2018-16R: Make AB620 Data Available to Colleges Using Project Glue

Request No. 2018-16R
Date of RequestApril 30, 2018 

Omid Pourzanjani- Vice Chancellor, CCCCO

Section / Page

Gender / AB620 (Personal Information) & Downloads 

Approval StatusAPPROVED
Steering Hearing DateMay 2, 2018 
Proposed Change to Download FileNo changes to downloads*
Proposed Change to Residency LogicNo 

Deployment Timeline:  

Phase 1 of this work is currently under-development and will be available with the Apply 6.2.0 release (including the new CCCApply Administrator 2.0) -currently scheduled to deploy at the end of July, 2018.   

Please see the "Approved Solution" section below for details on accessing the AB620 data fields via two possible scenarios (in Phase 1).

Problem / Issue

Per the new MIS reporting requirements recently mandated by the CCCCO MIS division (see Memo 3.08.18), CCCApply is being asked to comply with certain requirements regarding data fields that are currently either not being collected, or are being collected but are currently restricted from download (restricted from access) to the CCC colleges based on data sharing agreement restrictions or existing data handling security concerns. Several of the new reporting requirements include adding or amending CCCApply in some way, or will require CCCApply to make previously restricted data fields (AB620) available, or may require CCCApply to actually remove questions - assuming the data can be collected at different points in the matriculation process. These data requirements and solutions are currently being reviewed and approved by the CCCApply Steering Committee, the CCCCO, and the CCC Tech Center.

This change request strictly pertains to the AB620 fields (shown below) only: 

REQUEST: Make the AB620 data fields, previously restricted in CCCApply, available to colleges in the most secure process as soon as possible.

The CCCCO MIS updated their reporting requirements for 2018 and all colleges are now required to collect and report on the LGBTQ data fields (AB620) beginning August 2018.  Up to this point, for security reasons, these two fields have been restricted to colleges and are not currently included in the CCCApply download file. Since 2013, when AB620 first passed and CCCApply complied with the federal mandate, the data has been collected, encrypted, and stored in a secure database on a secure server and has not been available to colleges awaiting legal requirements from the CO, but meanwhile aggregated and shared with the CCCCO to comply with the mandate to report demographic information. 

During an impromptu Steering meeting on April 3, Steering members requested that these two fields be unencrypted and added to the CCCApply Download Client AND the CCC Report Center for immediate access by colleges to comply with the reporting requirements.  They are requesting a hot fix release be scheduled as soon as possible. As part of this request, the onscreen text that accompanies the AB620 questions will need to change to accurately disclose that the data would be collected by the colleges to comply with federal and state reporting requirements (and would also be used for student equity outcomes data).

AB620 Fields:


April 3 Meeting Discussion:

The CCCApply Steering Committee called a meeting on April 3 to discuss this new requirement. 

  • Development & Release Estimate: Patty explained that it would be very challenging to rush these requirements through and schedule a hot fix release in the middle of a major CCCApply release planned for the end of June 2018. However, she would begin drafting up the request and get a technical development estimate together - to be reported back during the May 2 meeting.
    • How quickly could we get the AB620 fields into the downloads?
    • How quickly could we get the AB620 fields into the Report Center?  NOT APPROVED
    • If we added these fields into the RC, would colleges be able to run a report going back to November 2017?
  • Alternate Options
    • In the event the DLC would not be approved, CCCApply could work with Project Glue to implement a process for secure transfer of the data through the Glue College Adapter;
    • The data could be accessed through the Data Warehouse for college researchers, which should be launched and made accessible by June 2018.


UPDATE:  4/26/18: For security reasons, the CCCCO has denied the request to transfer these fields to colleges via the download client or the Report Center.  As an alternate solution, CCCApply would work immediately with the CCCTC Project Glue team to expedite a two-phase data export via secure staging table, available to any college that chooses to implement this process. The roll-out of this first phase would happen in conjunction with the Apply 6.2.0 release (June 2018).  Furthermore, the Tech Center would work with the Data Warehouse team to expedite access to this data for researchers via that secure system.

The approved solutions are:

  1. Deliver CCCApply data (including unencrypted LGBTQ fields) to participating colleges via the Glue College Adaptor (see Solution currently under-development now, below). Development is underway to implement this solution as early as July 27, 2018*. 
  2. Allow approved researchers access to the data via the new Data Warehouse system, due to be launched in conjunction with the late June/July release.

Colleges can access the data via the Data Warehouse while integrating the Glue College Adaptor.

NOTE: For the second part of this request, update the onscreen text/language of disclosure to students about access and use of the data will be DEFERRED - until the two alternative distribution systems have been implemented to best determine the requirements for update of this text.

Project Glue Support for CCCApply

Executive Summary

Phase 1

The goal of Phase 1 of the Glue Support for CCCApply/OpenCCC project is to securely deliver in real time CCCApply records into a staging table in the College SIS via the Glue College Adaptor. Records will include the entire CCCApply dataset, including unencrypted LGBTQ data fields* and Supplemental Questions. Implementation of this delivery will require data to be stored in an encrypted database table at the college.

Note: The two LGBTQ fields referenced above are:

  • Sexual Orientation
  • Transgender

We foresee colleges using this dataset in two possible scenarios:

Scenario 1

College continues to use their existing Download Client (DL Client) workflow to manage and process new applications without disruption to existing business processes. The college uses the new College Adaptor dataset to join LGBTQ data via the Application_ID field to applications processed through the Download Client, for storage in the College SIS and MIS reporting purposes.

Scenario 2

College discontinues using the DL Client and uses the staging table data. In this scenario the college would need to point their post processing scripts at the new table and adjust the scripts to consume the newly delivered LGBTQ data. With minor adjustments the scripts would run as before, storing the data in the college SIS or preparing the necessary files for upload.

Phase 2

The second phase of this project will include in scope a complete replacement of the DL Client. This Glue enabled College Adaptor replacement will include the ability for colleges to determine the dataset delivered, and format fields according to SIS requirements, as well as write CCCApply data to the college SIS in real-time. Phase 2 will also include delivery of the International Application and College Promise datasets, as well as logic and processes for adding new fields, deprecating old fields, and changing field data types in CCCApply.

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