2017: New Change Requests

DateCR#Description (Hyperlink)Steering Review DateApproval Status9
06.30.152016-302016-30: Colleges Want Access to In-Progress ApplicationsDecember 6, 2016DECLINED (But see alternatives - System Generated Emails, Custom Text in Administrator

Consider collecting transgender non-binary pronouns in Account

December 6, 2016DECLINED Until Mandated
9.21.162017-04Add Expected High School Completion Date for Future Graduation DateMarch 7, 2016
DEFERRED to CCCApply 3.0

Add Optional College-Configured Help Text Field in Majors/Programs Section

December 6, 2016DEFERRED to CCCApply 3.0
10.13.162017-06Add Ability to Branch Majors by Meta Major in Administrator 2.0December 6, 2016
APPROVED for investigation

Add Title IX Survey Data Source into CCC Report Center

March 7, 2017APPROVED. Two Phases.
10.12.162017-08Revise Residency Logic for HS FreshmenAugust 30, 2017DECLINED for CCCApply (Deferred to sub-committee. Colleges that want to capture this data can add a supplemental question to either the Standard or International applications, if needed.)
10.10.162017-10Implement SPAM Filter for Suspicious Incoming ApplicationsMarch 7, 2017APPROVED - June 2018 Release

2017-10AAdd Email Token to Track Legitimate Submitted AppsJune 28, 2017DEFERRED
12.22.162017-122017-12: Display Residency Page Even if User is a Visa HolderApril 26, 2017DECLINED for CCCApply. (Deferred to 2018 Residency Review sub-committee to explore for next version of Apply.)
12.22.162017-13Restrict Special Characters in Username FieldMarch 7 2017DEFERRED - See what AWS offers for security

Expand Previous Name Section in OpenCCC Account

DECISION: Remove Validation if User Removes Preview Last Name in Edit Account

March 7, 2017APPROVED. Develop in New "MyOpenCCC"

Add Response Option to HS Ed Level for US High Schools in a Foreign Country

March 7, 2017DEFERRED for Technical Review
(BUG identified; fix September 2017) 
03.03.172017-17Various International Application Changes from Santa Barbara City CollegeMarch 7, 2017DEFERRED to 2018 International App Sub-Committee; Approvals pending.
09.19.162017-19Request to Revise Language in Preferred Name SectionMarch 7, 2017APPROVED for September 2017
03.29.172017-20Issues with Homeless Youth ImplementationsJuly 2017Closed. Merged with 2017-21.
04.03.172017-21/wiki/spaces/PD/pages/173429187July 2017APPROVED
04.04.172017-22How best to share Google Analytics data with colleges?April 2017DEFERRED to 2018 Research & Data Security sub-committee





Homeschools Granting Diplomas

Homeschoolers Classified as Non-Residents Because HomeSchool Not in School Finder

April 2017

(Sept 2016)

DECLINED (Edge case)
04.12.172017-24/wiki/spaces/PD/pages/173907209April 2017APPROVED - October 2017
04.01.172017-25College Education Level Values Don't Align to College Degrees Obtained ValuesNEWBUG - not a change request but may need guidance from Steering.
04.19.172017-26Remove "Other Email Providers" hyperlink to Wikipedia on the "Welcome" page of OpenCCC.April 2017DECLINED (CISOA conference)
04.12.172017-28Add "Intended Major for Transfer" to Majors SectionJuly 2017NEW