Removing Validation if User Removes Previous Last Name from Account



OutcomeDeferred to New OpenCCC - See CR# 2017-14: Expand OpenCCC Account To Allow for Multiple Previous Names and will allow user to Enter Multiple Previous Names
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Removing a Previously Used Last Name from Account Profile may have legal implications and may prevent colleges from identifying education records associated with the User. Need Steering committee to weigh in on this before we change existing implementation.

Issue 2: If the user is confronted with validation that prevents them from removing / not submitting their Previous Last Name - there is currently no validation in place that prevents them from 'changing' it.  I was able to go in and change my Previous lastname to something completely different. This should be decided on too.

March 7 Steering Meeting Review

This issue was discussed during the March 7 Steering meeting. The committee agreed that this is an issue that needs to be addressed in the CCCApply 3.0 rewrite. Here's how they would like us to proceed and then return to discuss proposal technical solution when ready:

  • There ARE valid instances when a student may need to "edit" a Previous Name - such as if a typo is identified in the name and/or if the student has more than one Previous Lastname;
  • The current OpenCCC UI/UX design of the Previous Name section fields does not allow for a student to have more than one Previous Lastname, and therefore cannot change or remove one previous last name in place of another, such as a more recent previous name.  However, unanimously the committee felt that OpenCCC should not allow a Previous name to be "deleted" once an Account has been created (forcing the student to edit an existing account via Edit Account); therefore, the validation we currently have in place is valid from a legal perspective. Keep validation in place to restrict the removal / deletion of a previously saved/submitted Previous Name and if a student tries to remove or edit, error message should inform the student to make that change with their current home college. Rather, the college should be responsible for managing a "Previous Last Name" change for a student account.
  • Secondly, OpenCCC should allow the student to add / declare more than one Previous name used in legal or education documents in their lifetime, as a student may have multiple previous names that are legally valid, such as a person who has been married multiple times and has used multiple names on legal documents, including educational documents.
  • Requirements for Implementation:  Similar to the proposed changes to the "Phone" section, design and implement the following:
    • Display a set count radial button count field - that provides up to 5 previous last names:
    • If the user selects "Yes, I have used a Previous Name on legal documents etc. etc. then display a count field for them to choose the number of previous names to enter (like the "Colleges Attended Count" field.  If the user selects "2" then display two blank name field sets for the student to complete. All fields would be required (either First Name or "I have no previous first name" etc.)
    • Confirm with CCCCO legal about whether "I have no Previous Last Name" checkbox is required or leave the existing requirement that the Last Name is required, but first and middle names are not. 
    • Ensure all fields are hidden unless requested - i.e., don't display the "Count" radial buttons and instructions, unless the student first selects "Yes, I have used a Previous Name on legal documents in the past".  Language to be reviewed and confirmed by Steering.


Action items

  • Patricia Donohue  Add to agenda for January 25, 2017 steering meeting and determine how best to resolve this bug issue. Currently the "Previous Last Name" field does not have an associated checkbox for "I have no Previous Last Name" like all the other name fields, including (checkbox) "I do not have a Previous Middle Name".  Currently the validation in place will not allow a student to remove a Previous Last Name once it's already been saved to Account. 
  • Patricia Donohue Based on decision, create Change Request doc and enter into Zendesk.
  • Patricia Donohue  Update JIRA ticket once decision is made.