2018-27: Update the School Finder "Write-In" Feature to Better Match to CDS Codes

Request No.2018-27 
Date of Request7.12.18 
RequesterJulia Arreguy, Sierra College 
Section / Page

Education, School Finder  

Steering Hearing Date July 25, 2018
Proposed Change to Download FileNo 
Proposed Change to Residency LogicNo 

Problem / Issue

 The School Finder mechanism - or specifically the ability for students to find and select their high school - is allowing students to "write in" a high school name if they can't find their school, which is causing the system to misalign the CDS and CEEB code to the write-in school name.  This is creating problems for Sierra College because they have too many schools with the wrong CDS code.

This is important for other reasons as well.  If our CDE (SSID) matching service is largely based on the CDS code, we need to ensure we have as many correct codes as possible.

Proposed Solution

This will be discussed with the development team to understand what's possible to better match "Write-In" high schools, first.

Take the feedback to Steering and Tim to see if there could be a case made for removing the Write-In capability or doing abetter job of matching to those.


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