CCCApply Steering Meeting - Agenda & Minutes - January 31, 2018

In-Person Meeting Information

Meeting Information

Date    Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Time   10:00AM - 3:30PM

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Location   Contra Costa College - Fireside Hall (Parking pass will be provided) - 

Address2600 Mission Bell Dr, San Pablo, CA 94806
Room: Fireside Hall (map to be provided)

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Meeting ID 593 404 438

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Agenda & Minutes

10:00 AM

Roll Call

Murguia / Pena

Review minutes from last Steering meeting: November 8, 2017

Minutes approved - with one exception!

Murguia / Leahy

2018 Meeting Calendar

Current Committee Status

Chancellor's Office Update 


Tech Center & Statewide Initiatives UpdateCalhoon

More Discussion on Data & Security Issues

Calhoon / Donohue
12:30 PMLunch Break - 30 Mins
1:00 PM

2018-2019 Roadmap & Deliverables



Pena / Donohue
2:00 PM2018 Sub-CommitteesDonohue
2:30 PM

New Change Requests

3:30 PM

Close Meeting



  • Review of ByLaws & Constitution Progress
  • Additional Steering Members
Murguia / Leahy / Pena

Roll Call

2018 Steering Committee Member Roster

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2018 - 2019







XAnna SalazarLos Angeles CCD - ELACXLeigh Ann UngerRio Hondo DistrictXRobin ArmourContra Costa CCD

Angela Embry El Camino CCDX

Karen Sea

San Joaquin-Delta CCD

Rozen BondocChabot-Las Positas

Ben Guzman

South Orange CCD


Michael Ward

Rancho Santiago


Satish Warrier

Contra Costa CCD


Betty Glyer-Culver

Los Rios CCD

XMichelle PenaKern CCD

Quyen Lu

San Francisco CCD

XMark DeAsisRiverside Comm College DistrictXMitchell LeahySanta Rosa CCDX

Stephanie Murguia

Cerritos CCD


Chris Truong

Rancho Santiago CCD

XMaury Pearl  -ResearcherLos Angeles CCDXTina Mani San Joaquin Delta CCD

Clark Ray

Santa Rosa CCD

XOlivia Alvarado -ITLos Angeles CCDX

Tuyen Nguyen

Rancho Santiago CCD


Craig Hayward

Kern CCD

Pam MerySan Francisco CCDX

Vince Orton

Cerritos CCD

Christian AlvaradoSouth Orange CCD -Saddleback
Paulette LinoChabot-Las Positas CCDXWill MinnichSan Mateo CCD
XHieu HoangEl Camino CCDXRichette BellCompton CCD

Janice Love

Rancho Santiago CCD (New - Researcher - 
add to listserv)

Jason Ralphs

Los Rios District - ARC

XMaryLou LeybaSan Francisco CCDXCindy GonzalezLos Rios District

Joshua RosalesEl Camino CCD


Gary Bird



Mike Quiaoit



Keith Franco


Tim Calhoon



Patty Donohue


David Shippen


Note:  Riverside College is back!  Mark DeAsis is new from Admissions!

2018 Committee Meeting Schedule

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TuesJanuary 302018 Appreciation Dinner In-Person - Dinner Celebration7:00 pm - 10:00 pmMangia Mangia Restaurant, Albany, CA  >> Directions
WedJanuary 31CCCApply Steering Committee Meeting - January 2018In-Person - Regular Meeting10:00 am - 3:30 pmContra Costa College - Room TBD
WedMarch 28/wiki/spaces/PD/pages/228032712In-Person - Workshop9:00 am - 4:00 pmOrange Coast College - Meeting Rooms & Cafeteria
TuesMay 2

Post CACCRAO Conference - April 29, 2018 - May 2, 2018

Selection of new officers (Chair, Vice Chair)

In-Person - Short Meeting12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Sacramento, CA - Holiday Inn Oldtown

WedJune 13CCCApply Steering Committee MeetingOnline - Regular Meeting1:30 pm - 3:30 pmONLINE
WedJuly 25CCCApply Steering Committee MeetingIn-Person - Regular Meeting10:00am - 3:00pmNorco College - Riverside CCD - close to Ontario Airport
WedSeptember 26CCCApply Steering Committee MeetingOnline - Regular Meeting1:30 pm - 3:30 pmONLINE
WedNovember 14

CCCApply Steering Committee Meeting

(Set our 2019 calendar during this meeting)

Online - Regular Meeting1:30 ppm - 3:30pmONLINE

Reminders and invitations with call-in zoom info will be sent out in advance of each meeting.  Mark your calendars now!

