2019-03: CCCApply Redesign Release #4

Request No.2019-03
Date of RequestJanuary 18, 2019
RequesterCCCApply Redesign Workgroup
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Steering Hearing DateNov 23, 2018
Proposed Change to Download FileYes
Proposed Change to Residency LogicN/A

This change request document was formerly titled "2019-03: CCCApply Redesign Low-Hanging Fruit #3"

Problem / Issue

During the January 18, 2019 CCCApply Redesign Workgroup meeting, the following list of changes were discussed. Some of these changes pertain to the Standard Application and some pertain only to the Noncredit Application. Each proposed change is reviewed by the Workgroup, as well as the CCCApply Advisory Committee (formerly known as the CCCApply Steering Committee) and various administrators in the Chancellor's Office or other systemwide committee.

Proposed Solution

This page will list all the proposed changes, but separate change requests documents will be created for each page or component in order to consolidate changes on each page/area.

All changes pertaining to the Non-Credit Application will be reviewed and approved by the newly reformed CCCApply Advisory Committee (formerly Steering Committee) during Phase 2 of the Non-Credit Application Pilot Project.

Change Requests Summary Information

SectionPageField(s)Remove or ReviseChange RequirementsLegal Implications
Needs & InterestsNeeds & Interests Page<comfortable_english>








Remove the Needs & Interests page from the Application* (and Noncredit app) by default for all users (Hide) and reconfigure each question/section to be turned ON (Show) per college request.

  • Reconfigure each question/section so that it can be implemented in new N&I table

  • The "Programs & Services" should be considered one section (each label/field will not be reconfigured individually.

Implement a table within the submitted_app database for each question (see list) with rows that include a True or False flag (on/off). 

Phase I:  The Needs page would be turned off by default; the table will be implemented in the DB,  the Programs & Services section is one combined "section", and if the college wants to "opt-in" (show) one or more sections, the Tech Center Support would have to manually support request(s) because we won't be able to implement the Admin module in the initial phase.

Phase II:  Implement new functionality in the CCCApply Administrator to allow colleges to Hide/Show these questions/sections/pages as needed (without submitting a ticket to the Support team)

Redesign Workgroup is reviewing legal implications to removing the Needs page.

As of 4/1/19 - the only question/section that relates to a specific law or mandate is the Athletic Interest set of questions that supports Title IX.

Each of the individual questions/sections below are part of the change summary above. All individual questions/sections on the Needs & Interests page - including the Programs & Services section - will be reconfigured to be shown or hidden as part of this change. The "Programs & Services" section (identified on the <ni_id> table) are considered ONE COMBINED SECTION for the purposes of this change. 
LanguageNeeds & Interests<comfortable_english>REMOVE & REVISE

Remove the "Are you comfortable reading and writing English" from the application - as part of the approved change to remove the entire Needs & Interests page for all non-MyPath colleges. 

  1. Remove entire page for all colleges
  2. Remove the first three questions for all colleges - but allow colleges to Opt-In to display the Athletic Interest question.
  3. Allow colleges to Opt-in to display the Programs & Services section.
Financial Assistance SectionNeeds & Interests



Remove the entire section called "Financial Assistance" from the application

Remove the "Are you interested in receiving information about money for college?" from the application

Financial Assistance SectionNeeds & Interests



Remove the "Are you receiving TANF/CalWorks, SSI, or General Assistance?" from the application

These questions are on the Promise Grant

Athletic InterestNeeds & Interests





MAKE THE Athletic Interest question/section "opt-in" - allow the colleges to request display

Otherwise - remove the Athletic Interest section in the application

This would remove the athletic interest question:
"Are you interested in participating in a sport while attending college?"

However, as this question is used by 80% of the colleges (who have implemented the supplemental Title IX survey) we could make this question an "opt-in" section, allowing colleges to decide if they want to "turn on" the athletic questions or not.

(make configurable but set to False by default. So it shows up for nobody in the first phase.)

