CCCApply User Group - Meeting Agenda - March 28, 2019

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Date    ThursdayMarch 28, 2019

Time   1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Location  ONLINE

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Missed the meeting?  Review the Zoom recording here: CCCApply User Group Meeting - March 28, 2019



1:00 pm

Roll Call 

1:05 pm

Quick Review: November 2018 Meeting 

1:10 pmCore Applications UpdateColeman

CCCApply Project News

CCCApply Workshop Update


Update on CCCApply Redesign Project

Donohue / Leahy

Update on Noncredit App Pilot Project 

Quarterly Milestones & Releases Recap (FY18/19)Donohue / Coleman

CCCApply Q4 Release: March 16, 2019 (v.6.4.0)

Legal Requirements Review

2:00 pm

Change Requests Review


New & Approved Change Requests

Deferred Changes & Parking Lot
2:55 pmRevised 2019 Meeting ScheduleCommittee

3:00 pm

Close Meeting


 Roll Call








XAli Salinas (IT)Riverside City College - RCCD

Los Rios District - ARC

Quyen Lu/Wanda Wong

San Francsico CCD
XAnna SalazarLos Angeles CCD - ELACX

Joshua Rosales

El Camino CCD

Richette Bell

Compton CCD

Angela Embry 

El Camino CCD


Karen Sea
Samantha Powell

San Joaquin-Delta CCD

Rozen Bondoc

Chabot-Las Positas

Ben Guzman

South Orange CCD

Leigh Ann Unger

Rio Hondo District

Satish Warrier

Contra Costa CCD

Betty Glyer-Culver

Los Rios CCD

Mark DeAsis

Riverside CCD

Stephanie Murguia

Cerritos CCD

XChris TruongRancho Santiago CCD
MaryLou LeybaSan Francisco CCD
Stacey FollowillChabot-Las Positas
XChristian AlvaradoSouth Orange CCD -Saddleback
Maury PearlLos Angeles CCD
Tina Mani San Joaquin Delta CCD

Cindy Gonzales

Los Rios CCD

XMichael WardRancho Santiago CCD

Tuyen Nguyen

Rancho Santiago CCD

Clark Ray

Santa Rosa CCD

XMichelle PenaKern CCD

Vince Orton

Cerritos CCD


Craig Hayward

Kern CCDXMitchell LeahySanta Rosa CCDXWill Minnich/Susan LorenzoSan Mateo CCD

Greg Aycock (research)Riverside CCD (Norco)XOlivia Alvarado -IT
Martha Rios (sub)
Los Angeles CCDXCatherine FrostContra Costa CCD
XHieu HoangEl Camino CCDXPam MerySan Francisco CCD

Jasmine Robinson

San Mateo CCD

Janice Love (research)

Rancho Santiago CCD

XPaulette LinoChabot-Las Positas CCDXGerlie JeltemaSouth Orange CCD


Gary Bird



Elena Alcala - NEW!


Deb Barker-GarciaCCCCO

Tim Calhoon



Patty Donohue


XJennifer ColemanCCCTC

Michael Q's 2019 New role - Dean of Integration & Guided Pathways at the CCCCO

Replacement - Elena Alcala - CCCCO

All User Group members above are members of the CCCAPPLYSTEERING listserv.  Email:

 Last Meeting Minutes: November 2018

See minutes from the last User Group meeting on November 29, 2018.

 Q&A - Chat from March 28 Meeting

Below are questions and answers from the Zoom meeting's Chat window. Personal conversations and the roll call were removed.

13:13:58 From Olivia (Alvarado - LACCD) : what is the eta for the multiple measures MOU?

13:15:08 From Jennifer Coleman : The MOU is now out for signatures. We are hoping that is complete in the next week or so.
13:16:43 From Jennifer Coleman : Once the MOU is finalized, MMPS is ready to use. Pilot colleges have been testing data delivery, and other colleges are getting set-up with SuperGlue in order to begin using the tool as soon as it is available.

