2019-45: Update Legal Name & Preferred Name Labels in OpenCCC and Apply

Request No.2019-45
Date of Request11.22.19
RequesterJane Sparks, Mira Costa College
Representing committee on California Gender Recognition Act (SB179)
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Steering Hearing DateTBD
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Good afternoon Patricia!

As part of fully implementing the Gender Recognition Act, MiraCosta College has convened a small group of folx to work on bringing the District into full compliance, provide training and to become advocates wherever possible. I have the honor and pleasure of working with this amazing team and we have a suggestion for a revision to the CCCApply application naming conventions that is more inclusive (and less traumatic).

Existing Title

New Title

Current Full Name

Legally Assigned Full Name

Preferred or Alternate Name


I hope that you will bring this suggestion to the next CCCApply Steering Committee meeting to see if the group agrees that this would be more inclusive way to ask for this information.

I am including Van Ethan Levy (MA, Clinical Psychology) in this email string in case you have any specific follow-up questions regarding the wording. Van is one of the educators and advocates that are part of the team.

Below is an example of how the wording appears currently in CCCApply.


Jane Sparks
my pronouns: she, her, hers
Director of Admissions and Records

LGBTQ Safe Space
Oceanside Campus
1 Barnard Drive
Oceanside, CA 92056
P 760.795.6623
F 760.795.6626

Proposed Solution

To Be Determined

Patty will include this item on the "Review Question Language" sub-committee which is scheduled for next week and one the week after TG.

Patty will work with John Sills to discuss how this might fit into the redesign plans. 

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Does this change affect any other state or federal regulations or requirements?


Would this change affect existing residency logic?

Would any other data fields be affected by this change?

Would students users be affected by this change?

Would colleges be affected by this change? 

Would the Download Client be affected by this change?

What other tech center web services will be affected by this change?

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