CCCApply User Group - Meeting Minutes - May 9, 2019

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Date    ThursdayMay 9, 2019

Time   1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Location  ONLINE

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Missed the March 28 meeting?  Review the Zoom recording here: CCCApply User Group Meeting - March 28, 2019



1:00 pm

Roll Call 

1:05 pm

Quick Review: March 28 Meeting Minutes

1:10 pmCCCApply Update Presentation from CACCRAO 2019 Conference Donohue / Pena

CCCApply News

Donohue / Coleman

Upcoming CCCApply Release 6.5.0Donohue

CCCApply Planning FY19/20 - Discussion
2:00 pm

CCCApply Change Requests


New & Approved Change Requests

Parking Lot Issues

3:00 pm

Close Meeting


Roll Call

 Roll Call








Ali Salinas (IT)Riverside City College - RCCD

Los Rios District - ARC

Quyen Lu/Wanda Wong

San Francsico CCD

Anna SalazarLos Angeles CCD - ELAC

Joshua Rosales

El Camino CCD

Richette Bell

Compton CCD

Angela Embry 

El Camino CCD

Karen Sea
Samantha Powell

San Joaquin-Delta CCD

Rozen Bondoc

Chabot-Las Positas

Ben Guzman

South Orange CCD

Leigh Ann Unger

Rio Hondo District

Satish Warrier

Contra Costa CCD

Betty Glyer-Culver

Los Rios CCD

Mark DeAsis

Riverside CCD

Stephanie Murguia

Cerritos CCD

Chris TruongRancho Santiago CCD
MaryLou LeybaSan Francisco CCD
Stacey FollowillChabot-Las Positas

Christian AlvaradoSouth Orange CCD -Saddleback
Maury PearlLos Angeles CCD
Tina Mani San Joaquin Delta CCD

Cindy Gonzales

Los Rios CCD

Michael WardRancho Santiago CCD

Tuyen Nguyen

Rancho Santiago CCD

Clark Ray

Santa Rosa CCD

Michelle PenaKern CCD

Vince Orton

Cerritos CCD

Craig Hayward

Kern CCD
Mitchell LeahySanta Rosa CCD
Will Minnich/Susan LorenzoSan Mateo CCD

Greg Aycock (research)Riverside CCD (Norco)
Olivia Alvarado -IT
Martha Rios (sub)
Los Angeles CCD
Catherine FrostContra Costa CCD

Hieu HoangEl Camino CCD
Pam MerySan Francisco CCD

Jasmine Robinson

San Mateo CCD

Janice Love (research)

Rancho Santiago CCD

Paulette LinoChabot-Las Positas CCD
Gerlie JeltemaSouth Orange CCD


Gary Bird


Elena Alcala - NEW!


Deb Barker-GarciaCCCCO

Tim Calhoon


Patty Donohue


Jennifer ColemanCCCTC

Michael Q's 2019 New role - Dean of Integration & Guided Pathways at the CCCCO

Replacement - Elena Alcala - CCCCO

All User Group members above are members of the CCCAPPLYSTEERING listserv.  Email:

Meeting Schedule

 2019 Meeting Schedule

ALL MEETINGS ARE ONLINE ZOOM MEETINGS.  Reminders and invitations with call-in zoom info will be sent out in advance of each meeting.  Mark your calendars now!





Thursday, March 281:00pm - 3:00pmCCCApply User Group Meeting - Q3Online

Wednesday, May 1

12:00pm - 2:00pm

CCCApply User Group Meeting - Q2

2019 CACCRAO Conference - (Last Day Luncheon) - Room TBD

Thursday, May 91:00pm - 3:00pmCCCApply User Group Meeting - Q4Online

Tuesday, August 13

1:30pm - 3:30pm

CCCApply User Group Meeting - FY19/20 -Q1


Tuesday, November 12

1:30pm - 3:30pm

CCCApply User Group Meeting - FY19/20 -Q2


Minutes from Last Meeting

Click here for minutesUser Group meeting on March 28, 2019.

Click here to review the Zoom recording: CCCApply User Group Meeting - March 28, 2019

 CCCApply Update: CACCRAO 2019

Click here for the slides that were presented during the "CCCApply Update: CACCRAO 2019"

CCCApply News

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The following items were discussed during the meeting.  Links to additional information are also provided below.


Meeting Discussion / NotesAction Items Status
Spam Filter Web Service NewsLots of fraud has been reported over the past month. 
The new "retraining" model is being implemented to production tomorrow night (Friday, May 10).  This will help the prediction service better identify and suspend fraud vs. legitimate applications.

