2017-10A - Add Email Token to Track Legitimate Submitted Apps

Request No.2017-10A 
Date of RequestJune 28, 2017 
RequesterJohn Wright, Applications Analyst
West Hills CCD 
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Steering ApprovalDeclined. See "Spam Filter Web Service" - Release 6.2.0
Proposed Change to Download FileNo 
Proposed Change to Residency LogicNo 

This request was reviewed and ultimately declined due to the alternate solution implemented in the Spam Filter Web Service, - September 2018 - Release 6.2.0.

Problem / Issue

The fraudulent applications are getting more sophisticated via CCCApply.  We had been using some simple patterns to “catch” the problem applications, now it looks like we will need to analyze the data of each applicant prior to processing the application information. The only way I can think of to mitigate the problem applications and keep the process somewhat automated is to establish check back process. 

Can CCCApply put in place an authentication process that e-mails a code to the applicant that then responds from the e-mail address on record...then ... when validated, will forward the application data to the schools for processing?

We are getting to the point that CCCApply data validation processing is going to need 3 to 4 additional staff to review that data before we can import it into our system. Or, we will need to set specific times to process the application data.  Our hope was to allow applicants the ability to register for classes within 10 min. of filling out an application.  But will the increase in fraudulent application, we might need to put that dream on hold.

Any ideas or comments would be helpful.

John Wright

West Hills Community College District

559-934-2235 | johnwright@whccd.edu | fax 559-934-2890

Proposed Solution

 Note  This solution will be considered as part of the research & development process being determined for the Fraudulent Applications problem.  

More details coming.  


 See Research IN-PROGRESS:  /wiki/spaces/PD/pages/169083052