2017-23: Homeschools Granting Diplomas

Request No. 2017-23
Date of RequestApril 14, 2017 
RequesterMitch Leahy
Santa Rosa College 
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Steering ApprovalDeclined
Steering Hearing DateApril 26 
Proposed Change to Download FileTBD 
Proposed Change to Residency LogicTBD 

Problem / Issue

Santa Rosa Jr. College brought an issue to the Help Desk that really should be discussed as a change request.  A student who attended a homeschool was granted a diploma by the Principal of the homeschool (her Parent).  When completing CCCApply application, she was unable to accurately report her HS Ed Level and Last High School Attended information because currently CCCApply does not recognize a diploma being granted by a homeschool.  If the student did not take an equivalency test but truly received a diploma, the "Last HS Attended" section does not allow her to select "I attended a registered homeschool" - because it isn't recognized as an institution granting diplomas.  

Proposed Solution

 Should the HS Ed Level option be changed to include homeschools?  The option for "I received a diploma from a U.S. high school" could be modified to include homeschools, like this: "I received a diploma from a U.S. high school or registered homeschool".  

The validation would need to be updated to allow this option in conjunction with the "I attended a registered homeschool" in Last HS Attended.

Go through the various combinations with Steering and see if we have our requirements correct. We may have some other issues with other combinations too.

Steering Committee Decision April 26, 2017: The committee declined this change request at this time. This appears to be an edge case and the numbers/data isn't there to warrant a change to current data fields for this one-off homeless issue. We will house this discussion and if more issues like this arise, we can revisit and make a decision then.


Mitch provided a link to the California Homeschool Network - which provides clarification / confirmation that homeschools CAN issue diplomas.  

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