Make sure the colleges know where to put the email address for nightly notifications.

Rio Hondo - spam is getting through 

CCC Report Center Upgrade 

The CCC Security Center has identified a security risk with the current version of Jasper (CCC Report Center).  We've also identified some issues with the current instance due to a massive overload of reports and resources within the Report Center.

The Tech Center is meeting with TIBCO (Jasper vendor) today to discuss an expedited upgrade to the latest version. 

One of the outcomes we expect are recommendations to restrict unlimited use of the Report Center and implement new policies and procedures (best practices) for the number of ad hoc reports that can be created/used at a time. Also we are discussing ways to implement efficiencies by way user training (considering regular training sessions for colleges). 

: We'd like to hear your feedback. 

In addition to the custom public templates that we provide:

How many custom reports are needed by the college at one time?

NOTE: The Jasper report center upgrade is underway and the Tech Center is managing this project in order to combine this instance of Jasper with the Data Warehouse instance. Details will be sent out via the Communications Office once the technical integration is complete. 

Java Upgrade

Java 7 is no longer supported.  The Download Client is moving to Java 8 (Corretto) and we will be communicating with the field that all colleges must upgrade Java (if they haven't already) with the 6.5.0 release.  

Communication will be going out to colleges within the next week to ensure all IT staff are aware of the new system requirements.

Stakeholder Feedback & Survey

Need advice for a CCCApply COLLEGE survey. 

What critical needs?

What major complaints?

Noncredit Application Update

More information about the status of the Noncredit Application development, as well as the activities of the Noncredit App Pilot Project are here: 

Noncredit Application - Project Dashboard

Noncredit Pilot Project - March 4 Meeting

Noncredit Pilot Project - March 22 Meeting

The first version of the CCCApply Noncredit Application was released to the pilot environment on February 19, 2019 as part of the CCCApply Release 6.4.0 Pilot release. The current version is now in pilot for all colleges.

On March 1, the "CCCApply Noncredit Pilot Project" commenced and 10 districts are now actively reviewing the first version, as well as performing user acceptance testing to ensure the application is viable from a technical perspective and ready for IT implementation by all colleges. 

Three New Features Identified

The Noncredit pilot colleges have met twice since the application was released to pilot in February.  During the first meeting, the pilot colleges identified three critical feature enhancements that would be considered "deal breakers" if not implemented.  These include:

  1. The ability for the Noncredit App to have different "Majors/Programs of Study" than the Standard Application

  2. The ability for the Noncredit App to have different Supplemental Questions than the Standard Application

  3. The ability for the Noncredit App to have a different Welcome/landing page than the Standard Application

Currently, requirements for these three feature enhancements have been documented, groomed, and development has begun to ensure functionality is included in the production launch (tentatively scheduled for June 28, 2019).

The three feature enhancements are currently under-development and are slated to be included in the first official production release of the Noncredit Application in the Standard Application on June 28, 2019. 


CCCApply Release 6.5.0

The Q4 CCCApply release was deployed to Pilot on May 31 and Production on June 28, 2019.  Release notes are linked below.

CCCApply Release 6.5.0 - June 28 2019

See a detailed summary of ALL FY18/19 quarterly releases here: /wiki/spaces/OPENAPPLY/pages/841187411.  

Noncredit Application Project

CCCApply Noncredit Application Dashboard

Wanna see how the user interface and data fields are modified in the Noncredit Application? 

CCCApply Roadmap

Tentative Projects for FY19/20

Below are some of the priorities we are working on for FY19/20. The budget, scope and schedule have not yet been finalized.

  • CCCApply Redesign - Phase I Continued
    • Mobile-support for CCCApply (Standard, Noncredit, Promise Grant, and International applications) (Q1)
    • Multi-Language Support for CCCApply (Spanish translation) (Q2)
  • Spam Filter Model:  PII Phase (Q1)
  • Bug fixes and other priority change requests

Other Notes:

OpenCCC Redesign includes a revision to the Account Recovery system - removing the security questions!  Goal is on simplification of the account creation process.

Opportunities for student feedback over the next few weeks. Good feedback so far from students, more coming. 

