CCCCO Change Requests

Request No.CO-2018
Date of RequestJanuary 2018  
Omid Pourzanjani
  • OpenCCC
  • Apply
  • Promise Grant

Problems / Proposed Solutions

2018-24July 2018Revise CCCApply App Design to Support Non-credit Students & AB3101Apply

2018-25July 2018Implement Way for OpenCCCApply to Collect Data When It's OfflineApply

CO-2018-01Dec 2017

Recurring OpenCCC Account Completion Stats Report and Analysis

App Completion Stats Report 


Google Analytics report

Report Center report(s)

Run custom script
Infiniti DevOps Ticket 
Q3 Apply
Dec 2017Auto-Population BOG Data to CCPGPromise Grant
BA ready - needs to be prioritized TBD
Dec 2017Auto-fill Apply Data to CCPGPromise Grant
BA ready - needs to be prioritized TBD
CO-2018-4Dec 2017OpenCCC Responsive Design


Re-skinning Account (CSS is screwed up)Need UI/UX Usability report
Need detailed breakdown of technical effort
Q3 / Q4

Integration Account into MyPathMyPathRe-skinning - LARGE project

CO-2018-05Dec 2017Integrate Promise Grant with GLUE  (Linked to Project Charter)Promise Grant
Need requirements Q4
CO-2018-06Dec 2017Multi-Lingual Orientation Videos for CCCApplyApply
Promise Grant
Need requirements & storyboardMap out requirements and work with Sandoval on vendorQ4 Apply

Pre-Apply Orientation Page & CCCApply Advisor CardMyPathWork with MyPath team to estimate

CO-2018-07Dec 2017Need requirements & storyboardNeed to understand what other data is collected for FAFSA. How different is this from CCPG?TBDTBD


CO-2018-01 - OpenCCC Completion Report (Abandonment Rate)  

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From Omid: 

I would like to request that we start collecting log data as for user behavior in OpenCCC.  Specifically, we will need to know how many users start the process and exactly how many users we lose at which step.
It looks like the Foundation project is going to get approved to review the usability of this app, plus cccApply.   It would be better if we can start capturing the data now.
I am copying Ann to request that if we haven't done so already, that we capture this request in the work plan. 
<< Response from Tim:
Hi Patty & Omid,
I think a critical analysis to start with is..
For a given time period (lets say July 1 2017 - December 31 2017 for a first test)
In Google Analytics            , How many visits were there to the first page of the OpenCCC Account Creation.
In the OpenCCC Database, How many accounts were created.
A comparison of the two numbers should show how many people started to create an account, but never finished.
Since it's a 3 page, 3 minute process, the attrition rate should be small.

CO-2018-04 - OpenCCC Responsive Design (re-skinning required)

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<< Tim to Omid regarding responsive design:

Hi Omid,

A responsive design geared for a phone is definitely on the roadmap but ends up being a heavy lift as it requires major design changes across CCCApply, Bog Fee Waiver, and International Application.  We'd also want to provide for full multi-language support and full MyPath integration in that development.
One thing to note is that students regularly use their phones to fill out the existing applications by simply turning the screen sideways. Not optimal, but effective. 
To move in that direction we will first be taking on the OpenCCC Account creation & recovery in the next major development cycle.  This will better create a seamless experience creating an account within MyPath.

CO-2018-06 - Multi-Lingual Orientation Videos for CCCApply & Promise Grant Applications

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From Omid to Tim and Mike Caruso:

Do we have orientation videos for cccApply?  If not, could we create then?  If so, could they be multilingual?
Many college make a CCCApply video as a part of their matriculation help, but it would not be a problem for us to create in English and Spanish.  The problem is the continued maintenance of updating the video as fields are added or language is changed on the application. 
Tim: "Patty, please add this to the list of change requests."

CO-2018-07 - Pre-populate FAFSA Application

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<< Tim to Omid: 
Hi Omid,  Pre-CCCApply orientation and FAFSA pre-population would be Patty Donohue's job as Product Owner of Apply and CCPG (BOG). She would then work with Mike to implement an Advisor Card. Copied her. I will ask her to look into this.  Best, Tim


<< Omid to Lou in response to the Glue/MyPath Integration Charter>>

Hi Lou.

I think this is fine.   As a side note, we need to work with Tim and Mike to better integrate into MyPath the pre-cccApply orientation page and to build a myPath “advisory card” for cccApply.  If we want to have a seamless guided pathway, we can’t leave cccApply out of the mix.  This item came up a number of times during the webinars.

Also, there were a number of comments in the Chat window in the webinars this week where people asked if we could prepopulate FAFSA. The idea was that if we can do that, the BOG Feewaiver application could be derived from the FAFSA data.

Thanks much!



<< From Tim to Omid >>
Hi Omid,

We are working to put together the road map of all in flight and planned elements across the student journey (MyPath, OpenCCC, CCCApply, CCPG (BOG), etc.) so that we can have a meeting and best prioritize the work with you and Ann.  We will include this in that meeting.
Stay tuned for a meeting invite.

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