CCCApply User Group Meeting Agenda - November 12, 2019

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This meeting will be held online via Zoom.

Meeting Information

Date    Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Time   1:30 pm - 3:30 pm

Location  ONLINE

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MEETING ID: 677-051-3851

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1:30 pm

Roll Call & Minutes Review -  August 13 Meeting Minutes


  • Adoption Stats (New Colleges Calbright & NOCE)
  • Webinar Series 

Spam Filter Service Update - News, Performance Overview & Survey
1:50 pmDevelopment Roadmap FY19/20

Release Recap

  • October 2019 Release 6.6 - Mobile Design
  • Planned HOTFIX -  Friday Nov 15  (Fix Dual Enrollment BUG)
2:00 pmGoal & Objectives

Student-Centric Design Principles
Milestones: Progress Made Addressing Key Concerns

Spring 2020 Release

Planned Work & Highlights

CCCApply Internationalization (Spanish Translation) 

New OpenCCC Account - Launch Status

  • Apply Integration with New Account Dependencies
    • Changes to some questions (SSN, Previous Name, etc.)
2:20 pm

Share Access to In-Progress Application Data Project

2:50 pm

Approved Changes

3:10 pm

Change Requests Pending: Need Requirements

Call for Follow-Up Steering Meeting

2019 Legislative Update
3:25 pm
  1. Schedule 2020 quarterly online meeting schedule
  2. Schedule Sub-Committee Meetings

3:30 pm

Close Meeting - Next meeting reminder

Roll Call

 Roll Call








XAli Salinas (IT)Riverside City College - RCCD
Hang LeSanta Ana College (RSCCD)X

Quyen Lu/Wanda Wong

San Francsico CCD
XAnna SalazarLos Angeles CCD - ELACX

Joshua Rosales

El Camino CCD


Richette Bell

Compton CCD

Angela Embry 

El Camino CCD

Karen Sea
Samantha Powell

San Joaquin-Delta CCD


Rozen Bondoc

Chabot-Las Positas


Ben Guzman

South Orange CCD


Leigh Ann Unger

Rio Hondo District

Satish Warrier

Contra Costa CCD

Betty Glyer-Culver

Los Rios CCD

Mark DeAsis

Riverside CCD


Stephanie Murguia

Cerritos CCD

XChris Truong
Kevin Kawa
Rancho Santiago CCD
XMaryLou LeybaSan Francisco CCD
Stacey FollowillChabot-Las Positas

Christian AlvaradoSouth Orange CCD -Saddleback
Maury PearlLos Angeles CCD
Tina Mani San Joaquin Delta CCD

Cindy Gonzales

Los Rios CCD

XMichael WardRancho Santiago CCDX

Tuyen Nguyen

Rancho Santiago CCD


Clark Ray

Santa Rosa CCD

XMichelle PenaKern CCD

Vince Orton

Cerritos CCD


Craig Hayward

Kern CCDXMitchell LeahySanta Rosa CCDXWill MinnichSan Mateo CCD

Greg Aycock (research)Riverside CCD (Norco)XOlivia Alvarado -IT
Martha Rios (sub)
Los Angeles CCD
Catherine FrostContra Costa CCD

Hieu HoangEl Camino CCD
Pam MerySan Francisco CCD

Jasmine Robinson

San Mateo CCD

Janice Love (research)

Rancho Santiago CCD

XPaulette LinoChabot-Las Positas CCD
Gerlie JeltemaSouth Orange CCD


Gary Bird


Elena Alcala - NEW!


Jennifer ColemanCCCTC

Tim Calhoon



Patty Donohue


XJane LinderXCCCTC - SuperGlue

Deb Barker-GarciaCCCCOXJohn SillsCCCTC - OpenCCC
Mike CarusoCCCTC - MyPath

XRoberto FuentesCCCTC - Support SvcXMerrie Wales CCCTC - Support Svc

Michael Q's 2019 New role - Dean of Integration & Guided Pathways at the CCCCO

Replacement - Elena Alcala - CCCCO

All User Group members above are members of the CCCAPPLYSTEERING listserv.  Email:

News & Updates

Submitted Application Cycle

See /wiki/spaces/PD/pages/173725262

July 2017 - June 2018 Weekly Application Cycle

  • Late February / Early March
  • Mid September / Early October

Time to Completion Data

CCCApply Adoption

All 115 CC Colleges are live on the Standard Application

Two new colleges went live in September 2019

  • NOCE (North Orange Continuing Education) Noncredit
  • Calbright College  (Noncredit)

Spam Filter Project Update

Speakers:  Machine-Learning Data Analysts: Harsha Gopianandan, Ananth Gopalakrishnan

  • Update on Spam Filter Service 
  • Review Performance
  • Model Enhancements


Notes from PPT:

Harsha Gopianandan from the Spam Filter Machine Learning team explained about false positives and false negatives and why we are seeing both across the system. He explained how the model works and encouraged colleges to keep tagging diligently so that model can learn from all new signatures.

