OpenCCC Account Redesign Project - Proposed Changes

Project Objectives

The following project objectives are in response to AB3101. In addition, all efforts are being made to address AB705 (multiple measures) across the Core Applications.

#ObjectiveRequirements Info

Streamline the overall OpenCCC Account and the CCCApply student applicant experience to 

To achieve this objective, revisions would be made to the backend and APIs as well as user interface enhancements and question/field removals

  • Redesign & streamline the OpenCCC Account system and get the data to colleges quicker, easier and more frequently

(major overhaul to the user interface)

New modern, micro-services tech stack 

One-page application with enhanced

  • Redesign & streamline the CCCApply Standard application and get the data to colleges quicker, easier and more frequently
(major overhaul to the user interface and enhancements to implement modern micro-services architecture (APIs, backend, data integrations, web services, etc.)

  1. Remove any/all questions that do not need to be collected at time of application
  2. Simplify required questions and enhance intelligent skip logic (SSN)
  3. Modernize technology, back-end micro-services, and deployment process
  4. Build-in language translation or other support for international and ESL students
  5. Move "Consent to Release" to the enrollment page and post to database allowing colleges the ability to reach out and support students during the on-boarding process; enhance Email rules to allow rules to be implemented before "submission"
  6. Leverage available data from other services (CCGI, CDE, CalPass, IRS, DMV

Incorporate recommendations from behavioral study project

Student focus groups and interviews are in-progress during July 2018. must have "recommendations" to the CO by October.

Blockers & Issues 

The blockers and issues are specific to the OpenCCC Account redesign effort.  See "CCCApply Redesign Project" for CCCApply Standard change issues.

#Issue DescriptionChange Proposal

Need Approval to change Social Security Number legal disclaimerSee proposed language & layout changes below 
6Need approval to change the language and logic in the Date of Birth question allowing  students under age 13 to create online accounts.We have specific language in our Data Dictionary stating that the Chancellor's Office must approve any changes to the onscreen language as well as the Privacy Policy and Terms.

Add "Consent to Release" to the OpenCCC Account creation process

  • College applying to (one or more) possibly

  • Term Applying For*

  • Intended Major or Program of Study*

  • Education Goal*

  • Consent to Release Personal Information to (college(s) applying to)

General & Technical Change Requirements

Technical change requirements:


Option A:  OpenCCC redesign proposed prototype. Add link here 

SSO Proxy 

Implement "OpenCCC Short Account" 

Account Questions & Data Fields


Change Proposal
Sign In PageStreamline the Sign-In page to also serve as the Sign Up & Recover page.  See prototype wireframe.
Welcome to OpenCCC Page

REMOVE This page  

  1. Remove the Welcome to OpenCCC page and move the text information to a HELP link in the OpenCCC header.
Create Your Account Page

REMOVE this page

  1. Remove  "Create Your OpenCCC Account" from new OpenCCC Account redesign;
  2. Move the instructiive text to a HELP page in the OpenCCC header.
  3. Create a NEW "How to create your OpenCCC Account"  page with video tutorials and more
    1. Provide users with an "OpenCCC" email account?
Recover Account PageSee prototype wireframe proposal. This page would be combined into Sign In/Sign Up/Recover


Change Proposal

Legal Name

  1. Reformat the text input fields so they appear in one line - saving space 

Previous Name

  1. Reformat this question to an optional checkbox from a Yes No radio button - thus saving space and TIME for all users
  2. Reformat so that IF the user checks the optional checkbox, the text input fields appear in one line

Preferred Name

  1. Reformat this question to an optional checkbox from a Yes No radio button - thus saving space and TIME for all users
  2. Reformat so that IF the user checks the optional checkbox, the text input fields appear in one line

Date of Birth (Birthdate)

NOTE:  The Date of Birth field has been update to ALLOW students under age 13 to create an OpenCCC Account (July 2018)

  1. Change the format of this field onscreen to a DATE PICKER 
  2. Minimize the onscreen text as needed.

Social Security Number

  1. Reformat the SSN question completely
    1. Move the SSN fields up to the top of question under the Social Security Number label
    2. Simplify the legal text as shown OR streamline further and place it all behind a "pop-up text" link 
      1. NEED APPROVAL from CO & IRS to revise the regulatory language
  2. Remove the SSN Type field completely 
  3. Keep the "No SSN" checkbox and language to provide students who don't have an SSN or "decline to provide" an SSN = the checkbox language OR change the purpose of this additional checkbox 
    1. "I plan to apply for financial aid." OR
    2. Some disclaimer that the student has read & understands the penalty if they fail to provide an SSN/TIN
  4. Remove the International No SSN additional checkbox that appears when a student checks the "No SSN" checkbox as it won't be needed by removing the SSN Encouragement Language pop-up
This is one example of a complete SSN revision 

SSN Encouragement Language Text

The purpose of the SSN Encouragement pop-up box WAS to reinforce the importance of providing a Social Security Number, if available.  

  1. Remove the SSN Encouragement Language pop-up completely from the Account Creation section and the "Edit OpenCCC Account" areas.