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2018 Steering Appreciation Dinner

The Steering Committee came together on Tuesday, January 30  for a special dinner in appreciation of the CCCApply Steering Committee, celebrating past and present members - but especially several outgoing members who have recently left the committee after many years of service, including:

Bill Mulrooney
Robin Armour
Mojdeh Mehdizadeh
Arleen Elseroad (not present)
Henry Villareal (not present)
Joyce Semanik (not present).

Special thanks to Mojdeh Mehdizadeh for hosting the dinner at her family restaurant, Mangia Mangia in Albany, CA. It was a wonderful evening, with great food, great friends, and lots of laughs.  Thank you all!

Current Committee Status

The chart below details the status of the committee since outgoing members left in fall 2017.

GOAL:  Recruit members as needed per each college.  

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# Open Seats


Cerritos CCD

SingleSouthern1110Cerritos: Lacking 1 member; Stephanie is proposing:  Angela Teshima, Research

Chabot-Las Positas District

MultiBay Area1110CLPCCD: Noell Adams left the committee. 3 seats are filled. No replacements needed

Compton CollegeSingleSouthern1

Richette Bell is from Admissions (she will be recruiting

Contra Costa CCD

MultiBay Area1101

Contra Costa: Mojdeh left committee (IT), Robin Armour (Admissions is leaving in April)
Satish is staying (IT) Need replacement for Robin next spring, and 1 Researcher

Robin Armour is leaving us!  A replacement will be put forth by Satish and Robin soon. No researcher at this time. 


El Camino CCD


El Camino CCD: 4 current members; Bill Mulrooney is leaving (Adm) in November; 2 Admissions, 1 IT,
Research candidate added on January 31, 2018 - Joshua Rosales

5Kern CCDMultiCentral1011

Kern CCD: Dave Barnett left committee (Admissions); Craig Hayward (Research) & Michelle Pena (Admissions) - Need IT

Michelle says they are in the process of hiring IT staff and will join the committee.

6Los Angeles CCDMultiSouthern1110LACCD: All seats have been filled: Anna Salazar (AR); Maury Pearl (Research); Olivia Alvarado (IT)
7Los Rios CCDMultiNorthern1110Los Rios CCD: Michael Day is leaving (IT), Jason Ralphs is IN for Admissions (Cindy Gonzales, IT 11.17.17) & NEED 1 IT
8Rancho Santiago CCDMultiSouthern2110RSCCD: This district has  all they need now. 
Chris and Tuyen are from Admissions, Michael Ward is IT and they have a researcher coming on board!  Janice Love - Research
9Rio Hondo CCDSingleSouthern1002

Rio Hondo CCD: Only has 1 member (Admissions); Need 1 IT and 1 Researcher

Leigh Ann says that she's trying to recruit but they are not showing up/interested? Leigh Ann is following up with the college president.

10Riverside CCDMultiSouthern1223

Riverside CCD: William Diehl and Nate Finney have left the college.  Mark DeAsis from Admissions, and has some IT staff that will be able to join us. 

11San Francisco CCDSingleBay Area1110San Francisco: Quyen Lu replaces Garret Wong;
12San Joaquin-Delta CCDSingleCentral1101Delta District: Only 2 members (Admissions& IT); Need 1 Researcher to keep District seat
(Heard from Karen Sea and she says she will serve as both AR & IT)
13San Mateo CCDMultiBay Area1002San Mateo: Henry Villareal left committee (Admissions). William Minnich was added representing A/R.  Stephanie will contact to add 2 additional seats.
14Santa Rosa CCDSingleNorthern1101Santa Rosa: KC Greaney left last year; Need 1 Researcher
15South Orange CCDMultiSouthern2002South Orange: Arleen Elseroad & Joyce Semanik left committee (Admissions)
Ben Guzman (AR) returning, and Christian Alvarado has joined the committee. for AR, so they still need 1 researcher and 1 IT 


1410714Fourteen seats are open now

1101Michael Q., Gary Bird, & Need Vice Chancellor

1110Tim Calhoon; Patty Donohue; David Shippen; (alt. Keith Franco)

Note:  Governance is being scrutinized across the Chancellor's Office. Shift in direction. Overall, ensure that committees understand they are "advisory" committees to the CCCCO.  CCCApply committee not so much, but other committees are being reviewed in general.  Waiting for the Chancellor's Office to figure out governance of these committees overall before we update the charter (CCCApply Constitution / Bylaws) which are from 2005 and reference Xap master contract and a master plan from before OpenCCCApply. 

Tim says traditionally we require an Admissions person and an IT person - Researcher was optional additional.  