Phase 1:  Med (making it configurable included)

Phase 2:  To make it optional Requires a CAP story 

Programs & ServicesNeeds & Interests<n_i_table>REMOVE & REVISE

The individual programs and services on the Programs & Services section include:

ni_id   Question

1         Comfortable with English = No

2         Financial Aid Info = Yes

3         Receiving TANF, SSI, General Assistance = Yes

4         Foster Youth = Yes (Question removed from application – October 2014)

5         Athletic Interest = Yes, including intercollegiate

6         Athletic Interest = Yes, but not intercollegiate

7         Academic Counseling/Advising = Yes (checked)

8         Basic Skills (reading, writing, math) = Yes (checked)

9         CalWorks = Yes (checked)

10       Career Planning = Yes (checked)

11        Child Care = Yes (checked)

12        Counseling - Personal = Yes (checked)

13        DSPS - Disabled Student Programs and Services = Yes (checked)

18        Employment Assistance = Yes (checked)

14        EOPS - Extended Opportunity Programs and Services = Yes (checked)

15        ESL - English as a Second Language = Yes (checked)

16        Health Services = Yes (checked)

17        Housing Information = Yes (checked)

19        Online Classes = Yes (checked)

20        Re-entry Program (after 5 years out) = Yes (checked)

21        Scholarship Information = Yes (checked)

22        Student Government = Yes (checked)

23        Testing, Assessment, Orientation = Yes (checked)

24        Transfer Information = Yes (checked)

25        Tutoring Services = Yes (checked)

26        Veterans Services = Yes (checked)

See MIS data element below.
SectionPageField(s)Remove or ReviseChange RequirementsLegal Implications
OpenCCC Account Information Account Information/MailingSummary of Account information that appears on the Account Information/MailingHIDE for first time users

Simplify the Account Information/Mailing page by hiding OpenCCC Account Information for first time applicants that just created their OpenCCC Accounts

  1. Zip up the 'Review OpenCCC Account' section on the Account Information/Mailing page in CCCApply and hide behind a new button "Edit OpenCCC Account" with clear language that explains the action
  2. This implementation should only appear IF the applicant just created their account and was auto-directed into the application after creating their Account. 
  3. This new format should NOT appear if the applicant had already applied before (to any college) and already had an OpenCCC Account
  4. The new format is similar to the solution employed for the "Hide the Review Application Page behind a button" in the 6.2.0 release, this change would hide and simplify the process for first time applicants.

Approved Noncredit Application Change Requests

These are under-development and will be released in June 2019 v.6.5.0 release.

Page / Section#Proposed ChangeNext Steps
Noncredit App1

Implement the ability for colleges to display different "majors/programs of study" in the Noncredit Application

2018-24R: Enhance Major Category Filter for Non-Credit Application Only

CAP CHANGE Implement functionality to tag Majors/Programs of Study in the Administrator.  Tag would be similar to new field "Application Type" - identifying whether the individual Major/Program should display in the Standard, Noncredit, or Both

See Noncredit App Pilot Project - March 4 Meeting Minutes

Approved - 6.5.0

Noncredit App2

Implement the ability for colleges to display different Supplemental Questions in the Noncredit Application

CAP CHANGE Implement functionality in the CCCApply Administrator that will allow the college to upload and enable two separate Supplemental Questions XML files for the Standard and Noncredit applications. The uploads would function the same way it does now but there would be a toggle field added to the SQ module that the college sets to identify which page should appear in which app.

See Noncredit App Pilot Project - March 4 Meeting Minutes

Approved - 6.5.0
Noncredit App3

Implement new Welcome landing page for the Noncredit Application

See Noncredit App Pilot Project - March 4 Meeting Minutes

Approved - 6.5.0

Supporting Documentation

DescriptionFile TypeURLNotes
CCCAPPLY Required QuestionsGoogle Sheethttps://drive.google.com/open?id=1MO8TuhLZaX3L5Lv8eqeyhN9WI39NHHVzbwXr7wJCf3QIncludes CA Ed Code, Title 5, and MIS alignments

2017 Enacted Bills - Legal 

SB - Basic Student Record summary