Noncredit Application Database Field Documentation

Database Field Documentation

<non_credit> and <integrity_fg_81> are the only new fields added to the Standard Application for the Noncredit Application flow. We didn't modify anything else in the database.

For Noncredit Applications

When a student submits a Noncredit application, the following data field values/flags are set in the submitted applications database:

  • <non_credit> is set to true.

  • <integrity_fg_81> is set to true and all other integrity flags are ignored (null)

  • <citizenship_status> is set to the new value of 'X' (this is a non-nullable field)

  • <military_status> is set to the new value of 'X' (this is a non-nullable field)

  • <res_status> is set to 'N'

  • <res_area_a> is set to 9

  • <res_area_b> is set to 9

  • <res_area_c> is set to 9

  • <res_area_d> is set to 9

  • <integrity_flags> is set to '81'

All other fields associated with the Citizenship & Military and Residency pages are set to null and have always been nullable.

<major_category> will be null because the Major Category filter does not appear in the Noncredit Application (interface) and colleges cannot enter categories for Noncredit majors in the Administrator.

All Other Fields

All other Citizenship & Military page fields:

  • <alien_reg_number> character varying(20),

  • visa_type character varying(20),

  • no_documents boolean,

  • alien_reg_issue_date date,

  • alien_reg_expire_date date,

  • alien_reg_no_expire boolean,

  • military_discharge_date date,

  • military_home_state character(2),

  • military_home_country character(2),

  • military_ca_stationed boolean,

  • military_legal_residence character(2),

All other Residency page fields:

  • ca_res_2_years boolean,

  • ca_date_current date,

  • ca_not_arrived boolean,

  • ca_college_employee boolean,

  • ca_school_employee boolean,

  • ca_seasonal_ag boolean,

  • ca_foster_youth boolean,

  • ca_outside_tax boolean,

  • ca_outside_tax_year date,

  • ca_outside_voted boolean,

  • ca_outside_voted_year date,

  • ca_outside_college boolean,

  • ca_outside_college_year date,

  • ca_outside_lawsuit boolean,

  • ca_outside_lawsuit_year date,

  • res_status_change boolean,

  • res_prev_date date,

  • adm_ineligible smallint,

  • elig_ab540 boolean,

All other integrity flags:

  • integrity_fg_01 boolean,

  • integrity_fg_02 boolean,

  • integrity_fg_03 boolean,

  • integrity_fg_04 boolean,

  • integrity_fg_11 boolean,

  • integrity_fg_47 boolean,

  • integrity_fg_48 boolean,

  • integrity_fg_49 boolean,

  • integrity_fg_50 boolean,

  • integrity_fg_51 boolean,

  • integrity_fg_52 boolean,

  • integrity_fg_53 boolean,

  • integrity_fg_54 boolean,

  • integrity_fg_55 boolean,

  • integrity_fg_56 boolean,

  • integrity_fg_57 boolean,

  • integrity_fg_58 boolean,

  • integrity_fg_59 boolean,

  • integrity_fg_60 boolean,

  • integrity_fg_61 boolean,

  • integrity_fg_62 boolean,

  • integrity_fg_63 boolean,

  • integrity_fg_70 boolean,

  • integrity_fg_80 boolean,

  • integrity_fg_65 boolean,

  • integrity_fg_64 boolean,

  • integrity_fg_71 boolean,

  • integrity_fg_30 boolean,

  • integrity_fg_40 boolean,


  • <discharge_type> character varying(1) is also a Citizenship & Military page field

  • <military_stationed_ca_ed> boolean, is also a Citizenship & Military page field