Discussing revisions to the Bylaws - especially regarding attendance and participation. Adding to this parking lot. 

Chancellor's Office News & Update

Michael Q. addressed the committee with news and issues coming out of the Chancellor's Office.  Summary notes are below. Mitch will add more detailed notes here as minutes. 

Chancellor's Office Update 

Notes from Mitch Leahy:

1.     New deputy chancellor Dr. Daisy Gonzalez starting next month

2.     New vice chancellor of finance- Christian Osmena

3.     New chancellor of academic affairs Dr. Alex Perez vice

4.     Rhonda Mohr is now the acting vice chancellor of Student  Services.

5.     Budget changes including the new funding formula for colleges: 50% FTES 25% promise grant 25% completion.

6.     Consolidation of categorical programs.  This impacts regulations and funding formulas. Question: What does the chancellor’s office mean by all categorical? This question along with many others need to be worked out before the May revise so that it can be presented to the governor.  There was an LAO report that promotes aligning California’s higher education better.

Goals are being made to make the process easier for students.

7.     Guided pathways is moving forward in March. Plans will be turned in by March.

8.     Today (1/31/18) is the deadline for all integrated plans for SSSP and student equity.

9.     Mike was part of a FAO and A&R meeting to talk about streamlining homeless youth residency.  Question: What has the Chancellor’s Office done to make this issue an obstacle?

1. Financial Aid has the ability to verify a homeless youth and pass that on to A&R. However, there is a big lag time in this communication.

2.  Has CCCApply been streamlined for homeless youth? The committee agreed that the Chancellor’s Office needs to provide more guidance on how residency determination can be more “relaxed” for homeless youth.

10.  Tim confirmed homeless youth and formally incarcerated are advisor cards in MyPath.

11.  Digital Innovations and Infrastructure is a new department with a new vice chancellor (TBD).

Patty's notes from the conversation as it happened:

Bomb: Consolidation of Categorical Programs! This is a big deal, lots to flush out.  Lots of legislation has to change. EOPS is one example. 

The CCCCO provides a recommendation to the governor on how we will do this. Looking for guidance on what this means now.

A suggestion to simplify the funding formulas and all the reporting requirements - would be to consolidate categorical programs.  LAO report.  

Guided Pathways is moving forward.  Self-assessments are due in March.  

Lots of things happening at the state level to streamline across the system to be more student-centric. Trying to hit visions for success.  

Regarding CCCApply: 

Michael was part of a FA directors meeting with AR directors to find out how we can streamline and simplify the process for homeless youth (make it easier). Intent was to not create more burdens.  What is the CCCCO doing that might be causing obstacles?

Need to ask the practitioners in the trenches for help?  What are the obstacles and what needs to change? 

Financial Aid to identify a homeless youth - need to include some residency questionnaire - at the time they are interviewing the student - remove flags, the student needs to be verified as a resident.  Also at risk of losing priority registration. 

Suggestion: 1) When FA office is doing financial judgement - complete residency form - send it over to Admissions - remove flags.  and 2) on CCCApply - streamline logic for homeless youth residency (needs to be reviewed and look for ways to streamline this area). 

Discussion on removing homeless youth barriers:
Robin Armour (Contra Costa) says they have developed AB801 residency process - collect driver's license, ID card, and letter from a person letting the HY sleep on their couch.  "Couch-hopper"

Mike asked the committee to review the residency logic from the perspective of "are we doing everything we can to streamline the barriers relative to determining a homeless youth a resident".   Ramp up the Residency Review Advisory Committee (Mike Q will lead this discussion in that advisory group). This group will need to meet soon on this.  If ANYTHING needs to be changed in CCCApply logic sooner than later, it needs to be identified now and put that through for IT review so it can be developed in our tight schedule. 

Folks in the room who volunteered to sit on the Residency review committee:
Mike Q.
Michelle Pena
Stephanie Murguia
Richette Bell
Mitch Leahy

Who else?  Anyone on the phone want to participate in this committee? We will talk about it again after lunch as ell. 

Michael says he wrote a two-page paper on how SSSP funds could be used to be successful at the college's prerogative IF it is used for success and aligns within the boundaries of SSSP.  If you need him to send that to you let him know.  (sorry bad notes. will be cleaned up). Change to legislation will happen as needed. 

THE GOAL FOR CCCAPPLY SHOULD ALWAYS BE THE STUDENT.  For the benefit of the student, ways to streamline the process for the student. 

Michael Ward brought up an issue relative to homeless students. OpenCCC requires an email address. 