13:15:40 From Josh Rosales : What is required of the local ITS staff to implement SuperGlue?

Patty's Response:  Josh, I have asked Jane Linder to contact you with information for your ITS team.  Alternately, please feel free to contact her at

13:17:37 From Olivia : Where can we find a list of the SuperGlue pilot colleges?

Response:  Please see the full list of SuperGlue pilot colleges, pasted in the section below.

13:38:21 From Ali Salinas (Riverside City College) : Patty, do these figures exclude the time needed to create an OpenCCC account?

Response:  This question is in reference to a slide that was presented - showing the latest "Time to Completion" report and the numbers (average, mean, median) 

13:43:15 From Olivia : Hi Patty. Is there a statistical report for abandoned applications?

Response:  An analysis was done in 2016 by a data analyst contracted by the CCC Technology Center to do a series of analyses on our LTD OpenCCCApply data. Time to Completion was one of the analyses done. 

See here:  NOTE from Product Manager: Back in last 2017 when CCCApply was originally  

13:44:48 From Jane Linder : Colleges live on SuperGlue report:

13:51:41 From Chris Truong - Santa Ana College to Patty Donohue (Privately) : Hi Patty. I am interested in seeing the residency changes. Thank you.

Response: XYX

14:02:44 From Michael Ward : When viewing the Majors, will there be a way to filter the view to only show credit, or only show non-credit, or all majors?

Response:  This question was asked during a discussion about one of the new feature enhancements currently underway to support the new Noncredit Application in CCCApply. The feature enhancement is this: "Implement the ability to display different "Intended majors/Programs of study" in the Noncredit Application vs. the Standard Application".  This feature will add a toggle in the "Add/Edit Majors" modal in the Administrator, allowing colleges to identify which application each major/program of study should appear in: Standard, Noncredit, or Both.  

For more information about the Noncredit Application currently being piloted by 10 districts through June 2019, see:  Noncredit Application - Project Dashboard for all product information links, pilot project meeting minutes, and implementation information checklists.

See below for more about the Noncredit Application project.

14:06:55 From Paulette Lino : Yes - i would like Andy Newman's contact info please

14:04:43 From Jane Linder : Email for Enabling Services if your college wants to install SuperGlue or “turn on” specific datasets for delivery (like Glue for Apply or Multiple Measures data)
14:04:45 From Jane Linder : Andy Newman,  Andy is the head of Enabling Services and will get your request to the Customer Relationship Manager for your college 

14:11:38 From Michael Ward : Our credit versus non-credit have completely different terms with different start and end dates.

Response: This sounds like a new change request that may need to be added to the Noncredit Application. Patty will add this to the agenda for the next Noncredit Pilot meeting on April 12.

Enhance Parent/Guardian Information Question in CCCApply?
The chat posts below pertain to a discussion about whether the Parent/Guardian Information question - which appears only to minors in CCCApply to determine their dependency status for the purpose of determining their residency status - should be further enhanced to reduce the number of students who are confused by the question now and selecting the response, "One of the statements below is true about me:" because they don't understand the question, or the current layout is creating confusion.  

14:39:46 From Mitch Leahy : Idea for the parent guardian question- reverse the order. Present the parent info by default and have the student select that they don’t have their parent information.
14:12:23 From Paulette Lino : I like Michelle's vision. It makes sense.

Response:  This suggestion will be added to the Parking Lot to be discussed during the next CCCApply User Group meeting. The request will be researched and groomed for review.

14:40:01 From Pamela Mery to Patty Donohue (Privately) : Thank you for everything you've been doing, Patty. Lots going on. Absorbing all the info.

Add DACA to Citizenship Status Question in CCCApply?
The chat posts below pertain to a discussion about whether DACA should be added to the Citizenship Status options in CCCApply. 

