CCCApply Steering Meeting - Agenda & Minutes - November 8, 2017

Meeting Information

Meeting Information  

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Date    November 8, 2017

Time   1:30PM - 3:30PM

Location   ONLINE

Zoom URL

Meeting ID  721 839 728

TOLL Phone 

Or Telephone:  Dial: +1 408 638 0968 (US Toll) or +1 646 876 9923 (US Toll)

NOTE:  Please note that the numbers above are not toll-free. If possible, please try to call in using your computer speakers and microphone (VoiP).


Minutes from the November 8, 2017 meeting are highlighted throughout this document.  Discussions from each agenda item are linked in the schedule below.


Roll Call

Murguia / Pena
1:35PMQuick Review of Committee Member StatusMurgia 

Review minutes from August 30, 2017

August 30 2017 minutes were Approved by Robin Armour, and seconded by Stephanie Murguia.
Murguia / Leahy

2018 CCCApply Workshop Planning

Pena / Donohue



Roadmap & Upcoming Development



Unresolved Systemwide Issues: Data & Security Items

Calhoon / Donohue


New Change Requests

3:15PM2018 Sub-CommitteesDonohue


Close Meeting



Ongoing Items in the Parking Lot:

  • 2018 Meeting Dates
  • Review progress on the revision of 2005 CCCApply Steering Committee ByLaws & Constitution
  • Update on Current Committee Status & Roster - Recruit replacements from member districts
  • January 31, 2018 Meeting - Contra Costa College - Mangia Mangia Dinner - Invite all past Steering leaders 

What is the Parking Lot? 

The Parking Lot is a placeholder bucket for issues that are either added to a meeting agenda after the start of the meeting, or agenda items that didn't get discussed due to time constraints or other reason(s). Parking lot items will be added to future meeting agendas.

Murguia / Leahy / Pena

Roll Call

Current committee roster - fall 2017.

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2017 - 2018







Anna SalazarLos Angeles CCD - ELACLeigh Ann UngerRio Hondo DistrictRobin ArmourContra Costa CCD
Angela Embry El Camino CCD

Karen Sea

San Joaquin-Delta CCD

Rozen BondocChabot-Las Positas

Ben Guzman

South Orange CCD

Michael Ward

Rancho Santiago

Satish Warrier

Contra Costa CCD

Betty Glyer-Culver

Los Rios CCD

Michelle PenaKern CCD

Quyen Lu

San Francisco CCD

Bill Mulrooney

El Camino CCD

Mitchell LeahySanta Rosa CCD

Stephanie Murguia

Cerritos CCD

Chris Truong

Rancho Santiago CCD

Maury Pearl  -ResearcherLos Angeles CCDTina Mani San Joaquin Delta CCD

Clark Ray

Santa Rosa CCD

Olivia Alvarado -ITLos Angeles CCD

Tuyen Nguyen

Rancho Santiago CCD

Craig Hayward

Kern CCD

Pam MerySan Francisco CCD

Vince Orton

Cerritos CCD

Christian AlvaradoSouth Orange CCD -SaddlebackPaulette LinoChabot-Las Positas CCDWill MinnichSan Mateo CCD
Hieu HoangEl Camino CCD
Richette BellEl Camino CCD

Jason Ralphs

Los Rios District - ARC

MaryLou LeybaSan Francisco CCD


Gary Bird


Mike Quiaoit


Keith Franco


Tim Calhoon


Patty Donohue


David Shippen


Current Committee Status

The chart below details the status of the steering committee after the outgoing members leave in the fall 2017.

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# Open Seats


Cerritos CCD

SingleSouthern1011Cerritos: Lacking 1 member; Need 1 Researcher

Chabot-Las Positas District

MultiBay Area1110CLPCCD: Noell Adams left the committee. 3 seats are filled. No replacements needed

Contra Costa CCD

MultiBay Area1101Contra Costa: Mojdeh left committee (IT), Robin Armour (Admissions is leaving in April)
Satish is staying (IT) Need replacement for Robin next spring, and 1 Researcher