Tim says, "Goal of this committee is to build a portal system - to move our system from a "thing that you go to" to a thing that is integrated that is one experience for the student (Career Coach, CCCApply, Financial Aid - all one MyPath experience) THEN MyPath can take over all messaging for students.  Rules ,messages, recommendations, calendarize, ed planning, nudges, reminders galore.  Needs and interests can be handled BETTER through MyPath.  We should be moving more towards this single services platform.  

Problem with the email address is - there has to be a way to message the student - there is a messaging service in MyPath - so even if they have nothing else, they can log into MyPath and see messages.  They can also customize their preferences in MyPath, "Also send messages to my...cell phone, email, etc.).  Give the student a general eMail.   If we give students a CCCID-based email we can send it centrally to the student (through MyPath)

Gary Bird has some updates:
new directors at the CCCCO:  Director of MIS: Christopher Anderson, Ryan Fuller - Director of Research - waiting on new Vice Chancellor of IT.  Announcements will be going out to the listserv. 

Mitch Leahy, Secretary, minutes:

Chancellor's Office Update 

Tech Center News & Update

Tim Calhoon provided a review of the Statewide Student Portal. 

See how the "big brainstorming sessions" from 2008 amongst the CCCApply Steering Committee and the Tech Center way back in 2008 to build a centralized, student-focused matriculation portal has now come to pass.  Check it out in the PPT below.

Notes from Mitch Leahy, Secretary:

Tech Center & Statewide Initiatives Update

1.     A plan was made in 2008 for guided pathways.  It allowed students to explore colleges, find financial aid, student services, assessment, ed planning, transcripts- all in an electronic portfolio.

2.     All colleges use the same high-speed internet network. It is comprised of a 38k mile fiber optic network. Every year, broadband usage goes up. 1 gig services are being upgraded to 10 gig services. An economy of scale is being investigated between college campuses.

3.     A statewide student account and identity had been established with the CCCID.  There is only 2/10% duplication of accounts.

4.     Education Planning is being done with the Hobsons system. 30 colleges are participating.

5.     Edunav is a new ed planner (not a degree audit). It has a great interface but some technical issues when registration breaks.

6.     Tech center is working on collecting high school transcripts.

7.     Course articulation was reviewed.

8.     Curriculum inventory. There was a loss in stake holders and the project manager. Many bugs have been fixed. Curriculum approval has sped up.

9.     There is a new version of course exchange including financial aid.

10.  Almost every college is using common course management system.

11.  Online Course Catalog is now available. Eventually, it will be incorporated in myPath.

12.  Distance learning support such as online counseling and tutoring is now available.

13.  Multiple measures research is underway.

14.  Placement platform can be used as a multiple measure placement or MMAP.  Researchers can have access to the data.

15.  A new data warehouse has just been released that pulls in data from all state software platforms. This is only going to be available to researchers.

16.  Project super glue with master data management was discussed.

17.  There is an Accessibility Center at the Tech Center that helps colleges with accessibility.

18.  There is a new security center and tools. There has been a 95% success rate in taking over SIS systems. According to Tim, Information security takes expertise and focus.

19.  There is a 5% attrition rate with students completing the online application. We are losing 72% of applicants who never enroll.

20.  Tim presented a slide of myPath.

Update on Data Security Issues

 Click here to view data security issues pending...

Quick Update to Steering on Status of Data Security Issues

  1. Data Security Breach Protection

    1. Review conversation from last meeting;  data deep freeze project on roadmap for after June 30
      1. Should we do a short term archive in the interim?

NOTE: Engineering is telling us that this data deep freeze project is HUGE and thus we'll have to put it on hold (defer to next fiscal year).   revisit in 2018-2019 FY - Fall 2018). 

What needs to be in Deep Freeze and how would we access it, if needed?
The consensus across the members of Steering who have responded to our requests for feedback believe that "5 years of back application data" - on-hand, not in deep freeze - should be adequate for general purposes and most audit requests. 

We just need to figure the processes out.  We would start with the Xap data and move forward to the first year of OpenCCCApply (2012) and beyond.

