2019-00: Mobile Support for CCCApply Applications

Request No.2019-00
Date of RequestJune 1, 2019
RequesterCCCCO - Redesign Workgroup
Application(s)All CCCApply Applications
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Problem / Issue

The current version of CCCApply applications (uPortal v.x) was not designed for mobile devices. In today's terms, they are "mobile friendly", which means that desktop view pages are shrunken down to fit on a mobile phone or tablet sized window, thus greatly impacting student experience for the 95% of smart phone users, many of which are students trying to apply to our colleges online. 

Short of completely re-writing all three CCCApply applications in a native or hybrid "mobile first" design, which would be costly and time-consuming, (but something we hope to have approved on a future roadmap) CCCApply must be adapted using a responsive design to provide minimum viable functionality for CCC students.

Our current data from Google Analytics for fiscal year 2018-2019 shows that 25.1% of CCCApply applicants are submitting their applications on their mobile devices.  Based on the research from Campus Technology and other leader education publications, his number could increase by another 40% if CCCApply was responsive for mobile users. (See numbers below showing 62-67% of students polled say they would submit forms on their smartphones, given the opportunity.) 

According to a 2015 article in Campus Technology, "seventy-eight percent of college-bound students have access to a mobile device and are using mobile during the college search process; and 51% prefer to have college websites adapt for mobile display".  

New data shows how interested college-bound high school students are in using a mobile device:

  • 78% have access to a mobile device
  • 73% are interested in campus-specific mobile apps
  • 68% have visited a college website on a mobile device
  • 51% prefer to have college websites adapt to mobile display
  • 43% use mobile devices for ALL of their web browsing

Furthermore, 62% of students want to complete the following forms on a mobile device?

  • 67% - Open house registration
  • 67% - schedule an appointment or visit
  • 67% - calculate costs
  • 62% - calculate scholarships
  • 62% - register for classes

CCCApply Data Analytics for Mobile vs. Desktop

Data stats across one week in June show that 30% of students are still attempting to complete the CCCApply application on their mobile device, even though the application had not yet been adapted for mobile. 

With the new mobile-support work underway, we'll be tracking actuals vs estimated mobile users via Google Analytics.

CCCApply Standard Application

Data from:  June 16 - July 15, 2019

Total Users:  368,987

  • Desktop = 253,499  (68.5%)
  • Mobile = 104,121 (28.2%)
  • Tablet = 11,367  (3.3%)

PC vs Mobile 

June 16 - July 15, 2019

PC vs Mobile 

June 16 - July 15, 2019

Proposed Solution

Update the CCCApply Standard, Noncredit, International and Promise Grant Applications to include a mobile responsive design, making design adjustments where needed to comply with industry accessibility standards, and mobile design best practices.

Including My Applications, ensure the look and feel of the pages, input fields, headers and footers, pop-up help text and validation errors - improve the application experience for students viewing and submitting their application on their mobile device. 

Implement industry standard mobile design practices where applicable, including icons, buttons, links, and other graphical elements.

Ensure the applications can be submitted on cellphone, smartphone, and tablet devices - as well as desktops and laptops.

Ensure the ability to reach Help and Support links are easily accessible.

Note: In first phase, and in an effort to expedite the responsible mobile version of Apply, the schedule is driving the scope of the project. In other words, some features and CSS styling elements will not be completed, including an enhanced Application Guide for students and some integration with MyPath (International Application). Business requirements and technical estimates for these features are complete and waiting for approval to begin development.


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Gary Thompson demoed round 2 of the prototype 6.13.2019

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