2018-36: Refresh the CCCApply User Interface (Phase 1)

Request No.2018-36 
Date of RequestJuly 20, 2018 
RequesterCCCApply Redesign Workgroup 
Application(s)Apply, BOG, International 
Section / Page

User Interface 

Steering Hearing DateAPPROVED 
Proposed Change to Download FileN/A 
Proposed Change to Residency LogicN/A 

Problem / Issue

 As part of the effort to streamline and improve CCCApply from the user-perspective, a light-touch refresh to the user interface was approved to keep the application fresh and modern. 

Proposed Solution

The scope for the refresh will be light and will consist of:

  • Updating onscreen text with the fonts in the new approved CCCCO "Brand" Guide
  • Updating the client-side error message text with the new fonts
  • Updating all "buttons" and select functional design elements based on the styles we used for the OpenCCC but use the new color palette
  • Replacing instances of the Chancellor's Office logo (image and text-based versions)
Out of scope:
  • Extensive style changes as specified in the previous CO Style Guide, such as the new "Success" and "Error" messaging styles
  • Extensive UX design changes 
  • Extensive language changes


Supporting Documentation

Refresh should follow the light-handed changes implemented in the OpenCCC Account system in 2017.

OpenCCC UI Changes (Internal Use)

CAP Interface Design Requirements (Internal Use)

 For Internal Use Only

For Internal Use Only

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