Fraudulent Applications
& /wiki/spaces/OPENAPPLY/pages/194412693 Update

  1. Long term project: SPAM FILTER Web Service & Admin UI
    1. Would work exactly like your eMail SPAM folder - manually confirming spam - they get marked as "Bad" and the algorithm learns each new pattern/trend
  2. Short Term
    1. Configuration Change/ Hot Fix: January 12 - Added block/error message if application is submitted in under 90 seconds.  App is suspended for 47 mins. 
    2. Send out email to all colleges:  Objectives: Here's what we are doing, here's what we've learned and here's what we recommend as best practices.
      1. What we are doing:  Working with machine learning data analyst team on R&D project to build a spam filter web service
      2. What we have learned:
        1. Time to Completion = If an application is submitted in under 1minute, high probability it's a spam app
        2. Other trends (path of least resistance > no education (homeschool, non-grad, non-Cali resident, etc.)
        3. Feedback from the Steering colleges - SSN duplicates, same DOB, same names
          Come in batches typically
        4. Human-beings using keyboard macros - get passed the Captcha

          jan 31 meeting - Big take away from this meeting - need to band together and make all colleges buy-in to the SPAM filter in order for it to work. We need lots of data so the algorithm gets smarter. Tim says that if all colleges don't participate, some colleges will be doing the work for all colleges.  Shared workload, shared-protection.  
          Tim says let's get everyone into it and see what issues come up. We need all colleges to help with this. 
          Per Mitch - this will create a lot more work for Admissions
          Others say, they want to take the time to ensure the spam is abated. 
          Action Item: Patty needs to ensure that 1) the Opt-In toggle needs to be taken out (Phase 1) and  turn on initially for all colleges to start; and 2) add a configuration file mechanism so we can turn it off quickly. and 3) trigger an email that goes out to Admissions if a spam application is suspended (add that rule).

UPDATE:  AB620 (LGBTQ data) - In November 2017, the Tech Center was required to transfer the data to the colleges.  We (CCCTC) pass an anonymized file with fields for matching (First + Last = DOB + CCCID + Gender + Transgender + Sexual Orientation + CalPass Hash data (first, last, gender, DOB = encryption/hash put that into a field (key)

Discussion for January 31 meeting:

  1. Revisit the discussion we started in November: 
    1. Mitch = recommendation is to change the data field names to something else unrecognizable.
    2. Also Data Dictionary is too transparent. DON"T PUBLISH THIS ONLINE.  Suggestion was to move all Data Dictionaries to the Administrator - requiring colleges to sign in to access these documents. Should we move forward with this?  If yes, it would not be available until later in 2018 (next release possible, September?)
    3. Data Warehouse looking for suggestions for LGBTQ report.  What columns are needed?

  2. Tim says we need outcomes data to be combined with MIS data (equity questions). 

5.  CCCCO + CDE (CalPADS) CDE K12 data = to get HS transcript data for multiple measures 

Roadmap & Deliverables

  • CC Promise Grant (formerly known as the BOG Fee Waiver Application)
  • CCC Administrator (CCCApply)
  • CCC Report Center (CCCApply) Update

(Also see Tech Projects - Ongoing table below)

 Click here to expand...

Applications / Projects

Q3   Jan 1 - Mar 30

Q4  Apr 1 - June 30

Q1  July 1 - Sep 30

Sub-Committee Projects

OpenCCC Account


  • Requirements for converting pages (UI and style guide) to responsive design
  • Sprint development on responsive design
  • Requirements for integration to MyPath

Release: 2018 Annual Update - (TBD*) 

Pilot Release - May 26-31

Prod Release - June 29

*Release timeline based on Admin launch


Per TCI Grant Work Plan 17/18 - work to get CCCID registered as an official MIS Data Element.

CCCApply UX Review

CCCApply Applications

  • Apply Standard
  • Apply International
  • CC Promise Grant


  • Requirements for UI upgrade across all three applications
  • Administrator integration
  • DW API
  • SPAM Filter - Back-end / API
  • SPAM Filter - Research PILOT
  • Promise Grant Auto-population
  • Promise Grant MyPath integration
  • Requirements for converting all three apps to responsive design
  • Sprint development on UI upgrade

Release: 2018 Annual Update


  • Sprint development on approved CRs
  • Finish remaining Administrator integration
  • SPAM Filter UI complete
  • Sprint development converting all three apps to responsive design
  • International app enhancements

Post-Release Activities

  • New UI + responsive design
  • Integration of Promise Grant to MyPath
  • Administrator integration


  • Requirements for CCCApply 3.0
  • MyPath Workflow Enhancements

CCCApply UX Review

Residency Review

Promise Grant & IA UX Reviews

Research & Data Security Review

CCCApply Administrator

 Development (Feature Parity)

  • Re-write all modules  (database, API, backend code, integration, UI) in new architecture / infrastructure
  • Majors Module - feature enhancements (implement new filters for meta majors & guided pathways)

Release: MVP (CCCApply Modules)

Final migration to CCCAdmin
End of Life planning

(End of Life)

