2019-11: Add Value to Gender Field for Non-Binary Genders

Request No.2019-11
Date of RequestJanuary 2019
RequesterChancellor's Office
CCC Academic Senate resolution
Application(s)Standard Application
Section / Page

Demographic Info

Steering Hearing DateTBD
Proposed Change to Download FileYes - TBD
Proposed Change to Residency LogicNo

Problem / Issue

Recently passed legislation (SB179) and the Academic Senate resolution (F18 Non-binary Gender Option on CCCApply) calls for an additional value be added to the CCCApply Gender field to support all student populations, including LGBTQIA + students and others who identify as nonbinary.  


Whereas, It is imperative to student success that our students know that our system affirms their identities, and currently non-binary students are compelled to select a binary gender designation which can create an obstacle for self-identification and produce an environment where students feel alienated at the beginning of the student journey in the California Community Colleges; and

Whereas, The Vision for Success seeks to produce equitable student outcomes for all student populations, including LGBTQIA+ students and others who identify as nonbinary;

Proposed Solution

Resolved, That the Academic Senate of California Community Colleges work with the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office to revise CCCApply to include a gender “non-binary” option so that our students are not compelled to misidentify themselves at the very beginning of their California community college education.

  • The CCCCO MIS SB04 field element would need to be changed to accept Non-binary.
  • In order for the colleges to receive federal funding for student aid programs, CCCCO reports gender to the federal government through IPEDS reporting.  IPEDS does not have an option for non-binary.
Before CCCApply is changed to accept non-binary, it seems that CCCCO needs to:
  • Determine a method to report non-binary gender to IPEDS by contacting the Federal Department of Education
  • Change the CCCCO MIS SB04 data element to accept a non-binary value
If these steps are not taken before CCCApply is changed, all non-binary students would have to be reported as Unknown. At a minimum I would recommend that the CCCCO MIS SB04 field element be changed so this does not happen.

Feedback from COMIS:

It would be possible to update SX04 (and EB03 EMPLOYEE-GENDER) to add an additional code for non-binary gender for 2019-20 reporting.

The IPEDS Technical Review Panel met and discussed gender reporting in 2016, but no changes came out of that discussion.  The discussion summary can be found here https://edsurveys.rti.org/IPEDS_TRP_DOCS/prod/documents/TRP51_Summary.pdf

There is currently no IPEDS guidance for reporting non-binary gender.  The IPEDS guidance for reporting unknown gender is…

“It is up to the institution to decide how best to handle reporting individuals whose gender is unknown.  However, common methods used are: allocate the individuals with gender unknown based on the known distribution of men and women at the institution for either students or staff; use the individual's name to assign gender; assign gender randomly.”

We currently do not report records for students with unknown gender.  We would have to determine how to handle students with non-binary gender for IPEDS reporting.


Dependencies, Risks and/or Reporting Requirements?




Which data field(s)?


Would this change affect an existing question or data field on the Standard Application?
Gender <gender>A new value would be added for "non-binary gender" = B (question)
Would this change affect an existing question or data field on the International Application?

No change to the International Application is approved.
Would this change affect an existing question or data field on the Promise Grant Application?

Would Account (OpenCCC) data be affected by this change?

Does the question or data field align to an MIS reporting requirement now?
SX04COMIS SX04 will need to be updated to align with CCCApply change.

Does this change affect any other state or federal regulations or requirements?

Gender <gender>Yes - IPEDS (however, IPEDS has not been updated to comply)
Would this change affect existing residency logic?

Would any other data fields be affected by this change?

Would students users be affected by this change?

New value in the Gender field dropdown to collect non-binary data
Would colleges be affected by this change? 

Colleges would have to be aware of new value added to Gender field
Would the Download Client be affected by this change?

Colleges would have to run the new Jar file to collect this new value
What other tech center web services will be affected by this change?
TBDAlert Glue team i.e., Glue staging table?  Multiple Measur
Other dependencies?

Other implementation considerations?

Change Requirements

  1. Add new data field value to the Gender field <gender> in CCCApply to collect "non-binary gender" data
    1. Current values:
      1. Male = M
      2. Female = F
      3. Unknown = X
      4. No Response = Null
    2. New value:
      1. Proposed:
        1. Non-binary = B

(Note: The value implemented has to align with COMIS SX04.  Patty will confirm value in writing.)

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