020)
Add "Major Category" Field to Report CenterRiverside CollegeCCCApplyNEW
Implement Auto-response Email for Apps Caught in Spam FilterJulia Arreguy,  Sierra CollegeCCCApply NEW
12.15.17CO-20182018 Chancellor's Office RequestsAll AppsJanuary 31PENDING 
9-18-182018-38Questions to be Removed from Application - AB3101CCCApplyOctober 26, 2018PENDING 2018-37B

Discuss need & best way to implement Spanish translation for CCCApply
Discuss need & best way to implement Support Application in MyPath (MyCCCApply)? 

Deferred Requests (FY18/19 & 2017)

The changes in the table below are deferred awaiting review by the CCCApply User Group, the CCC Chancellor's Office, and/or other statewide stakeholders. 

DateCR #DescriptionApplicationApproved DateStatus
12.15.172018-08Auto-Populate Promise Grant ApplicationPromise GrantJanuary 31APPROVED - (FY2020)

Make the BOG (Promise Grant) Go Through the Proxy

Promise GrantJanuary 31APPROVED - (FY2020)
7.06.182018-25Implement Way for CCCApply to Collect Data When It's OfflineCCCApplyJuly 25, 2018DEFERRED to next version of CCCApply
7.25.182018-26Add Value to Last High School Attended Section in ApplyCCCApplyJuly 25DEFERRED to FY19/20
7.12.182018-27Update the School Finder "Write-In" Feature to Better Match to CDS CodesCCCApplyJuly 25DEFERRED to next version of CCCApply
7-25-182018-31Add a Survey to the Abandoned Application Emails to StudentsCCCApplyJuly 25DEFERRED to next version of CCCApply

How to Complete the Application for Special Populations - Apply - Video Tutorials 

CCCApplyOctober 3, 2018DEFERRED to FY19/20
9.25.182018-40Implement SMS Text Functionality in OpenCCC for Account Recovery & Other UsesOpenCCC RecoverSept 2018OPENCCC REDESIGN (FY2020)
10-24-182018-41Update TANF to Tribal TANF in CCCApplyCCCApplyOCT 26, 2018DEFERRED to FY19/20
9.25.182018-40Implement SMS Text Functionality in OpenCCC for Account Recovery & Other UsesOpenCCC RecoverSept 2018OPENCCC REDESIGN (FY2020)
01-23-192019-08Allow colleges to opt-out or remove colleges from the Spam Filter workflowCCCApplyTBDDEFERRED to FY19/20
7.01.20142014-012014-01: Ability to Align Education Goals to Majors in AdministratorAdministratorJune 2017


6.30.152015-25Create "How to Apply" Webpage for CCCApply.orgStandardJune 2017DEFERRED to MyPath 
9.02.162016-43Consider collecting transgender non-binary pronouns in AccountStandardNovember 2018MOVED OPENCCC REDESIGN (FY2020)
7.01.20152017-05Add Optional College-Configured Help Text Field in Majors/Programs SectionAdministratorJune 2017DEFERRED
12.20.162017-14Expand OpenCCC Account to Allow for Multiple Previous Legal NamesOpenCCCMarch 2017OPENCCC REDESIGN (FY2020)

2017-16Add Response Option to HS Ed Level for US High Schools in a Foreign CountryStandard June 2017DEFERRED - technical review
2.01.20172017-25College Education Level Values Don't Align to College Degrees Obtained ValuesStandard / IAJune 2017DEFERRED - technical review
01.01.182018-01Integrate OpenCCC Account System into MyPathOpenCCCJune 2019OPENCCC REDESIGN (FY2020)
11.08.172018-02Prevention of Security Breach or Encryption of CCCApply Historical AppsAll Apps11.08.17APPROVED - DEFERRED 

Develop Bilingual Tutorial for CCCApply

CCCApplyJanuary 31



Integrate Title IX Survey Questions & Data Fields as Opt-In on Standard App

ApplyJanuary 31DEFERRED to Form Engine (FY2022).
11.08.172018-12Store CCCApply Data Dictionaries & Other Technical Specs in AdministratorAdmin 2.0January 31DEFERRED - Pending
3.24.182018-14Update Residency Flags Code vs. DocumentationApplyApril 3, 2018DEFERRED - Pending Redesign

Enhancements to New CCCApply Administrator 2.0

Admin 2.0May 2, 2018DEFERRED - Need Survey