El Camino CCD

SingleSouthern1101El Camino CCD: 4 current members; Bill Mulrooney is leaving (Adm) in November; 2 Admissions, 1 IT, need researcher
5Kern CCDMultiCentral1011Kern CCD: Dave Barnett left committee (Admissions); Craig Hayward (Research) & Michelle Pena (Admissions) - Need IT
6Los Angeles CCDMultiSouthern1110LACCD: All seats have been filled: Anna Salazar (AR); Maury Pearl (Research); Olivia Alvarado (IT)
7Los Rios CCDMultiNorthern1110Los Rios CCD: Michael Day is leaving (IT), Jason Ralphs is IN for Admissions (Cindy Gonzales, IT 11.17.17) & NEED 1 IT
8Rancho Santiago CCDMultiSouthern1110RSCCD: This district has 3 members, one from each area.
9Rio Hondo CCDSingleSouthern1002Rio Hondo CCD: Only has 1 member (Admissions); Need 1 IT and 1 Researcher
10Riverside CCDMultiSouthern0003Riverside CCD: Needs 3 confirmed replacements to remain active.  Stephanie is contacting them
11San Francisco CCDSingleBay Area1110San Francisco: Quyen Lu replaces Garret Wong;
12San Joaquin-Delta CCDSingleCentral1101Delta District: Only 2 members (Admissions& IT); Need 1 Researcher to keep District seat
13San Mateo CCDMultiBay Area1002San Mateo: Henry Villareal left committee (Admissions). William Minnich was added representing A/R.  Stephanie will contact to add 2 additional seats.
14Santa Rosa CCDSingleNorthern1101Santa Rosa: KC Greaney left last year; Need 1 Researcher
15South Orange CCDMultiSouthern1101South Orange: Arleen Elseroad & Joyce Semanik left committee (Admissions)
Ben Guzman (AR) and Christian Alvarado has joined the committee. - Need 1 Researcher


1410714Fourteen seats are open now

1101Michael Q., Gary Bird, & Need Vice Chancellor

1110Tim Calhoon; Patty Donohue; David Shippen; (alt. Keith Franco)

2018 CCCApply Workshop

  1. Update on workshop logistics:
    1. Date:  Wed March 28, 2018
    2. Location:  Orange Coast College
    3. Format: ONE DAY Workshop 
      NOTE: This year's there will be NO eTranscript California Workshop (usually scheduled back-to-back with the CCCApply Workshop). The eTranscript CA Steering Committee is in transition and therefore there is no team to plan and orchestrate their annual workshop. Instead, we will dedicate one of three tracks to electronic transcript session/workshop. Mark Cohen, eTran product manager, will join our Steering Committee in planning and organizing sessions, marketing, and outreach to sponsors. 
    4. Audience:  Per request from Mark Cohen, eTran product manager, the target audience for the Electronic Transcripts track is strictly California Community Colleges admin and staff. Unlike previous years, we would not be inviting CSU or UC staff this year.
    5. Sessions: Proposed Sessions: /wiki/spaces/PD/pages/228032712
      1. Three tracks of concurrent sessions
      2. Admissions & Records - CCCApply for New & Experience Users
      3. Research & Data Security
      4. Electronic Transcripts

Next Action:  Recruit volunteers to support the leadership team in Workshop planning.  Patty to formalize a sub-committee and call meeting in early January 2018. See /wiki/spaces/PD/pages/338395423

Systemwide Data & Security Issues

  1. Data Security Breach Protection 

  2. Noncredit Application
    • Adult Education Block Grant (AEBG) - Asking for changes to CCCApply for Adult Ed
    • Folks want us to NOT include residency questions for non-credit
    • Tim recommended that if they want that they need to lobby to change Title V
    • ACTION ITEM: Defer to Research sub-committee
      **Get permission to identify the folks who were on the Non-Credit call to change Title V (to invite to a Steering meeting - to hear their goals and to express to them that we want to work with them but show the all the implications of what needs to happen and what needs to be fixed. Emphasizing that we aren't saying NO, it's that we want to ensure that everyone has all the facts.  We could dedicate a special meeting to this issue (they present, we present).  How do they suggest we collect IPEDS data, AB620 data, residency data).

  3. Fraudulent Applications & /wiki/spaces/OPENAPPLY/pages/194412693 Update
    1. Works exactly like your eMail SPAM folder - manually confirming spam - they get marked as "Bad" and the algorithm learns each new pattern/trend
    2. Time to Completion = If an application is submitted in under 1minute, high probability it's a spam app
    3. Other trends (path of least resistance > no education (homeschool, non-grad, non-Cali resident, etc.)

      1. Feedback from the Steering colleges - SSN duplicates, same DOB, same names
        Come in batches typically
      2. These are human-beings using keyboard macros - that's how these are getting past the Captcha - 

  4. AB620 (LGBT data) - Tech Center must transfer the data to the colleges.  We (CCCTC) pass an anonymized file with fields for matching (First + Last = DOB + CCCID + Gender + Transgender + Sexual Orientation + CalPass Hash data (first, last, gender, DOB = encryption/hash put that into a field (key)
    Mitch = recommendation is to change the data field name to something else unrecognizable.
    Also Data Dictionary is too transparent. DON"T PUBLISH THIS ONLINE -MAKE THIS AVALABLE ONTHE

  5. CCCCO + CDE (CalPADS) CDE K12 data = to get HS transcript data for multiple measures 


Chancellor's Office Update

Michael Q. to present update on issues relevant to CCCApply, including: 

  • DACA

  • VACA

  • Homeless Youth Update

NOTE: Michael Q. was unable to attend the meeting.  The Chancellor's Office Update will be included on the January 2018 agenda.