Permanent Address

  1. Rename the field to "Address" and reformat the "Permanent Address" section so that it acts as double duty for the Current Mailing Address
    1. Combine the "permanent" and "current mailing" addresses into one section
    2. Line up the Street, City, State, Zip into one line
  2. Add checkbox "My Current Mailing Address" is the same as my permanent address to this section
  3. Bring all "homeless" checkboxes up to this section

Email Address

  1. Move the Email Address field up directly below Legal Name fields (and other optional name checkboxes) 
  2. Allow the Email Address to be the same as the applicant's Username

Telephone Number

  1. Update the format of the Main Phone field to include a "type" drop down "What type of phone number is this?" 
  2. Add a link adjacent to phone number field for "Add another phone number"
  3. Include the SMS Text Message Authorization checkbox for each phone number added

PIN Number

  1. Make the PIN number optional 
  2. Include in the new "Account Recovery Method" section (described below)

Security Questions

  1. Make the Security Questions optional
  2. Include in the new "Account Recovery Method" section (described below)

Consent to Release Information

  1. Add "Consent to Release Information" section to the end of the Account Creation process 
Account Recovery Method
  1. Add a new question/section for "How do you want to recover your account?"
    1. PIN number?
    2. Email 
    3. SMS Text Code
    4. Security Questions

Recover Account

Help Page - NEW

DescriptionChange Proposal

New page added to the new OpenCCC Account design that would include all the language from the:

  • Welcome to OpenCCC page
  • Create Your Account page
  • Support information
  1. Add a new page to the OpenCCC Account process
  2. Make it accessible from the OpenCCC header
  3. Include information on OpenCCC Account system and process
    1. How to create an OpenCCC Account
    2. What is the CCCID and what it is used for?
    3. Where do I find my CCCID number?
    4. How do I edit my OpenCCC Account?
    5. How do I recover my Username & Password?
    6. How do I change my password?
    7. How do I edit my security questions?

Consent Page & eSignature

Move the consent to release information section to the OpenCCC Account process.

Do we need the Digital Signature to be included?

 Click here to expand...

The Consent Question is required by the Legal Office of the CCC Chancellor’s Office. The text, prompt, data value, access, and handling are defined by Legal Counsel and any changes require approval by Legal Counsel.  This data is expected to be propagated throughout student information systems over time and circulate to the Chancellor’s Office through MIS reporting. Accommodating this data item is likely to be mandated in the future.

Consent is not required for the applicant to submit the application; however, the student is required to provide a response to the question. A copy of the Privacy Policy is provided by way of a hyperlink for the student’s reference.

The Help text, accessible by clicking on the hyperlink, states:  

CCCApply asks you to give your consent to release of personal information about you. If you give consent to release of your information, you will be authorizing the Chancellor's Office, California Community Colleges, and the community colleges you are attending to release necessary personal information contained in your education records, including your Social Security number, for the following purposes:

  • To federal or state agencies to evaluate jointly administered programs or to comply with reporting requirements;
  • To data matching services to measure student success in transferring to four-year colleges or universities;
  • To colleges, universities, or government agencies to promote outreach to students and to enhance transfer;
  • To the California Student Aid Commission to facilitate the award of financial aid; and
  • To organizations or agencies assisting the Chancellor's Office or the community colleges you attend with research and analysis.

Request for Consent to Release Information

The information that appears on screen (question):

“The community colleges you attend and the Chancellor's Office of the California Community Colleges request your help. We ask that you agree to allow us to release necessary personal information about you to various agencies and organizations so we can do research, plan programs and offer special services to you (such as transfer opportunity information or state financial aid). If you do agree to give your consent, your information will not be sold, used for commercial purposes, released to the public, or given to other government agencies for purposes of determining benefits (other than financial aid), except where specifically required by law. In addition, if you do consent to release of your information, those organizations and agencies to which your information is given are prohibited by law from using it for any unauthorized purpose or releasing it to anyone else. If you do not give your consent, personal information about you will not be shared with other organizations or agencies except where allowed by law. You should also know that answering "no" to this question will not prevent release of certain "directory information" about you. To learn more about directory information or how to block its release, see the Privacy Policy.

I authorize the Chancellor's Office, California Community Colleges, and the community colleges I am attending to release necessary personal information contained in my education records, including my Social Security number, for the purposes described in the Full Statement of Consent.

[radio button] Yes, I consent     [radio button] No, I do not consent

e-Signature Confirmation

The student must complete the Submission page in order to declare that the information they provide in CCCApply are true and correct under penalty of perjury.  The exact declarations are shown below:

[checkbox] By checking here, I, <applicant full name>, declare that:

  1. All of the information in this application pertains to me.
  2. Under penalty of perjury, the statements and information submitted in this online admission application are true and correct.
  3. I understand that falsification, withholding pertinent data, or failure to report changes in residency may result in District action.
  4. I understand that all materials and information submitted by me for purposes of admission become the property of <college name>.

The student’s responses to these checkboxes serve as the applicant’s electronic signature.

Additional Text:

You are about to submit your application to <college name>.

NO CHANGES can be made to your application once it is submitted. California state law* allows you to submit your application and residency information online with an electronic signature verification. Your completion of this page will provide the necessary verification for electronic submission. The security and privacy of the information in your submitted application are protected as described in the CCCApply Privacy       Policy.

* Section 54300 of subchapter 4.5 of chapter 5 of division 6 of title 5 of the California Code of Regulations.