14:56:27 From Ali Salinas (Riverside City College) : Just to play devil's advocate - there has been concern within our district about students not wanting to identify as DACA given the current political climate, so we opt to not use anything in our SIS to identify a student as DACA.
14:59:07 From Paulette Lino : good point Ali. Would colleges have the option to not use this function for DACA?
15:00:11 From Paulette Lino : Chabot is a sanctuary school and it may be an issue if this gets implemented. I agree with Ali that we have students not wanting to identify as DACA
15:02:15 From Betty Glyer Culver : I would like to support Ali's concern/questions and suggest we consider further followup regarding DACA. Do we need further review on this from a legal perspective related to identifying a student as DACA in our SIS. maybe the option to not use as suggested.

Response:  Thank you Ali, Betty and Paulette.  This is a perfect example of why this committee is so valuable to the system overall, and why we need experts like you to ensure all sides of issues are considered before adding or removing questions to the application. 

Can I would like to suggest that you three take the lead on this issue and determine the best way to move forward with this issue.
Could you please review this change from a needs perspective and bring back to this group your findings?

15:02:20 From Mitch Leahy : Here it is:

The Chat posts below pertain to a short discussion about how CCCApply could be enhanced to support Dual Enrollment better.

15:05:58 From Betty Glyer Culver : Perhaps bring in some folks working on concurrent enrollment programs to gather their input.
15:06:11 From Betty Glyer Culver : I meant dual enrollment.
15:06:19 From Patty Donohue : Good point, Betty.
15:06:49 From Betty Glyer Culver : I can get a rep from Los Rios once we enter the discussion....
15:07:51 From Chris Truong - Santa Ana College to Patty Donohue (Privately) : Hi Patty. I can refer a staff member who oversees Dual Enrollment at SAC to join the group for her input. Let me know. Thank you.
15:08:12 From Patty Donohue to Chris Truong - Santa Ana College (Privately) : Thank you!
15:10:31 From Anna Salazar - EAST : Anna at EAST/LACCD I work with dual enrollment. Perhaps hide questions that dual enrollment students do not have to answer

Patty will follow-up with Anna, Chris, and Betty to follow up on their offers to connect with specialists in the area of Dual Enrollment and invite them to participate in discussing this issue further.

If anyone else has any suggestions regarding how we can enhance CCCApply to better support dual enrollment students, please contact Patty Donohue,

Action Item: Please review the Q&A from the Chat for comments, questions and answers from the March 28 meeting.

 2019 Meeting Schedule

NEW Schedule.  Reminders and invitations with call-in zoom info will be sent out in advance of each meeting.  Mark your calendars now!





Thursday, March 281:00pm - 3:00pmCCCApply User Group Meeting - Q3Online

Wednesday, May 1

12:00pm - 2:00pm

CCCApply User Group Meeting - Q2

2019 CACCRAO Conference - (Last Day Luncheon) - Room TBD

Thursday, May 91:00pm - 3:00pmCCCApply User Group Meeting - Q4Online

Tuesday, August 13

1:30pm - 3:30pm

CCCApply User Group Meeting - FY19/20 -Q1


Tuesday, November 12

1:30pm - 3:30pm

CCCApply User Group Meeting - FY19/20 -Q2



No In-Person Meeting After 2019 CACCRAO Conference
There will NOT be an in-person meeting on May 1, 2019 - the afternoon of the last day of the CACCRAO conference. Due to the restructuring of the CCCApply Steering Committee - until further notice - all "CCCApply User Group" meetings will be held online using Zoom.

Next User Group Meeting: 
Our next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, May 9, 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm.  See the 2019 Meeting Schedule above for future dates.

 CCC Core Applications Update

Student Success Product Group - Jennifer Coleman, Director

Jennifer Coleman provided an update on the CCCTC  Programs Director, provided an update on the "Core Applications" suite of on-boarding tools that make up the Student Success division of the CCC Technology Center.  The Student Success applications include:

  • CCCApply
  • OpenCCC
  • MyPath
  • Multiple Measures Initiative
  • eTranscripts 
  • SuperGlue

Unifying Student Success Products

At the start of the 2018-19 fiscal year, the funding structure for the three primary technology grants (OEI, EPI, and CAI) that were awarded to the Tech Center in 2013-14, changed, which allowed us the opportunity to re-focus the vision for our student-centric, on-boarding services more globally, from the student and faculty/staff perspectives. We've been working on breaking down many of the silos that existed across our product offerings because of the previous structures and separate funding.

