CCCApply Sub-Committee: Review Change Requests - November 26, 2019

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This meeting will be held online via Zoom.

Meeting Information

Date    Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Time   3:30 pm - 4:30 pm

Location  ZOOM:

MEETING ID: 677-051-3851

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Review of Upcoming Sub-Committee Meetings scheduled in December 2019

Reviewed Approved Change Requests:

Spring 2020 Release

Planned Work & Highlights

/wiki/spaces/PD/pages/121110595 (Spanish Translation) 

Reviewed Change Request Section in CCCApply Public Documentation Section

4:30 pm

Close Meeting - Next meeting reminder:  "CCCApply Sub-Committee: New Change Requests: Language & Text Changes" December 10 - 3:30pm

  • Softening language in support of undocumented students

  • Revising the “Legal Name” label and Help text

  • Parent/Guardian Information (Dependency Status)

See "2019-2020 CCCApply Sub-Committee Meeting Schedule"

The sections below are recap from the CCCApply Steering/User Group Meeting held on November 12.  

Development Roadmap FY19/20

Fall 2019 Release Recap

(See all Release Notes from past CCCApply releases)

Product Development:  Goals & Objectives

Objectives for FY19/20 are focused on some key goals and themes:

  1. Finish up the CCCApply Redesign Project work -in compliance with AB 3101
    1. Work completed in FY18/19
    2. Work completed in Fall 2019
    3. Work planned for Spring 2020 (see below)

  2. Implement industry-standard design principles and lessons learned from Student Journey Project, Ideas42 study and collaboration with partners (CCC Foundation, CCGI, Immigrants Rising, etc.)
    1. CCC Design Principles  AND  CCC Diagnosis Deck
      1. Student-centric design decisions
      2. Removing Barriers
      3. Student-User testing & feedback
  3. Implement a process to get in-progress application data to college as early as possible to support college recruitment, student outreach and support during the application process
  4. Compliance with state and federal statutory requirements
  5. Continuous maintenance & support

Milestones: Progress Made Addressing Key Concerns

  1. Streamline & shorten admission application
  2. Support noncredit students with residency free application
  3. Delivery mobile-friendly application
  4. Support ESL/Spanish-speaking Students
  5. Deliver data to colleges quicker (including in-progress application data)
  6. Improve OpenCCC Account system (remove barriers)
  7. Continuous improvement - more frequent updates

Spring 2020 Release

2020 Development Roadmap (Tentative Projects for FY19/20)

Upcoming Release:  Spring 2020  (Tentative March or April 2020)

Planned Development:

  1. Implement 2020-2021 Promise Grant Application
  2. Internationalize CCCApply to Spanish - Spanish Translation for all CCCApply Applications
  3. Implement new “Highest Grade Completed” question to  Self-reported MMI questions in CCCApply
  4. Enhance CCCApply to share "in-progress application data" with colleges
  5. Integrate with new OpenCCC Account system
    1. Revise SSN question layout & language; move from OpenCCC to CCCApply apps
    2. Move Previous Name field
  6. Update to mobile-friendlystudent-centric design
  7. Support California Homeless: Remove residency barrier for California Homeless in Address sections 
  8. Support Dual Enrolled Students: Implement skip logic in Colleges Attended section
  9. Support Undocumented / Nonresident Aliens: Remove language barriers across CCCApply
  10. Update Privacy Policy & Terms of Use for full compliance
  11. Streamline language and layout on the Consent & Submission page for mobile view

Approved Change Requests

Pending Change Requests

Call for Follow-Up Steering Meeting

2019 Legislative Update

2019 Legislative Update_Issued 11.4.19  - Do any of these laws affect CCCApply?

Submitted Application Cycle

See /wiki/spaces/PD/pages/173725262

July 2017 - June 2018 Weekly Application Cycle

  • Late February / Early March
  • Mid September / Early October

Time to Completion Data

CCCApply Adoption

All 115 CC Colleges are live on the Standard Application

Two new colleges went live in September 2019

  • NOCE (North Orange Continuing Education) Noncredit
  • Calbright College  (Noncredit)

Update on New OpenCCC Account System

A new complete redesign of the OpenCCC Account System is underway. (Update 12.15.19:  Targeted launch = Fall 2020). 

Some details:

  • Backend upgrades - working on moving OpenCCC dev stack and separating from the Apply dev stack - so they will be separate development and release efforts and fewer dependencies on each other moving forward.
  • New robust security platform using Keycloak software - which will allow us to integrate with 3rd party products, more ways to create accounts and assign CCCIDs.
  • Most of the existing data fields collected now will continue to be collected in the new system, except the Social Security Number and Previous (Legal) Name. Also the Preferred Name fields will be collapsed into one single field (probably a new, single field for Previous name). We will also be removing the security questions and the PIN number from the account creation process, and implementing more security profile settings.
  • The new system will also include a complete redesign of the Account Recovery process - which will be as easy as possible and will not be based on the SSN and will not include a security questions options.

Social Security Number

One of the big changes, as mentioned above, is that the new OpenCCC system will not include the Social Security Number (SSN) question. It will be moved into the CCCApply application onto the Account Information/Mailing page, along with the other Account info. 

Feedback on SSN no longer used for recovery 

2019-2020 Sub-Committee Meeting Schedule

Click here to see the schedule