2018-28: Combine Review App, Consent & Submission pages in CCCApply

Request No. 2018-28
Date of RequestJuly 25, 2018 
RequesterTim Calhoon / Patty Donohue for Steering Committee & Redesign Workgroup 
Application(s)Apply, BOG, IA 
Section / Page

Review Application, Consent page & Submit Page 

Steering Hearing DateJuly 25, 2018 
Proposed Change to Download FileNo 
Proposed Change to Residency LogicNo 

Problem / Issue

During the July 25 CCCApply Steering Comm meeting, the approved changes for September 2018 by the CCCApply Redesign Workgroup (Chancellor's Office) were reviewed.  The two changes proposed that affect the last few pages in the application (Remove the Review Application page; and Combine the Consent & Submission pages) were discussed at length and the committee would like the following tweaks made that would still allow the applicant to see the Review Application information if desired. The improvement would be to treat those three pages of functionality into one page - similar to a "Checkout" page in a shopping cart.

Proposed Solution

Combine the Review Application detail, the Consent to Release language and checkboxes, and the Submit button into one page.

  1. Remove the mandatory "Review Application" page from the Application flow and remove from the navigation tab
  2. Combine the Consent page and the Submit Your Application page into one page entitled, "Consent & Submit"
  3. Add a section at the top of the Consent & Submit page entitled, "Review Your Responses
  4. Display instruction and button for the student to review all responses they are about to submit
    1. Instructive text: "We recommend that you review your responses to ensure you've provided complete and accurate information."
    2. Display a button to "Review Application Responses" - when selected, display the Review Application page information on the same page or in a pop-up window so they don't leave the consent and submit page
    3. The option to review responses should be optional. The user can skip reviewing their responses if they choose.
  5. Below the Review Your Responses section, display the current Consent page information - no changes to the language or checkboxes
  6. Below the Consent information, display the information from the Submit page, including the mechanism / button to "Submit your application"

The idea is to make this entire process feel like the user is about to purchase something or finalize a transaction, where they are provided an opportunity to review what's in their "cart",  agree to the sales terms (consent to release is part of the deal) and submit (purchase) all in one clear, comprehensive flow.


This change request originated through work in the CCCApply Redesign Workgroup - a group organized by Vice Chancellor Omid P. to address concerns raised in AB 3101 to try to streamline the CCCApply standard application. The request to remove the Review App page, and consolidate the Consent & Submission pages were then discussed further during the July 25 Steering meeting. This advisory committee expanded upon the original request with this improvement.  Working on a mock-up.  

Reviewing the Consent legal language for needed revisions:

Review Application Page - Current Implementation

Consent Page

The Consent Question is required by the Legal Office of the CCC Chancellor’s Office. The text, prompt, data value, access, and handling are defined by Legal Counsel and any changes require approval by Legal Counsel.  This data is expected to be propagated throughout student information systems over time and circulate to the Chancellor’s Office through MIS reporting. Accommodating this data item is likely to be mandated in the future.

Consent is not required for the applicant to submit the application; however, the student is required to provide a response to the question. A copy of the Privacy Policy is provided by way of a hyperlink for the student’s reference.

The Help text, accessible by clicking on the hyperlink, states:  

CCCApply asks you to give your consent to release of personal information about you. If you give consent to release of your information, you will be authorizing the Chancellor's Office, California Community Colleges, and the community colleges you are attending to release necessary personal information contained in your education records, including your Social Security number, for the following purposes:

  • To federal or state agencies to evaluate jointly administered programs or to comply with reporting requirements;
  • To data matching services to measure student success in transferring to four-year colleges or universities;
  • To colleges, universities, or government agencies to promote outreach to students and to enhance transfer;
  • To the California Student Aid Commission to facilitate the award of financial aid; and
  • To organizations or agencies assisting the Chancellor's Office or the community colleges you attend with research and analysis.

Request for Consent to Release Information

The information that appears on screen (question):

“The community colleges you attend and the Chancellor's Office of the California Community Colleges request your help. We ask that you agree to allow us to release necessary personal information about you to various agencies and organizations so we can do research, plan programs and offer special services to you (such as transfer opportunity information or state financial aid). If you do agree to give your consent, your information will not be sold, used for commercial purposes, released to the public, or given to other government agencies for purposes of determining benefits (other than financial aid), except where specifically required by law. In addition, if you do consent to release of your information, those organizations and agencies to which your information is given are prohibited by law from using it for any unauthorized purpose or releasing it to anyone else. If you do not give your consent, personal information about you will not be shared with other organizations or agencies except where allowed by law. You should also know that answering "no" to this question will not prevent release of certain "directory information" about you. To learn more about directory information or how to block its release, see the Privacy Policy.

I authorize the Chancellor's Office, California Community Colleges, and the community colleges I am attending to release necessary personal information contained in my education records, including my Social Security number, for the purposes described in the Full Statement of Consent.

[radio button] Yes, I consent     [radio button] No, I do not consent

Submission Page

e-Signature Confirmation

The student must complete the Submission page in order to declare that the information they provide in CCCApply are true and correct under penalty of perjury.  The exact declarations are shown below:

[checkbox] By checking here, I, <applicant full name>, declare that:

  1. All of the information in this application pertains to me.
  2. Under penalty of perjury, the statements and information submitted in this online admission application are true and correct.
  3. I understand that falsification, withholding pertinent data, or failure to report changes in residency may result in District action.
  4. I understand that all materials and information submitted by me for purposes of admission become the property of <college name>.

The student’s responses to these checkboxes serve as the applicant’s electronic signature.

Additional Text:

You are about to submit your application to <college name>.

NO CHANGES can be made to your application once it is submitted. California state law* allows you to submit your application and residency information online with an electronic signature verification. Your completion of this page will provide the necessary verification for electronic submission. The security and privacy of the information in your submitted application are protected as described in the CCCApply Privacy Policy.

* Section 54300 of subchapter 4.5 of chapter 5 of division 6 of title 5 of the California Code of Regulations.

Latest version.
  • (a) Community college districts may authorize the electronic submission of any admission form or student form or document.
    (b) Electronic signatures in lieu of manual signatures may be used on any documents requiring a signature, providing the electronic signature meets the standards for electronic signatures in electronic student loan transactions adopted by the U.S. Department of Education to implement the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (15 U.S.C. §§ 7001 et seq.).
    (c) Applications for admission and residency questionnaires submitted electronically are valid only if they include electronic signatures that satisfy the requirements of subdivision (b).
    (d) Prior to the electronic submission of any information, districts will inform applicants and students of the relative security of the information they submit electronically.
1. New subchapter 4.5 (section 54300) and section filed 5-13-99; operative 6-14-99 (Register 99, No. 20).
2. Amendment of section heading, section and Note filed 3-15-2006; operative 4-14-2006. Submitted to OAL for printing only pursuant to Education Code section 70901.5 (Register 2006, No. 17).


Note: Authority cited: Sections 66700, 70901 and 70901.1, Education Code. Reference: Section 70901.1, Education Code; and 15 USC Sections 7001, et seq.

Submission Page - Current Implementation

Supporting Documentation

CCCApply Redesign - Approved Changes for September 2018

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