Communication coming - next fiscal year

 FY18/19 Quarterly Milestones

In 2018-2019, CCCApply moved to a quarterly release schedule at the request of the Chancellor's Office in order to 

Q1 - Annual Update Release - September 2018

  • CCCApply Redesign - Phase 1 - Release 1
  • Spam Filter Web Service
  • New CCC Administrator - Core Services - SSO Authentication
  • CCCApply Administrator 2.0 Upgrade
  • Meta Majors / Category Filter

Q2 - Redesign Release - December 2018

  • CCCApply Redesign - Phase 1 - Release 2
  • Race & Ethnicity Expansion Project
  • UI Styles & Branding Update - Part 1: Align with MyPath Styles
  • 2019-2020 Promise Grant (BOG) Application 

Q3 - Redesign Release - March 2019

  • CCCApply Redesign - Phase 1 - Release 3
  • Noncredit Application - Pilot Phase
  • Maintenance & Support (Bug Fixes)

Q4 - Redesign Release - June 2019

  • Noncredit Application (Production Launch)
  • Reconfigure the Needs & Interests Page (Opt-Out)
  • Change Requests implemented

Change Requests

 New & Approved Changes

Below are the changes that were approved for the June 2019 release.   

DescriptionReview DateStatusImplemented

Approved Changes for June 2019 Release (v.6.5.0)


Remove the Needs page in the Standard App by default (but configure all questions to be opt-in/out) per Chancellor's Office AB 3101

3/15/19APPROVEDJune 2019 (6.5.0)

Update Foster Youth Question per SB 906

1/25/19APPROVEDJune 2019 (6.5.0)

Changes to Parent/Guardian Information Language (to clarify question for Foster Youth minors/Care & Control bug)

1/25/19APPROVEDJune 2019 (6.5.0)

Add Value to Gender Field for Non-Binary Genders

2/08/19APPROVEDJune 2019 (6.5.0)

Update Visa Types that are Eligible for Residency Determination

2/15/19APPROVEDJune 2019 (6.5.0)
2019-03CCCApply Redesign Release #43/01/19APPROVEDJune 2019 (6.5.0)
2019 New Change Requests
2018 New Change Requests
DEFERRED Changes Pending

Issues that Need Review

  • Dual Enrollment / Concurrent enrollment issues: WHAT ARE THESE?  (See the Q&A from 3/28/19 meeting notes)

  • DACA Issue - Should this be added to the Citizenship Status question (See the Q&A from 3/28/19 meeting notes)
  • Can a high school student have a college degree while still in high school?

  • How often is a concurrent student a returning college student?

Action Items:  Please review the 2019 New Change Requests.  Send feedback to Patty Donohue,

2018 Parking Lot Carry-Over

Change Request Parking Lot

In addition to all the changes that are written up awaiting review for approval, these items haven't been escalated to that stage yet.

  • Continue working moving the Consent to Release mechanism to the beginning of the application.
  • Add a survey to the Abandonment email or somewhere - asking for feedback on why they abandoned the application.
  • For research purposes, review *Google analytics data to determine if colleges are lingering on this page (Review Application) OR if we know if students are going back to fix or change anything? Look into it.
  • Discuss issues with the Report Center 


Residency Review Sub-Committee - July 25, 2018 - Meeting Recording

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Link to the Zoom Recording

Topic: CCCApply Steering Committee Meeting - July 25 Residency Review Session
Start Time: Jul 25, 2018 12:39

Meeting Recording:

Note: This recording is over 2.5 hours.

  1. Review goals & objectives for this discussion
    1. Review the current CCCApply residency algorithm, questions, and integrity flags to ensure compliance with state & federal legislation
      1. SAAM
      2. Ed Code & Title V
      3. CCC Residency Questionnaire
    2. Review language pertaining to CCCApply in new AB3101 to identify ways to support that effort. 

 CCCApply Redesign Project - FY18/19

Project Summary

The Chancellor’s Office, the CCC Technology Center, and the Foundation for California Community Colleges, in collaboration with the community colleges and in partnership with ideas42, are redesigning the CCCApply experience with a student-centered approach in mind. 

The CCCApply Redesign Workgroup is being led by CCCCO Vice Chancellor, Omid Pourzanjani.  More information about the redesign effort can be found on the CCC Digital Futures website:

Project Summary: CCCApply Redesign Project Dashboard  


  1. Shorten the application by removing all questions that are not mandated to be included on the application
  2. Implement a residency-exempt application process for noncredit students

CCCApply Redesign Project

This article appears on the Digital Futures website:   CCCApply overhaul to be driven by student-centered design and behavioral sciences

Redesign Changes

Low-handing Fruit and other User Interface Changes

Upcoming changes:  Removal of the Needs & Interests page