Administrator UX Review

CCC Administrator

Admin Product Launches

  • CANVAS College Adapter (Glue) 2.5 - January
  • Data Warehouse 1.0 = March 

Ongoing Development

  • Sprint development continues for all CCCApply admin modules (UI screens, database conversion, API)
  • CAP development continues for all shared/global features and functionality (User Management, authentication, navigation, page design templates, central interface)
  • Requirements for central architecture re-design to support API framework and authentication for project integration


  • Accessibility Review (CCCApply UI screens) = January 21 (TBD) 
  • Security & ARC Review (All applications modules + CAP) = TBD, before end of February

TEST Release MVP to support ETL process, Accessibility Review - mid January 2018

Steering sub-committee meetings; Review demos
Documentation Drafts
Enabling Services Transition Plan
Communication Plan & Schedule
Support & Training Plan
Migration Planning 

Release: Admin Product Launch:

CCCApply Modules:

  • PILOT = May 26-31*
  • PROD = June 29*

Migration Project - ALL Colleges data & users ETL and testing

Ongoing Development

  • Sprint development continues for all CCCApply admin modules (UI screens, database conversion, API)
  • CAP development continues for all shared/global features and functionality (User Management, authentication, navigation, page design templates, central interface)

Admin Product Launches

  • Course Exchange 3.0
  •  TBD


Administrator UX Review

CCC Report Center

On Deck:  Jasper Upgrade (TBD)

Planned EOL - Move to new version of Jasper (TIBCO subscription)

End-of-Life (EOL)

TIBCO Jasper (AWS) Report Center

Planned:  CCC Report Center Upgrade 

Planned Upgrade: CCC Report Center - TBD


Release: SSO Proxy Upgrade 1.8.0 

Enhancements & Bug Fixes

Pilot Release:  January 12
Prod Release: January 19


College/District proxy integrations continue

NOTE: ALL CCCApply colleges MUST complete proxy integration for CCC Administrator release


College/District proxy integrations continue

Tech Projects - Ongoing



Q1 2018/19

Sub-Committee Projects

SPAM Filter Utility

Research & Development

  • Continue project work with Seyvu (Infiniti) and Apply dev team on development (opt-in utility that will require commitment from PILOT colleges.

Release Plan

  • SPAM Filter back-end API complete
  • SPAM Filter user-interface screens in CCC Administrator complete
  • Pilot colleges testing
  • Documentation drafted
  • Before & After research

Admin UX Review

CCCApply UX Review

Research & Data Security Review

Data Security

Deep Freeze CCCApply Archives

CCCID registered in MIS Data Element Dictionary

Architectural Configurations
Research & Data Security Review

MyPath Workflows & Integration

Continuous Improvement and Deployment of CCCApply > MyPath Workflows, data sharing, messaging, and user experience enhancements.

  • Integration of OpenCCC Account into MyPath
  • Integration of CC Promise Grant into MyPath workflow
  • Streamline workflows and re-directs
Continuous Improvement and Deployment of CCCApply > MyPath Workflows, data sharing, messaging, and user experience enhancements.Continuous Improvement and Deployment of CCCApply > MyPath Workflows, data sharing, messaging, and user experience enhancements.

CCCApply UX Review

Residency Review

Promise Grant & IA UX Reviews

Research & Data Security Review

Admin UX Review

CCC Report Center


Prepare for upgrade to Jasper 6.6.0

Plan, Test, Move, Test

Deployment management

Research & Data Security Review

Admin UX Review

Accessibility Priorities

Pre-Review Activities

  • Work with CAO on internal review of OpenCCC & CCCApply UI upgrade development (early)
  • Work with CAO on internal review of CCCApply admin modules in CCCAdmin (early)
  • Update report to punt major revisions of CCCApply to next version (3.0)

Pre-Release Reviews

  • Schedule and pass internal review of OpenCCC & CCCApply UI upgrade screens;
  • Schedule and pass internal review of CCCApply admin modules in CCCAdmin (early)
  • Requirements:  CCCApply 3.0 accessibility updates (where are we at wrt new direction?)

CCCApply UX Review

Admin UX Review

CCCApply Admin Enhancements in CCC Administrator (v2.0)


All CCCApply admin features in Epics/stories for v.1.1.0:

  • Supplemental Questions module
  • Rules Engine module
  • Messaging module
  • Interface enhancements (Application landing pages - links, secure documentation)
  • College & District module enhancements (custom messaging, expanded contacts)
  • User Account enhancements


All CCCApply admin features in Epics/stories for v.1.1.0:

  • Supplemental Questions module
  • Rules Engine module
  • Messaging module
  • Interface enhancements (Application landing pages - links, secure documentation)
  • College & District module enhancements (custom messaging, expanded contacts)
  • User Account enhancements
Possibly before fall - Wes will have bandwidth to start incorporating Glue/MMI/CE into Admin 2.0

CCCApply UX Review

Promise Grant & IA UX Reviews

Admin UX Review

2018 Sub-Committees

Call for Volunteers: Please Support the CCCApply Steering Committee by volunteering for one or more sub-committees in 2018. 