Getting ready to update the model again with the Retraining Model with PII (December 2019). 

We talked about sending false negatives to the Tech Center and we will bulk tag them and upload to the model, so the model can benefit from the identified false negatives


  • August 24 - Last Model Update
  • November 15 - Data Testing Enhancements
  • December 10 - Retraining Model Update

Call for sub-committee to review current status and trends, and determine how best to 

Communication Issues

Spam Survey

CCCApply Spam Survey - Please complete the Spam Survey

FAQ is finished and will be sent to your contact list. 

Send Us False Positives

If your college identifies a quantity (20 or more) of fraud applications that were NOT caught and suspended by the spam filter, please send them to us using the instructions below.

SPAM Drop File Information

Please provide bulk fraudulent applications in the format specified below:

  • File Format = .TXT
  • File Naming Convention = CollegeMISCode_Fraud_mmddyy.txt
  • Confirmation #  (only1 confirmation # per line)

We ask that all colleges follow the file format below. If you would like to include any information other than confirmation #, please provide that information in a separate file. For ease of input in the model

Development Roadmap FY19/20

Fall 2019 Release Recap

Product Development:  Goals & Objectives

Objectives for FY19/20 are focused on some key goals and themes:

  1. Finish up the CCCApply Redesign Project work -in compliance with AB 3101
    1. Work completed in FY18/19
    2. Work completed in Fall 2019
    3. Work planned for Spring 2020 (see below)

  2. Implement industry-standard design principles and lessons learned from Student Journey Project, Ideas42 study and collaboration with partners (CCC Foundation, CCGI, Immigrants Rising, etc.)
    1. CCC Design Principles  AND  CCC Diagnosis Deck
      1. Student-centric design decisions
      2. Removing Barriers
      3. Student-User testing & feedback
  3. Implement a process to get in-progress application data to college as early as possible to support college recruitment, student outreach and support during the application process
  4. Compliance with state and federal statutory requirements
  5. Continuous maintenance & support

Milestones: Progress Made Addressing Key Concerns

  1. Streamline & shorten admission application
  2. Support noncredit students with residency free application
  3. Delivery mobile-friendly application
  4. Support ESL/Spanish-speaking Students
  5. Deliver data to colleges quicker (including in-progress application data)
  6. Improve OpenCCC Account system (remove barriers)
  7. Continuous improvement - more frequent updates

Spring 2020 Release

2020 Development Roadmap (Tentative Projects for FY19/20)

Upcoming Release:  Spring 2020  (Tentative March or April 2020)

Planned Development:

  1. Implement 2020-2021 Promise Grant Application
  2. Internationalize CCCApply to Spanish - Spanish Translation for all CCCApply Applications
  3. Implement new “Highest Grade Completed” question to  Self-reported MMI questions in CCCApply
  4. Enhance CCCApply to share "in-progress application data" with colleges
  5. Integrate with new OpenCCC Account system
    1. Revise SSN question layout & language; move from OpenCCC to CCCApply apps
    2. Move Previous Name field
  6. Update to mobile-friendlystudent-centric design
  7. Support California Homeless: Remove residency barrier for California Homeless in Address sections 
  8. Support Dual Enrolled Students: Implement skip logic in Colleges Attended section
  9. Support Undocumented / Nonresident Aliens: Remove language barriers across CCCApply
  10. Update Privacy Policy & Terms of Use for full compliance
  11. Streamline language and layout on the Consent & Submission page for mobile view

Upcoming Release Highlights

New OpenCCC Account - Launch Status

  • Overview of project
    • Apply Integration
    • Changes to some questions
      • Move Social Security Number question to Apply (See Approved Changes below)
      • Move Previous Name out of Account

Internationalize CCCApply to Spanish - Spanish Translation for all CCCApply Applications


Discuss Phase 1

  • New Consent to Release checkbox & disclaimer
  • Project Glue Delivery / Report Center
    • What are the requirements for the different student information systems?  
      • Banner:  Lee McDonald joins us 
      • PeopleSoft:  (volunteer)
      • Colleague:  (volunteer)
      • Custom SIS:  (Santa Rosa?)
      • Salesforce/Other:  (San Mateo CCD?)