Opportunities to streamline across the product set.  Re-exploring the ways our tools are developed and structured. Working together to meet needs as a group. Working more closely across these  products. 

Already looking at FY19/20 - integrating tools, services, objectives.  Including this important group as we move forward.

Over the course of this year, the Student Success products group has been working together to ensure that our core product offerings are much more integrated moving forward. 

  • For the student user perspective, our focus is on looking for opportunities to streamline and enhance the user experience through improvements to user interfaces.  
  • From the college faculty/staff perspective we are focused on ways to assist colleges meet their vision for success goals, such as Guided Pathways and assisting wherever we can to support your efforts around the student centered funding formula and all of the the integrated reporting that you're required to do.
  • From systemwide perspective, we are committed to continuous improvement and integrating feedback into our development and implementation projects.
  • Good design and good decision making as it relates to enhancing our products going forward.

Student Success Product Managers 
As the CCCApply User Group expands it's vision towards continuous improvement, we look to you and our other user groups to make sure that we are collecting the feedback that we need in order to inform the direction of these products.  
Got feedback?  Please feel free to contact the following product owners:

Multiple Measures Placement Service (MMPS) - AB 705 (Ed Results, CCGI, and other partners) - validating software and integration types of delivery data in various ways.

SuperGlue for CCCApply

Jane Linder, Product Manager, presented some information about system integration for the Core Applications (student success products) and provided some general information about what SuperGlue is and how it is being integrated into our vision of continuous improvement. 

  • SuperGlue is a real-time data delivery mechanism for tools and services offered by the Tech Center.  It is an alternative to the Download Client.  it delivers 
  • Currently SuperGlue is delivering CCCApply data directly to the college's SIS, as well as the CC Promise Grant and the International App data set. 
  • Colleges like it because they get the full set directly into the SIS. 

Interested in implementing Glue?
= Reach out and collaborate with our Enabling Services division. They do the heavy-lifting.  They will work with your college or district IT department and our goal to keep the level of effort down for the college.  

Contact Enabling Services:  Andy Newman, Manager =

List of colleges working with MMPS/Glue:

 Click here to expand...

American River College
Antelope Valley College
Bakersfield College
Barstow College
Berkeley City College
Butte College
Cabrillo College
Canada College
Cerro Coso Community College
Chaffey College
Clovis Community College
Coastline Community College
College of Alameda
College of San Mateo
College of the Redwoods
College of the Sequoias
College of the Siskiyous
Columbia College
Compton College
Contra Costa College
Cosumnes River College
Cypress College
De Anza College
Diablo Valley College
Folsom Lake College
Foothill College
Fresno City College
Fullerton College
Golden West College
Hartnell College
Imperial Valley College
Lake Tahoe Community College
Laney College
Lassen Community College
Los Medanos College
Merritt College
Mira Costa College
Mission College
Modesto Junior College
Moorpark College
Mt. San Antonio College
Ohlone College
Orange Coast College
Oxnard College
Porterville College
Reedley College
Rio Hondo College
Sacramento City College
Santa Barbara City College
Santa Monica College
Shasta College
Sierra College
Skyline College
Ventura College
West Hills College Coalinga
West Hills College Lemoore
West Valley College

 CCCApply News

The following items were discussed during the meeting.  Links to additional information are also provided below.


Meeting Discussion / NotesAction Items Status

CCCApply Workshop 2019


The annual CCCApply Workshop has been postponed for 2019. 

Unfortunately - the facility and host college that was originally confirmed for this year's workshop fell through (CCCApply Steering member retired unexpectedly) and on December 31, 2018, we found ourselves without a sponsor college.  This, as well as the changes happening at the CO relative to restructuring the Steering Committee, contributed to the delay in ascertaining an alternate host and facility.