The 2018 CCCApply Steering sub-committees are now accepting volunteers. Please support the greater committee by serving on one (or more) committees for the 2018 FY. With your support and expertise, many of the critical issues related to CCCApply are deferred until the greater committee to deep dive into issues that could be triaged and addressed quickly by a small group of experts. Please provide support the development team and : 2018 CCCApply Sub-Committees.

 Click here to see list of 2018 sub-committees...

Goals for January Meeting:

  1. Prioritize committees 
  2. Ensure we've captured all Issues & objectives 
  3. Recruit members and appoint a Chair or leader
  4. Set meeting deadlines
  5. Other?
CommitteeDescriptionOBJECTIVESChair / Members
Non-Credit Application Advisory Committee

  • Continued requests for this type of application

  • Adult Education Block Grant (AEBG) - Asking for changes to CCCApply for Adult Ed

  • Folks want us to NOT include residency questions for non-credit

  • Tim recommended that if they want that they need to lobby to change Title V

    Do we punt on this until next version of Apply (form-engine)?

These are the old notes from the November meeting (which echo loudly of notes from previous meetings) - once again it's a hot topic.

**Get permission to identify the folks who were on the Non-Credit call to change Title V (to invite to a Steering meeting - to hear their goals and to express to them that we want to work with them but show the all the implications of what needs to happen and what needs to be fixed. Emphasizing that we aren't saying NO, it's that we want to ensure that everyone has all the facts.  We could dedicate a special meeting to this issue (they present, we present).  How do they suggest we collect IPEDS data, AB620 data, residency data).

NEED Chair for this Advisory Committee - 
Set meeting dedicated to this issue

Can we change regulations? 
Can we change college processes?

NEED Chair for this Advisory Committee - 
2018 WorkshopThis committee provides coordination and planning support for the 2018 Annual CCCApply Workshop. 

At the Jan 31 meeting we discussed the objective that ALL steering members should help with the Workshop in some way. Either facilitate or present a session (co-present) OR help with registration or just attend the sessions and provide feedback, examples, expertise, and/or take notes.  Please let Patty and Michelle know if you can help.  

Meet weekly on Fridays at 11:00AM between January 19 - March 23, 2018, to stay on top of all workshop details.

  • Michelle 
  • Patty
  • Stephanie
  • Mitch
  • Mark Cohen
  • Christian Alvarado?
CCC Administrator UX & Design Advisory Committee 


A dedicated committee of IT and admission staff are needed to support the new CCC Administrator (new central admin configuration tool for CCCApply, Promise Grant, Canvas College Adapter, and all systemwide CCC Tech Center applications currently under-development and in-production for college admin, faculty and staff.

Patty will send out a doodle poll to these folks and any others who can help with this effort for a meeting the week of Feb 12.  

Meet weekly (TBD) through June 30, 2018 to support testing, migration, and implementation for colleges moving to the new CCC Administrator in May 2018 (Pilot).  

  1. Support CCCApply product manager with migration and implementation testing;
  2. Help gather requirements development effort / user stories / requirements
  3. Pilot colleges to support migration and implementation
  4. Help update User documentation drafts
  5. will support the CCCApply product manager with design, user experience, workflows and migration testing. 

    CCC Administrator 

  • Richette
  • Mitch
  • Will M.
  • MaryLou
  • Michelle
  • Tuyen
  • LeeAnn
  • Christian
  • Ben Guzman
Residency Review CommitteeOngoing advisory committee to support and advise on CCCApply residency related issues and change requests.
  • Short-term objective:  Support Steering Committee and product manager on all residency logic issues, changes, and enhancements.
  • Long-term objective: Deep dive analysis of current residency algorithm to recommend enhancements to streamline questions and steps to determine preliminary residency status in CCCApply. 
    • Can we shorten the residency questions and still calculate residency status accurately?
    • Do we need all the existing questions?

Need Advisory team leader and volunteers

Stephanie Murguia
Michael Q.
Tina Mani
Richette Bell
Michelle Pena
Mitch Leahy
Jason Ralphs
Chris Truong
Jason Ralphs

Michael Q. will send out doodle poll for these interested folks soon.