Approved Change Requests

Update on Other Projects

CCCApply Report Center Upgrade

  • Working on ways to integrate our two instances into one
  • Doing backend work now to update authentication 
  • Customization requirements
  • No release timeline now but coming soon - Coming Soon!

Data Sharing Projects with Partners

  • CCGI Data Sharing from Partner High Schools
  • Expanding Glue for Additional SIS Integration
  • Universal Auto-population API

Pending Change Requests

Call for Follow-Up Steering Meeting

2019 Legislative Update

2019 Legislative Update_Issued 11.4.19  - Do any of these laws affect CCCApply?

2020 Meeting Schedule

NEW Schedule.  Reminders and invitations with call-in zoom info will be sent out in advance of each meeting.  Mark your calendars now!





February 11, 20201:00 pm - 3:30 pmCCCApply User Group Meeting - 2020 Q3Online
April 22, 2020TBD - Usually 12:00pmCACCRAO Conference 2020 - Sacramento Hyatt RegencyIn-Person - TBD
CISOA 2020

May 12, 20201:00 pm - 3:30 pmCCCApply User Group Meeting - FY19/20 - Q4Online
August 11, 20201:00 pm - 3:30 pmCCCApply User Group Meeting - FY20/21 - Q1Online
November 10, 20201:00 pm - 3:30 pmCCCApply User Group Meeting - FY20/21 - Q1Online

Sub-Committees - Meetings

Meeting DateInvite & LINK 

Review Approved Change Requests Requirements

  • SSN
  • Dual Enrollment
  • Homeless Residency
  • Update of Language for Undocumented Students

Gathering feedback

Tuesday, November 26 - 3:30 pm

Meeting ID: 677-051-3851

In-Progress App Data - Data Delivery Requirements

Tuesday, Dec 3 - 3:30 pm

Meeting ID: 677-051-3851

Review SSN Revision (CCC Foundation)
Thursday, Dec 5 - 3:00 pm

Meeting ID: 677-051-3851

Administrator Enhancements Review
Friday, Dec 6 - 10:00 am

Meeting ID: 677-051-3851

Spam Filter Service
Monday, Dec 9 - 3:00 pm

Meeting ID: 677-051-3851

New Change Requests: Language & Text Changes

  • Softening language in support of undocumented students

  • Revising the “Legal Name” label and Help text

  • Parent/Guardian Information (Dependency Status)

Discussion and gather requirements

Tuesday, Dec 10 - 3:30 pm

Meeting ID: 677-051-3851

New Change Requests: AB540 / AB2000 Compliance

Review current AB540 Eligibility Status logic in CCCApply to ensure it is up-to-date and compliant with changes and AB2000