Discussions about alternatives are currently underway, including:  

  • Seek volunteers to host a Fall 2019 workshop 
  • Work with the Tech Center, Chancellor's Office, and User Groups to plan a "virtual" workshop/conference 
  • Worst case:  Take a year off and start planning the 2020 event.

CCCApply product manager is working with the Core Applications director and other product teams to look for ways to collaborate on a combined event for Fall 2019 or Spring 2020. 

Updates will be shared with this committee as they evolve.


CCCApply Redesign Project

Find more information about the CCCApply Redesign Project here:

CCCApply Redesign Project Dashboard

The CCCApply Redesign project is ongoing.  The Redesign Workgroup continues to meet monthly - at a minimum - to discuss the overarching goals for ensuring CCCApply can meet the requirements laid out in AB 3101 by July 31, 2019. 

By the end of Q3 (FY18/19) CCCApply has made the following changes and enhancements to the Standard Application:  
CCCApply Redesign Changes in FY18/19

More information on the Redesign project is provided in the section below, including additional links to documentation.

The Redesign Workgroup continues to meet regularly to discuss immediate, short-term changes to CCCApply to ensure we are meeting the objectives of AB 3101. 

If you are interested in joining this Workgroup, we are looking for additional expertise in Admissions & Records and would welcome additional participation for the remainder of the Workgroup.  

If you are interested in joining the Workgroup, please contact Patty Donohue,  and I will add you to the recurring invite. 


Noncredit Application Update

More information about the status of the Noncredit Application development, as well as the activities of the Noncredit App Pilot Project are here: 

Noncredit Application - Project Dashboard

Noncredit Pilot Project - March 4 Meeting

Noncredit Pilot Project - March 22 Meeting

The first version of the CCCApply Noncredit Application was released to the pilot environment on February 19, 2019 as part of the CCCApply Release 6.4.0 Pilot release. The current version is now in pilot for all colleges.

On March 1, the "CCCApply Noncredit Pilot Project" commenced and 10 districts are now actively reviewing the first version, as well as performing user acceptance testing to ensure the application is viable from a technical perspective and ready for IT implementation by all colleges. 

Three New Features Identified

The Noncredit pilot colleges have met twice since the application was released to pilot in February.  During the first meeting, the pilot colleges identified three critical feature enhancements that would be considered "deal breakers" if not implemented.  These include:

  1. The ability for the Noncredit App to have different "Majors/Programs of Study" than the Standard Application

  2. The ability for the Noncredit App to have different Supplemental Questions than the Standard Application

  3. The ability for the Noncredit App to have a different Welcome/landing page than the Standard Application

Currently, requirements for these three feature enhancements have been documented, groomed, and development has begun to ensure functionality is included in the production launch (tentatively scheduled for June 28, 2019).

The three feature enhancements are currently under-development and are slated to be included in the first official production release of the Noncredit Application in the Standard Application on June 28, 2019. ONGOING

CCCApply Quarterly Milestones FY18/19

CCCApply has outlined objectives and priorities for the development project for FY18/19.   One change this year - driven largely by the CCCApply Redesign Workgroup under the direction of the CCC Chancellor's Office - has committed to quarterly release plan.  

See the section below outlining the high-level summaries from each release scheduled for this fiscal year.

See the Quarterly Milestones section below for details.ONGOING

Topics we didn't get to during the meeting:

These items were originally on the agenda but were not discussed due to time constraints.

DescriptionMeeting Discussion / Notes
CCCApply Roadmap 2019-2020See the summary below
CISOA 2019 Recap
  1. 2018-2019 CCCApply Roadmap 
  2. Why abandon CCCApply? 
New Report Center ReportsSpam/Fraud, Time-to-Completion /  Student Sentiment Reports

Action Item: Open to see CCCApply News items discussed during the meeting.  Links to additional information are also included.

