2016-14: Add "Country" Field for Citizenship Status Question

Request No.2016-14
Date of Request5.04.16
RequesterCACCRAO Meeting
Application(s)Standard Application
Section / Page


Steering Approval StatusDeclined
Steering Hearing DateJune 16, 2016
Proposed Change to Download FileTBD
Proposed Change to Residency LogicTBD

Problem / Issue

At CACCRAO OpenApply Session, several colleges called for a new Citizenship > Country field for any answer that is NOT "US Citizen" - meaning Citizenship indicates Visa holder, Perm Resident, Alien Res, Student Visa, etc. Basically, colleges want an additional conditional "country" field that would appear if applicant chooses any response other than "0 = US Citizen". Add logic: IF [citizenship_status ≠ "0"] THEN display new "country" menu data field and add new flag to alert colleges. 

Patty will review the Citizenship status field values and discuss with Steering at 5/11/16 meeting.

Proposed Solution

Add conditional Citizenship question and data field with logic : IF [citizenship_status ≠ "0"] THEN display new "country" menu data field and add new flag to alert colleges. 

Steering Committee Response

On June 16, 2016 the Steering Committee declined this change request, citing the following reasons:

  1. Colleges can use the International application to capture country information for non-U.S. citizens. The International application is offered at no cost to CCC colleges.
  2. Alternately, colleges can use one or more Supplemental Questions to capture additional country data;
  3. An email rule can be used to contact applicants who have indicated they are not U.S. citizens. 

Supporting Documentation