CO-2018-07: Pre-populate the FAFSA Application

Request No. CO-2018-07
Date of RequestNovember 15, 2017 
RequesterOmid P. 
Application(s)Account / Promise Grant / ? 
Steering Hearing Date January 2018
Proposed Change to Download File Yes
Proposed Change to Residency LogicTBD 

Problem / Issue

Colleges and the Chancellor's Office want the Tech Center to pre-populate the FAFSA application - which would cover all requirements for the Promise Grant (BOG) application. 

Proposed Solution

After quick review of the online FAFSA, the amount of data fields included are extensive. Account information could be merged (like we currently do in the Apply and Promise Grant application) but most of the FAFSA application data fields would not be populated.

Full scope of requirements and fields would be necessary to do a high-level development estimation. Initial review shows a XXL t-shirt sizing.

Supporting Documentation

FAFSA Website:

Screen Shots

FAFSA Homepage

FAFSA Disclaimer (Privacy Policy)

FAFSA First Page 

FAFSA Help Page 1

FAFSA Help Page 2

FAFSA FAQ (Expanded Links)

FAFSA FAQ2 (Expanded Links)

FAFSA FAQ (Pop-Up Box Help Links)


FAFSA Demographics Data Fields

FAFSA Review App Pg1

FAFSA Review App Pg2

FAFSA Review App Pg3

FAFSA Review App pg4

FAFSA Review App Pg5

FAFSA Review App Pg6

FAFSA Review App Pg7

FAFSA Review App Pg8

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