Action Item: Open to see all details from the recent March 2019 release.

Next Release

CCCApply 6.5.0 - Production release = June 28, 2019  - Includes the Noncredit Application production launch.

 CCCApply Redesign Project - FY18/19

Project Summary

The Chancellor’s Office, the CCC Technology Center, and the Foundation for California Community Colleges, in collaboration with the community colleges and in partnership with ideas42, are redesigning the CCCApply experience with a student-centered approach in mind. 

The CCCApply Redesign Workgroup is being led by CCCCO Vice Chancellor, Omid Pourzanjani.  More information about the redesign effort can be found on the CCC Digital Futures website:

Project Summary: CCCApply Redesign Project Dashboard  


  1. Shorten the application by removing all questions that are not mandated to be included on the application
  2. Implement a residency-exempt application process for noncredit students

CCCApply Redesign Project

This article appears on the Digital Futures website:   CCCApply overhaul to be driven by student-centered design and behavioral sciences

Redesign Changes

Low-handing Fruit and other User Interface Changes

Upcoming changes:  Removal of the Needs & Interests page

Noncredit Application Project

CCCApply Noncredit Application Dashboard

Wanna see how the user interface and data fields are modified in the Noncredit Application? 

Pilot Project Plan: CCCApply Noncredit Application


 Click here to expand...

NEED: Current Status / Update on the Ideas42 Study on CCCApply

  1. Ongoing study and anticipated recommendations on the Ideas42 CCCApply study is still underway.
  2. The projected date for the Final Recommendation Report was October 2018.

We hoped the behavioral study would provide feedback from students - like:

  • What other areas could benefit from skip logic?
  • What areas could benefit from new question text? 
  • What areas in particular are students needing support?
  • What areas in particular were creating barriers for students?
  • Where are the results from student focus groups? What were the questions asked?
  • Where are the results from staff & admin focus groups?  What questions were asked?
  • Was a comparative analysis done on other admissions, financial aid, on-boarding technology programs?  What questions were asked?  Where is the RFI / matrix breakdown comparison?

 FY18/19 Quarterly Milestones

In 2018-2019, CCCApply moved to a quarterly release schedule at the request of the Chancellor's Office in order to 

Q1 - Annual Update Release - September 2018

  • CCCApply Redesign - Phase 1 - Release 1
  • Spam Filter Web Service
  • New CCC Administrator - Core Services - SSO Authentication
  • CCCApply Administrator 2.0 Upgrade
  • Meta Majors / Category Filter

Q2 - Redesign Release - December 2018

  • CCCApply Redesign - Phase 1 - Release 2
  • Race & Ethnicity Expansion Project
  • UI Styles & Branding Update - Part 1: Align with MyPath Styles
  • 2019-2020 Promise Grant (BOG) Application 

Q3 - Redesign Release - March 2019

  • CCCApply Redesign - Phase 1 - Release 3
  • Noncredit Application - Pilot Phase
  • Maintenance & Support (Bug Fixes)

Q4 - Planned - Redesign Release - June 2019

  • CCCApply Redesign - Phase 1 - Release 4
    • Account Info/Mailing page update
    • Remove the Needs & Interests page; allow colleges to "opt-in" to keep/display questions upon request*
  • Noncredit Application Production Release
    • Pending:  Implement ability for different Majors/Programs of Study to display in the Noncredit App (vs. Standard App)
    • Pending:  Implement ability for different Supplemental Questions to display in the Noncredit App (vs. Standard App)
    • Pending:  Implement a unique Welcome/landing page for the Noncredit application
  • Legal Mandates - Change Requests
  • Deliver International Application data set to SuperGlue
  • Technical Updates - Java Upgrade (discuss Comm plan)

 CCCApply Roadmap

Projects for FY19/20

This is a tentative roadmap. The budget and the scope has not yet been finalized.

