IA Test Plan

January 30, 2016.  The IA Advisory Committee may access the latest version of the International Application on the Pilot environment for pre-release testing.

Getting to the Pilot InternationalApplication

URL: https://pilot.intl.opencccapply.net/gateway/intl?cccMisCode=XXX

NOTE: Replace the "XXX" with your MIS code to access your college's branded application.

Testing will commence 1.29.16 and continue through 3.10.16.  

Testers (college staff) that participate in pre-release regression testing need a User account to access the Pilot Administrator and Report Center. Accounts have been set up for the Advisory Committee members; however, if you are on the committee and cannot access the Pilot Administrator, please contact Patty Donohue, pdonohue@ccctechcenter.org for assistance.   

Testing Scripts

All issues that are identified during testing should be forwarded to the OpenCCCApply development team to be tested and reviewed for validation. 

Download the Test Script (Excel Sheet)

International Application - Test Script - IA Advisory Committee