The purpose of the Spam Filter Web Service is to assist colleges in making accurate and informed decisions on whether an application coming in through CCCApply is fraudulent or not. At the heart of the web service is a machine learning model that does NOT make decisions, it just predicts whether an application meets specific "identifiers" that have been collected and analyzed by the model based on thousands of confirmed spam applications submitted by the colleges. 

The User Interface tool gives the colleges the ability to review each application flagged as fraud and then make the final decision on whether they should be confirmed as fraud or not. The continuous learning and retraining of the model is based on the final confirmation by the college.

The links below provide an overview of the spam filter web service and user interface:

Message to Colleges

Even if your college is not having a problem with fraud today, there's a chance you may have a problem in the future. The spam filter web service will give you the tools and knowledge to address fraud now and in the future.