Discussion and gather requirements

Wednesday, Dec 11 - 3:30 pm

Meeting ID: 677-051-3851

Noncredit ApplicationGather feedback and requirementsThursday, Dec 12 - 3:00 pm

Meeting ID: 677-051-3851

Chat from the Meeting

00:10:05 Michelle Pena @ Bakersfield College: Michelle Pena - here
00:10:07 Craig Hayward: Craig Hayward, Kern CCD
00:10:08 William Minnich: Will Minnich - Skyline College
00:10:12 Tuyen Nguyen: Tuyen Nguyen - Santiago Canyon College / Rancho Santiago Community College District
00:10:14 Clark Ray (SRJC): Clark Ray - Santa Rosa Junior College
00:10:19 Ali Salinas (Riverside City College): Ali Salinas, Riverside City College
00:10:21 Kevin Kawa (SAC): Kevin Kawa - Santa Ana College
00:10:22 Paulette Lino: Paulette Lino from Chabot College
00:10:27 Anna Salazar - EAST: Anna Salazar LACCD/East LA College
00:10:29 Betty Glyer Culver: Betty Glyer-Culver Los Rios Community College District
00:10:33 Quyen: City College of San Francisco
00:10:59 Ben Guzman: Ben Guzman, Irvine Valley College, South Orange Comm College District
00:11:37 olivia: Olivia Alvarado Los Angeles Community College District
00:12:03 rbell: Richette Bell, Compton College
00:14:05 mleyba: MaryLou Leyba, City College of San Francisco
00:14:19 Roberto Fuentes: :)
00:17:08 Anna Salazar - EAST: I think that's great Patty to show LACCD. Anna from LACCD
00:21:19 Paulette Lino: Chabot-Las Positas are still receivig a LOT of fraudulent applications
00:21:40 Leigh Ann: Leigh Ann from Rio Hondo is here
00:21:52 Michael Ward: Was having some computer issues. Joined now. Michael D. Ward - Rancho CCD
00:23:05 Merrie Wales: Paulette Lino - Does Chabot-Las Positas do you give out .edu email addresses upon submission of applications?
00:23:55 Paulette Lino: yes. Students that apply will get .edu email address
00:24:14 Leigh Ann: Can we send an IP Address that we know is SPAM?
00:24:18 Merrie Wales: More than 20 SPAM applications process: SPAM Drop File Information We ask that all colleges follow the file format below. If you would like to include any information other than confirmation #, please provide that information in a separate file. For ease of input in the model please provide fraudulent application lists in the format specified. File Format TXT File Naming Convention: CollegeMISCode_Fraud_mmddyy.txt Confirmation # only 1 confirmation # per line in .txt file
00:25:04 Patty Donohue: The individual IP address won’t help us but the IP Region will help us. We are adding “IP Region” to our next update.
00:29:17 Anna Salazar - EAST: Anna/LACCD interested in participating in SPAM meeting
00:29:28 Leigh Ann: Rio Hondo gets a lot of SPAM and would be glad to be apart of the committee.
00:31:21 Ali Salinas (Riverside City College): I'm interested in being part of the SPAM committee.
00:32:57 Merrie Wales: send the files to:
00:33:47 Craig Hayward: Hooray!
00:33:58 Craig Hayward: Yay, mobile. :)
00:39:40 Ali Salinas (Riverside City College): Will the noncredit application support Spanish translation as well?
00:43:43 Ali Salinas (Riverside City College): Awesome. Thank you!
00:44:30 mleahy: Hello all! :)
00:48:31 mleahy: We found a bug where dual enrolled students are being forced to verify prior college attendance even if they haven't attended in the past.
00:49:19 John Sills: A hot fix is in the work for the dual enrollment bug.
00:49:59 mleahy: Awesome thank you!
00:51:53 mleahy: I would like to know about the homeless solution!
00:57:02 mleahy: Why are we removing SSNs from account creation? Will it be asked later in the application?
00:57:18 mleahy: We need SNNs for matching and IRS requirements....
00:58:04 Paulette Lino: Per Patty, it will be moved from CCC Account to CCC Apply
00:58:13 Jennifer Coleman: Yes, SSN collection will be added to CCCApply.
00:58:14 Paulette Lino: it will be part of the student's application
00:58:44 Jennifer Coleman: We are removing from Account creation in order to allow other third-party tools/partners to integrate and allow students to establish OpenCCC accounts.
00:59:02 Patty Donohue: Yes - we are moving SSN into CCCApply
00:59:32 Michael Ward: Makes sense
00:59:32 Stephanie Murguia: The homeless question is being asked of all?
00:59:54 Patty Donohue: Yes - homeless question is being asked of all - in skip logic.
01:05:24 Michael Ward: Mitch brought up a good point about avoiding duplication of user accounts. Maybe once the student enters their SSN into CCCApply and there could be a duplicate check at that point and if needed provide a way to merge the newly created account with their previous existing account?
01:05:30 Ali Salinas (Riverside City College): Are there plans to expand this to languages other than Spanish?
01:06:30 Ali Salinas (Riverside City College): Fantastic. Thank you both for the answer.
01:10:22 mleahy: This data consent feature is great!
01:10:37 mleahy: Can this go to the report center?
