2015-25: Add "How to Apply Using CCCApply" Information Page

Request No.2015-27
Date of Request9.22.15
RequesterCCCApply Steering Committee
Application(s)Standard Application
Section / Page

Website TBD

Target ReleaseTBD
Steering Approval StatusAPPROVED (Deferred to CCCApply 3.0)
Steering Hearing Date9.22.15
Change to DownloadsN/A
Change to LogicN/A

Problem / Issue

In an effort to resolve some of the ongoing issues reported by students and colleges regarding applying to a California Community College, Patty suggested we develop a webpage checklist for guiding/preparing students when they begin the application process. An simple, clearly written and organized "How to Apply" checklist for students would include suggestions and requirements, such as "organize the following information in preparation for the application, such as past school information (last high school attended, hs completion dates, addresses, dates of attendance, citizenship info, Visa info, military information, annual income info (BOG), and more.  The University of California (UC) website has something similar and it is very cool and super helpful.

Colleges have provided feedback that the OpenCCC Account creation and the CCCApply application can be a cumbersome, lengthy and complicated process for some students to complete, specifically seniors, ESL students, and students will minimal computer-skills. Colleges believe that any amount of confusion by students creates an access issue and impedes the ability for students to get the support resources they need to begin and complete their academic journey. Colleges would like CCCApply to include a "Before you begin..." and tutorial videos for students to better understand the materials they need to assemble to complete the application and how to move through CCCApply. 

Proposed Solution

Similar to the UC "How to Apply" page, a checklist like this will greatly help students come prepared with past school information, dates of attendance, addresses, citizenship info, military info, annual income info (BOG), This will be helpful for the International student application too. Patty will work with the IA Steering Committee to define the items that should be on the checklist.

A second checklist will also be helpful for starting and completing the BOG application. Need help with requirements for the BOG checklist. 

Patty will also consult Gary Thompson at Unicon for suggestions on UI design. Diana is working on a sample Proof of Concept for this based on the page found on UC website.

Proposed Solution

Steering has discussed to webpages that would help streamline the application process for students:

  • Before You Begin page: checklist of documents and required information to assemble before starting the Account Creation & Application process;
  • How to Apply page: Workflow diagram and step-by-step instructions on what to do first and where to go next, which screenshots, videos, and diagrams.

Requirements Summary





1Assemble sub-committee to determine page requirements and write technical specificationsHIGH
  • Need the guidance of Steering or AR experts to ensure the information provided is true and accurate for both pages
2Survey colleges (or just steering) to collect data on the steps and instructions colleges have listed on their websitesHIGH
  • Trends and support needs will emerge
3Work with UI development team to design webpages and better understand technical complexities and accessibility requirements for embedding videos, etc.HIGH
  • Work with Gary Thompson, Unicon, or CCCTC UI team on specs
4Understand accessibility requirements for embedded videos and adhere to specificationsHIGH
  • Get sign-off on requirements and specs for videos from Sean Keegan, CAO (Chief Accessibility Officer)5
5Test with students - work with Marketing to ensure communication plan is developed and operationalHIGH
  • Work with Sandoval and team to discuss survey, feedback, testing with student support group, and tecnically ensure our message in consistent with SSO and across all statewide projecst


Patty suggested we add this checklist/info page to the agenda for the "Application Workflow Sub-committee" which will be working on requirements for Account Creation > Account Recovery > Application Submission workflow issues that are currently roadblocking students from completing the full application process accurately and in a timely manner.  Patty will think of a name for this Committee and survey Steering for volunteers.

This information was received via Zen ticket from as student about the BOG.

The "BOG Fee Waiver Application Confirmation" page which is displayed when a BOG application is submitted has a small error in its code: the third bullet point (which reads "Please see the college instructions or contact the college for more information.") has a broken link which points to http//www.dvc.edu (instead of 'http://www.dvc.edu')...

PS: There was one thread posted to the help site regarding disability (SSDI) income and how it should be reported; if some supplemental instructions can be provided it might help to make filling out the form a bit easier (especially as there is some ambiguity as to whether said income can correctly be considered 'SSI' income for the purpose of the application... and indeed whether said income is correctly reported as type "A" or type "B" income)... Given the other questions on the form everything else seems to be pretty well delineated and articulated.

PPS: Kudos on the new application; it not only looks really good (UI-guidelines wise) and is linked from InSite WebAdvisor portal but seems to be functional as well!


Review other applications across the state (CSU, UC) and The Common Application, to understand how other institutions are preparing students for the application process.

The Common Application

  • Offers a "Application Dictionary" section which provides explanations and more information about some of the terms and questions that the student will see in the Application.
  • Offers an "Understand the Requirements" section - which could be very helpful disclosing why we ask certain questions and why some are "required" at the application point in the process.
  • Offers a "Gather Information" section - very helpful for preparing students to complete the application in one sitting.
  • FAQs


  • Offers option to "Apply to multiple colleges"
  • List specific application links on their main Application web page:
    • Undergraduate Application
    • Graduate Application
    • International Application
    • CALState TEACH Application
    • Educational Opportunity Program (EOP)
  • Offers link to "FAFSA on the Web" - financial aid application (research this for requirements gathering for BOG)

Supporting Documentation