  • CCCApply Redesign - Phase II
  • Mobile-friendly application
  • Spanish translation
  • OpenCCC Account Redesign 
    • Edit Account redesign
    • Account fields review
    • SSN question redesign
  • Universal Form Engine
  • International Application Enhancements - Document Upload feature

 Change Requests

Below are the changes that were identified and approved for the June 2019 release.  


DescriptionReview DateStatus

Approved Changes for June 2019 Release (v.6.5.0)


Remove the Needs page in the Standard App by default (but configure all questions to be opt-in/out) per Chancellor's Office AB 3101


Update Foster Youth Question per SB 906


Changes to Parent/Guardian Information Language (to clarify question for Foster Youth minors/Care & Control bug)


Add Value to Gender Field for Non-Binary Genders


Update Visa Types that are Eligible for Residency Determination

CCCApply Redesign Release #43/01/19PENDING
2019 New Change Requests
2018 New Change Requests
DEFERRED Changes Pending

Issues that Need Review

  • Concurrent enrollment issues: 

  • Can a high school student have a college degree while still in high school?

  • How often is a concurrent student a returning college student?

Action Items:  Please review the 2019 New Change Requests.  Send feedback to Patty Donohue,

 Parking Lot

2018 Parking Lot Carry-Over

Change Request Parking Lot

In addition to all the changes that are written up awaiting review for approval, these items haven't been escalated to that stage yet.

 Click here to expand...
  • Continue working moving the Consent to Release mechanism to the beginning of the application.
  • Add a survey to the Abandonment email or somewhere - asking for feedback on why they abandoned the application. Great suggestion.
  • For research purposes, review *Google analytics data to determine if colleges are lingering on this page (Review Application) OR if we know if students are going back to fix or change anything? Look into it.

Discuss issues with the Report Center 


Residency Review Sub-Committee - July 25, 2018 - Meeting Recording

 Click here to expand...
Link to the Zoom Recording

Topic: CCCApply Steering Committee Meeting - July 25 Residency Review Session
Start Time: Jul 25, 2018 12:39

Meeting Recording:

Note: This recording is over 2.5 hours.

  1. Review goals & objectives for this discussion
    1. Review the current CCCApply residency algorithm, questions, and integrity flags to ensure compliance with state & federal legislation
      1. SAAM
      2. Ed Code & Title V
      3. CCC Residency Questionnaire
    2. Review language pertaining to CCCApply in new AB3101 to identify ways to support that effort. 

 Archive: 2018 Meeting Schedule

 Click here to expand...
TuesJanuary 302018 Appreciation Dinner In-Person - Dinner 7:00 pm - 10:00 pmMangia Mangia Restaurant, Albany, CA
WedJanuary 31CCCApply Steering Committee Meeting - January 2018In-Person -  Meeting10:00 am - 3:30 pmContra Costa College - Room TBD
WedMarch 28/wiki/spaces/PD/pages/228032712In-Person - Workshop9:00 am - 4:00 pmOrange Coast College - Meeting Rooms & Cafeteria
TuesApril 3Unscheduled - Online call to discuss MIS Data ChangesOnline Meeting3:00 pm - 4:30 pmONLINE Unscheduled call to discuss MIS mandates
TuesMay 2

Post CACCRAO Conference - April 29 - May 2, 2018

In-Person - Short Meeting12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Sacramento, CA - Holiday Inn Oldtown

WedJune 13CCCApply Steering Committee MeetingOnline - Regular Meeting1:30 pm - 3:30 pmONLINE
WedJuly 25CCCApply Steering Committee MeetingOnline Regular Meeting1:00pm - 3:00pmNote: This meeting was reschedule from In-Person at Norco College - Riverside CCD  to an Online meeting
WedSeptember 26CCCApply Steering Committee MeetingOnline - Regular Meeting1:30 pm - 3:30 pmONLINE

November 29

CCCApply Steering Committee Meeting

Online - Regular Meeting

2:00 ppm - 4:00pm


Note: The original meeting date/time was rescheduled from November 14 due to conflicts by leadership.