01:10:38 Craig Hayward: Yes, very nice!
01:11:37 Ali Salinas (Riverside City College): A separate staging table would be nice.
01:11:46 Craig Hayward: Banner has a prospects area...
01:12:41 Leigh Ann: We would not be entering a student into our SIS without it being a completed application. Having a report would work well for us.
01:14:06 Michael Ward: We need to have it in Staging tables first because then we use the Colleague AAI (Admissions Application Interface) for our Admissions & Records staff to process student applications that may have been caught as Duplicates or possible Duplicates (for Merging).
01:16:54 Stephanie Murguia: Cerritos College, a PeopleSoft school uses a staging table similar to Colleague. But if it ends up in the Report Center that would be fine too.
01:17:35 Michael Ward: My IT coworker Bay Dinh and I are new and just starting on SuperGlue. It would be nice if there is a way to map the Supplemental Question data to our Colleague system but of course we could not import that until the AAI process is run and Duplicates are resolved first.
01:19:01 Ali Salinas (Riverside City College): From the user side, I only recall the XAP Control Center showing whether or not the application had been submitted.
01:19:31 Ali Salinas (Riverside City College): There would be a submission box that lacked a timestamp.
01:19:48 Ali Salinas (Riverside City College): I know our college didn't receive any in progress applications.
01:26:00 Anna Salazar - EAST: Can we get a copy of those notices
01:26:19 Paulette Lino: I agree with Mitch
01:26:29 Anna Salazar - EAST: I agree with Mitch
01:26:29 Paulette Lino: SAAM is still in DRAFT mode
01:27:40 mleahy: Yeah it looks like the current draft is December 2001:
01:28:56 Paulette Lino: It is being updated. They will be finalizing it soon.
01:29:35 Paulette Lino: SAAM Draft as of November 2019. Not yet published @ CCCCO
01:46:16 Michael Ward: Maybe bulleted bold positive reasons for supplying SSN might be good to display to students?
01:52:11 Anna Salazar - EAST: Hi Patty this is Anna from EAST I am trying to speak but guessing you cannot hear me. Are we voting on one of the options or are you just receiving our feedback?
01:54:24 Ali Salinas (Riverside City College): I do agree that by displaying the SSN fields, we're more likely to obtain the information from the applicant.
01:55:54 Ali Salinas (Riverside City College): Some applicants might be unwilling to self-identify as not having a SSN, so I'd be unwilling to separate the options.
01:58:26 Anna Salazar - EAST: Anna from East .. I like that idea
02:00:54 Ali Salinas (Riverside City College): What do these Report Center upgrades mean for our existing reports and ad hoc views? Will they be retained?
02:02:49 Leigh Ann: Will there be training on how to use the new upgraded version of the report center?
02:03:16 Leigh Ann: Thank you.
02:03:21 Ali Salinas (Riverside City College): Thanks!
02:05:35 Leigh Ann: That is fine with me
02:05:39 Ali Salinas (Riverside City College): I'm game.
02:06:00 Josh Rosales: should be fine
02:10:07 Betty Glyer Culver: GE Disclosures have been rescinded for now. Colleges have the opportunity for early rescision. which I assume many colleges have chosen to do.
02:10:32 Patty Donohue: Thank you! Betty!
02:12:57 Betty Glyer Culver: I will serve on the change request sub committee work group if that would be helpful.
02:13:43 mleahy: I can meet after dec 2
02:14:40 Betty Glyer Culver: that is thanksgving t
02:14:44 Betty Glyer Culver: its late this year
02:14:53 Kevin Kawa (SAC): Thank you everyone!
02:18:12 Paulette Lino: Thank you and have a nice Thanksgiving
02:18:13 Ali Salinas (Riverside City College): Thanks, Patty!
02:18:45 Patty Donohue: THANK YOU ALL - You’re the best!
02:18:50 Michael Ward: Happy Holidays to all until next meeting!

FY2018-19 Quarterly Release Schedule

In 2018-2019, CCCApply implemented a quarterly release schedule at the request of the Chancellor's Office in order to meet deadlines against AB 3101.  

Release Description / Link to Release Notes


Scope Summary

Q1 - Annual Update Release - September 2018


  • CCCApply Redesign - Phase 1 - Release 1

  • Spam Filter Web Service

  • New CCC Administrator - Core Services - SSO Authentication

  • CCCApply Administrator 2.0 Upgrade

  • Meta Majors / Category Filter

Q2 - Redesign Release - December 2018


  • CCCApply Redesign - Phase 1 - Release 2

  • Race & Ethnicity Expansion Project

  • UI Styles & Branding Update - Part 1: Align with MyPath Styles

  • 2019-2020 Promise Grant (BOG) Application 

Q3 - Redesign Release - March 2019


  • CCCApply Redesign - Phase 1 - Release 3

  • Noncredit Application - Pilot Phase

  • Maintenance & Support (Bug Fixes)

Q4 - Redesign Release - June 2019


For more information, see the CCCApply FY2018-2019 Annual Overview