2018: New Change Requests

The change requests in the table below are new and pending review by the CCCApply Steering Committee.  Once reviewed, they are moved into one of the following buckets for development and implementation:

DateCR#Description (Hyperlink)ApplicationReview DateApproval Status
12.15.17CO-20182018 Chancellor's Office RequestsAll AppsJanuary 31APPROVED - PENDING 
12.15.172018-01Integration of OpenCCC Account into MyPathOpenCCCJanuary 31DEFERRED - FY2020

Develop Bilingual Tutorial for CCCApply

CCCApplyJanuary 31

DEFERRED* - PENDING Redesign Project Outcome

12.15.172018-05Micro-service Between Promise Grant and DatabasesPromise GrantJanuary 31 APPROVED - FY2020

2018-06Implement Opt-In Toggle & Field for Multiple Measures (MMAP) in Admin 2.0
NOTE: This request is under review by Tech Center. Pending change 5/4/18 - per MMI team - questions may move out of Apply/into MMIP Get more info.
AdminJanuary 31

DEFERRED. See 2018-19 below.

12.27.172018-07Glue Integration of Promise Grant Application in MyPathCCPG / MyPathJanuary 31APPROVED - Feb 2018
12.15.172018-08Auto-Populate Promise Grant ApplicationPromise GrantJanuary 31APPROVED - DEFERRED 

Make the BOG (Promise Grant) Go Through the Proxy

Add a link as an option to the BOG after Application

Promise GrantJanuary 31APPROVED - DEFERRED
12.20.172018-10Add Helpdesk Application to CCC AdministratorHelpdesk SvcJanuary 31



Integrate Title IX Survey Questions & Data Fields as Opt-In on Standard App

ApplyJanuary 31DECLINED.

Store CCCApply Data Dictionaries & Other Technical Specs in Administrator

AdminMay 2 (via Survey)APPROVED - DEFERRED
3.02.182018-13Changes to Better Support California Homeless Youth
(resulted from the Residency sub-committee meeting 3.02.18)
ApplyMay 2018 (via Survey)APPROVED - DEFERRED need final confirmation from CCCCO
3.24.182018-14Update Residency Flags Code vs. DocumentationApplyApril 3, 2018DEFERRED - Pending Redesign Project Outcome
4.03.182018-15Remove Restrictions on Account Creation for Under 13 Year OldsAccountApril 3, 2018IMPLEMENTED - September 2018

Add MIS Requirements Fields to CCCApply Downloads    

StandardApril 3, 2018DECLINED - May 2018 

2018-16RMake AB620 Data Available to Colleges Through Project GlueStandardMay 2, 2018IMPLEMENTED - Sept 2018 Release 6.2.0

Update MMI Questions in CCCApply

StandardMay 2, 2018

IMPLEMENTED - Sept 2018 Release 6.2.0

4.30.182018-18Expand Race & Ethnicity Section with New CategoriesStandard/InternationalMay 2, 2018 IMPLEMENTED  - Release 6.3.0

Enhancements to New CCCApply Administrator 2.0

(Duplicate: 2018-19 Implement v.2,9 Enhancements to Admin 2.0) -
transfer over changes and close one or the other.

Administrator 2.0
Apply / BOG / IA
May 2, 2018DEFERRED - Need Survey
5.03.182018-20Revise AB620 Onscreen Language Per Data Sharing ChangesStandardMay 2, 2018APPROVED - Sept 2018 Release 6.2.0
5.21.182018-21Update Language in OpenCCC Security QuestionsOpenCCC AccountMay 2, 2018APPROVED - Sept 2018 Release 6.2.0
6.18.182018-22Allow College Admissions Staff to Setup Manual Accounts for Special PopulationsAccountJune 13, 2018APPROVED-DEFERRED
6.27.182018Revise the Proxy EPPN-CCCID API and Report for CollegesProxy / AccountJuly 25, 2018APPROVED -September 2018 Release 6.2.0
7.06.182018-23Revise OpenCCC Account Creation Design AccountJuly 25, 2018DEFERRED - Moved to Account Project.
7.06.182018-24RRevise CCCApply App Design to Support Non-credit Students & AB3101CCCApplyJuly 25, 2018APPROVED - March 2019 Phase 1: 6.4.0
10.22.182018-24EEnhance the Major Category Filter in CAP for Non-Credit Specific CategoriesCCCApply Non-Credit
NEW - Deferred to NC Pilot 2019
7.06.182018-25Implement Way for OpenCCCApply to Collect Data When It's OfflineOpenCCCApplyJuly 25, 2018NEW - Pending Review
7.25.182018-26Add Value to Last High School Attended Section in ApplyCCCApplyJuly 25DEFERRED - Redesign Workgroup 2018
7.12.182018-27Update the School Finder "Write-In" Feature to Better Match to CDS CodesCCCApplyJuly 25NEW - Pending Review

Combine Review App, Consent & Submission pages in CCCApply

CCCApplyJuly 25IMPLEMENTED - September 2018 Release 6.2.0
7-19-182018-29Add Alternate College SPAM Email Contact Notification FieldCCCApply SpamJuly 25APPROVED - PENDING future release
7-25-182018-30Display the "Colleges Attended" Section Conditionally Based on Enrollment StatusCCCApplyJuly 25APPROVED - March 2019 Release 6.4.0
7-25-182018-31Add a Survey to the Abandoned Application Emails to StudentsCCCApplyJuly 25NEW - Pending review
7-25-182018-32Add Re-Direct from CCCApply to MyPath on the Links & Opps Page for MyPath CollegesCCCApplyJuly 25IMPLEMENTED - September 2018 Release 6.2.0

Enhance the SSO Proxy Sign-In Page with a Template with College Co-Branding

SSO ProxyTBDIMPLEMENTED - Release 6.2.0
7-25.182018-34Revise the Social Security Number question in OpenCCCOpenCCCTBDAPPROVED - DEFERRED
7-20-182018-36Refresh the CCCApply User Interface (Phase 1)CCCApplyTBDAPPROVED - FY2019 - Release 6.3.0
8-17-182018-37ACCCApply Redesign Workgroup - Low-Hanging Fruit #1CCCApplySept 18IMPLEMENTED - September 2018 Release 6.2.0
12-07182018-37BCCCApply Redesign Workgroup - Low-Hanging Fruit #2CCCApplyDec 17APPROVED - Partial. March Release 6.4.0
9-18-182018-38Questions to be Removed from Application - AB3101CCCApplyDec 17CLOSED. Approved items moved to 2018-37B

How to Complete the Application for Special Populations - Apply - Video Tutorials 

9-25-182018-40Implement Text Message Functionality in OpenCCC for Account Recovery & Other UsesCCCApplyTBDAPPROVED - DEFERRED 
9-30-182018-412018-41: Change TANF to Tribal TANF in Standard AppCCCApplyTBDDEFERRED

Suggestions for Discussion

  • Implement One Systemwide Application with Single RDD (July 1, RDDYear)
    • This was discussed during July 25 Steering meeting. Requires much more discussion across the system. 
  • Offline CCCApply Application.  Mitch Leahy, SRJC. 01.15.18 
    We should think about an offline CCCApply application app where staff can go out and collect information and then it could securely “sync” the data to CCCApply. Staff who do outreach around the state would love this. It would allow us to connect with areas that either limited or no internet access such as prisons or rural schools.
  • Chancellor's Office Change Requests - Omid Pourzanjani, CCCCO, opourzanjani@cccco.edu

  • Survey-04.2017.pdf