CCCApply Research & Legislation Advisory Committee

Support and advise the CCCApply product manager and CCCTC executive leadership team on research and analysis related to legislation and systemwide mandates. 

Areas to explore:

  • Non-credit Admissions Application
  • Can the language in Terms of Use be modified to better serve students, colleges, MyPath matriculation process, non-credit students? - what can be done within the parameters of FERPA, COPPA, and Ed Code/Title V 

Ask Gerald Sequiera (also a lawyer) could he support this effort

Gerald Sequeria - Ask if he can participate

  • Olivia Alvarado - LACCD
  • Mitch Leahy - Santa Rosa
  • Will Minnich - San Mateo 
  • Betty Glyer-Culver - Los Rios

Support and advise the CCCApply product manager and development teams on enhancing the design and user experience of the existing CCCApply legacy applications to best support CCC students and comply with state, local, and federal education laws and regulations.

Send general email out to this group and look for time to meet.  

Meet monthly through June 30, 2018.

  1. Support design & development effort / requirements
  2. UI/UX innovations, ways to enhance existing app without full rewrite
  3. Requirements for next version of CCCApply (data collection / form engine)

Review change requests related to UI/UX

Moving the Personal Information 

  • MaryLou
  • Mitch 
  • Michelle
  • Betty G.C.
  • Anna 
  • Jason
  • Paulette
  • Will - Skyline 
  • Angela 
NEW!  CC Promise Grant Application UX & Design Advisory CommitteeProvide support and feedback to the CCCApply product manager as we work with the CCC Chancellor's Office to streamline the CC Promise Grant application process.   The 2018 roadmap includes auto-population of data from most recent CCCApply admission application, OpenCCC Account information, and previous year's BOG application to expedite the student user experience.Meet monthly through June 30, 2018 to gather requirements for September 2018 release. Need a dedicated team of review existing logic, design, experience, data fields and documentation to suggest enhancements. NEED
CCCApply Data Security Advisory CommitteeSupport and advise the CCCApply product manager and CCCTC executive leadership team on critical issues related to OpenCCC and CCCApply data, security, and other system-wide data issues,

Meet monthly through June 30, 2018. 

  1. Gather requirements for CCCApply data deep freeze project;
  2. Review and provide feedback of the existing CCC Report Center public report templates;
  3. Support the CCC Tech Center's CISO with security awareness training, communication and documentation.
  • Cindy Gonzales
  • Will Minnich (proposed)
  • Satish Warrier (proposed)
International Application UX & Design Advisory CommitteeA sub-set of the CCCApply Steering Committee comprised of international admissions specialists - dedicated to the design, development, and details of the CCCApply International Application to ensure accuracy, user-efficiency, and compliance with state, local, and federal rules and regulations for international students. 

Meet monthly (or more frequently) through June 30, 2018.

  1. Support the greater CCCApply Steering Committee with state, federal, and local international admissions policy counsel  
  2. Enhance design & user experience of the International Application
  3. Review and approve change requests pertaining to IA application
  4. Work on integration plan for incorporating IA questions & data fields into Standard Application for planned Universal Form Engine*
  • Olivia Alvarado
  • Mitch Leahy
  • Anna Salazar
OpenCCCApply MyPath Integration Advisory CommitteeWork together with the CCCApply UX committee to advise design user interface and user experience for integration of OpenCCC & CCCApply applications into the MyPath matriculation workflow.

Meet monthly (or more frequently) through June 30, 2018.

  1. Support the greater CCCApply Steering Committee gather user stories & requirements for integrating OpenCCCApply applications into the MyPath Student Services Portal and matriculation workflows;
  2. Enhance design & user experience of current Apply>MyPath integration
  3. Review and approve change requests pertaining to MyPath integration

Change Requests Pending

  1.  2018 NEW (Unheard) Change Requests
  2. Approved Changes Deferred - Discussion Pending

Steering District Roster: Approval Poll Table

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Cerritos CCD


Chabot-Las Positas District


Contra Costa CCD

Bay Area

El Camino CCD 

5Kern CCDCentral
6Los Angeles CCDSouthern
7Los Rios CCDNorthern
8Rancho Santiago CCDSouthern
9Rio Hondo CCDSouthern
10Riverside CCDSouthern
11San Francisco CCDBay Area
12San Joaquin-Delta CCDCentral
13San Mateo CCDBay Area
14Santa Rosa CCDNorthern
15South Orange CCDSouthern

2017 Steering Committee

3 = Bay Area Region

2 = Northern Region

2 = Central Region

8 = Southern Region