Roadmap & Development

  • Summary: October 27 release (6.1.0)
  • January 2018 Release 6.1.2:  Re-brand the BOG to the CC Promise Grant
  • Update on new CCC Administrator (under-development)

See OpenCCCApply Release 6.1.0 Notes Summary - 10.27.17 for contents of the October 27 release.

Change Requests Pending

  1. Changes to address the new California College Promise Grant 
    1. Re-branding across online application:  New Name = CC Promise Grant
      1. Keeping the DNS URL (
      2. Keeping the Download Server URL and data fields (BOG eligibility fields, etc.)

  2.  High School Completion Date Estimation for Concurrent Enrollment = 2017-08: Revise Residency Logic for HS Freshmen
    1. This request was DECLINED for the current CCCApply application; however, committee approved to defer closing it out completely and revisit it when gathering requirements for next version of CCCApply.
    2. Meanwhile, colleges can create a supplemental question to gather this data at any time in the current CCCApply. 

CCCApply Sub-Committees Proposed for 2018

11.08.17:  Lack of time; didn't get to cover this in detail as planned. Patty proposed re-establishing the following sub-committees for 2018-2019, and requested (challenged) all new and returning  committee members to volunteer for at least one committee in support of CCCApply and all the high priority projects and issues requiring attention at this time. The list of committees in the table below were discussed briefly and a few volunteers were documented (see below).  Additional information about these and other ongoing committees can be found here: 2018 CCCApply Sub-Committees.

 Click here to see proposed sub-committees...
CommitteeDescriptionObjectiveChair / Members
2018 WorkshopCommittee to support the efforts to organize and coordinate the 2018 Annual CCCApply WorkshopMeet weekly through the Workshop with leadership team to stay on top of all workshop details.Patty
Christian Alvarado - 
New Administrator Pilot Committee



A dedicated committee of IT and admission staff are needed to support the new CCC Administrator (new central admin configuration tool for CCCApply, Promise Grant, Canvas College Adapter, and all systemwide CCC Tech Center applications currently under-development and in-production for college admin, faculty and staff.






Chris T



Ben Guzman

CCCApply Research & Legal Compliance

Support and advise the CCCApply product manager and CCCTC executive leadership team with research and analysis on critical issues related to systemwide data, security, and other legal issues. 

Modifying the Terms of use to change language (get approved) by CCCCO Legal? CDE? 

Ask Gerald Sequiera (also a lawyer) could he support this effort

Areas to explore:

  • Non-credit Admissions Application
  • Can the language in Terms of Use be modified to better serve students, colleges, MyPath matriculation process, non-credit students? - what can be done within the parameters of FERPA, COPPA, and Ed Code/Title V 

Gerald Sequeria - Ask if he can participate

Olivia Alvarado - LACCD

Mitch Leahy - Santa Rosa

Will Minnich - San Mateo CCD 

International ApplicationDedicated group to review and approve change requests, data fields/questions, legal requirements.

Olivia Alvarado

(Might need to go out to field for volunteers)

Enhancing Existing CCCApply Application Design

Support Steering by coordinating and reviewing requests and issues pertaining to the re-design of the current Standard Application. 

Streamline application process & residency logic

Moving the Personal Information 


Will - Skyline 

Other Sub-Committees Proposed:

  • Residency Review Advisory

  • Data & Security Issues

  • MyPath Integration Workflows

2018-2019 Steering Committee Meeting Calendar

Notes from 11.08.17:  Due to time, the committee wasn't able to schedule the full year's worth of 

January 31st - In-Person Meeting - Contra Costa CCD - This is a SPECIAL EVENT - Includes dinner Mangia Mangia either the night before )

(Patty will send out reminder - with hotels nearby - follow up Mojdeh)

Steering District Roster: Approval Poll Table

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Cerritos CCD


Chabot-Las Positas District


Contra Costa CCD

Bay Area

El Camino CCD 

5Kern CCDCentral
6Los Angeles CCDSouthern
7Los Rios CCDNorthern
8Rancho Santiago CCDSouthern
9Rio Hondo CCDSouthern
10Riverside CCDSouthern
11San Francisco CCDBay Area
12San Joaquin-Delta CCDCentral
13San Mateo CCDBay Area
14Santa Rosa CCDNorthern
15South Orange CCDSouthern

2017 Steering Committee

3 = Bay Area Region

2 = Northern Region

2 = Central Region

8 = Southern Region